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(san antonio, texas)
Tammy Fayes don't grow on trees....I will miss His light thru her only she could shine in her own unique way...Thank you Jesus for letting us see You through her...
And to her prayer are with you both...
(Seattle, WA)
Although I was familiar with Tammy, I didn't quite "know" her until the Surreal Life. There was something so magical about her, which I couldn't quite explain. She's the one who kept me interested in that show, not the others with all of their drama. What an amazing woman with an even more amazing spirit. I can only hope she's now enjoying that hamburger with lots of ketchup. God Bless you Tammy. Your sweet & kind soul always managed to put a smile on my face.
Kristi Wodman
(Fort Collins, Co)
See you again babe! Can't wait to meet you face to face...after we finally get up (if we ever do) from being on our face in worship to Jesus for the first thousand years! Thank you for always telling people that Jesus loves them.
tawyna gray
i know you are in heaven now. i know you are a angel. god bless your family.
We know you were on the express train to heaven. A sweet soul we couldn't help but love. The world is dimmer for your passing. xoxo
my thoughts and prayers are with Tammy Faye's family.Her unwaivering faith in God and her positive attitude will never be forgotten She was an inspiration and joy.

(palm springs,ca)
Oh, Dear Vibrant Loving Tammy,We met at the makeup counter in Palm Springs!!!You were fun!!!
Peace and Love to you,Thank you comingto earth and blessing all of us who met you.
With Love,Carmela
(Northern CA)
To Tammy daughter, You've done a good thing taking care of your mother. She needed that. She has always been there for everyone else. Our mothers were the same. Alwasy helping others never asking for much inreturn. I still miss my mom so much. THe hurt never goes away. But helping others makes it easier for me to cope with my mom death. Because I'm helping others like my mother did. Take care. Its ok to cry.
TY for bringing Jesus back in my life Tammy, I know the Angels carryed u right into the arms of the Lord & All rejoiced in heaven when u went home..
(Winston-Salem, NC)
I'm so sad that I never sent this message to Tammy while she was still alive. I'm sure that are thousands more like me who can say she truly impacted my life. I'm from way back when -- at the height of the PTL days. My children were small and my husband and I would take the kids to PTL as often as possible. I watched PTL faithfully, and it's funny, but no matter what Jim Bakker had to say, I couldn't wait to hear Tammy Faye say at the end, "And remember, God loves you...He really does!" Those words would ring in my ears more times than I could ever fathom for years to come. Also, I read one of Tammy's first books called, "Run to the Roar." It was all about fear and faith and I learned to face my fears after reading that book. may be too late to tell Tammy on this earth, but I imagine she is still placing at the feet of Jesus all the many crowns she earned by touching so many people while she walked on this earth. And my final memory of her will always be that of her on the Larry King Live show the night before her death, still telling people how much God loves them!! Makeup, eyelashes and all...we need more Tammy Fayes in world today!!
Chris Elmore
(Birmingham, Alabama )
Hey Tammy I did'nt know you but you have been an inspiration to me and my family I watched your documentary the other night and you touched my whole family its amazing how god is still using you Tammy . I love the way your pictures look I am working on a picture of you because I am a Aspiring artist I will send it to your website . >on behalf of me and my Family we love you
(Pickerington OH)
You will be deeply missed, you brought compassion and love to the world. God bless you and your family.
(Holland, PA)
My Mom is battling lung cancer, so I know the suffering you endured. I do believe that you did go STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN. Pray for all of us. Rest in peace
(Ft. Myers, Fl)
You have touched every ones life in some way. God Bless and Keep you.
Brenda Buxton
(Midwest City, Ok)
I was alway wanting you to be heal. What a testimony that would of been. You fought hard Tammy,but God needed you most. Free of pain now and rejoicing and singing. So sorry for your children though. Wish I could of known you. You were truly a good Christian and at the end you were so inspiring. God Bless
Freddie Everett
(Houston Texas)
I have ALS. I have gotten alot of strength from you, I know that I can continue to fight the fight. I don't have any fear. I will see you in heaven. Thanks for all the inspiration that you have given me.
(jacksonville, fla)
Your pain is now gone. May you be comfortable now. No words can express how it feels to experience the loss of a dear family member. Condolences to all of the Baker/Messner family, remember the good things. I will always think of her when I put on my make-up. I always said " not too much mascara, don't want to look like Tammy Faye ". Me and my family will remember her just for that. The Eyelashes!!! Loved It!! She touched me just when I needed it most, when I needed to believe again. My family lost a member to lung cancer in November. There are no words to describe it, it is the hardest thing to go through, watching the suffering to someone you love. She is in a better place now. Be strong, it gets better.
(Seattle, Wa)
Rest in peace Tammy Faye. You are now at home in heaven. Thank you for your inspiration and unconditional love.
(Dallas, Texas)
God bless you Tammy..and most of all I pray for your family.. that they might have that peace that pass all understanding..knowing that you are at last with our LORD Jesus Christ
Mark Moody
(Gatlinburg, TN)
I played the piano in the Grand Hotel from Dec.84 - June 87. It was the best "job" I've ever had. Thanks to Jim & Tammy for allowing me to be a part of PTL.
You were the exmple of Christianity that WE ALL should live up to. You lived and loved as Jesus told us to.
Be at peace.
Michael P
(Chicago IL)
Dearest Tammy,
WhenI was a little boy you brought Jesus into my life every day on the PTL Club. You have always been and will continue to be a blessing to me in my life. You have touched my heart so many times through out the years. I will miss you deeply. Rest in peace dear Tammy.
Jackie H
(Bronx, New York)
you are wonderful and I will miss you , you are one of the few people that made a difference in people's life. Thank you Tammy , I love you and someday we will meet someday.....
I know you are singing in Heaven for Jesus, just as you did here on earth! God Bless Roe, Tammy Sue & Jamie and all the family.
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