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jim clements
(great falls, sc)
what an inspiration you are!! you are a perfect example of living faith. i will be praying for you, miss Tammy! you are a true soldier in God's army! i pray that your stomach feels better and for a complete recovery. God bless you, miss Tammy. thanks for showing me how to love people no matter what for so many years. you are the real deal! may God bless you!
Jennifer Nguyen
(Surpise, Arizona)
Tammy your my BIGGEST fan. I wish you all the best. I support you & love you. I look up to you as my big sister.
With Love Always,
Jennifer N.
What an entertaining lady you are. I've always loved hearing you sing and listening to you on talk shows. You always made me laugh. God's peace be with you always.
(Battle Creek, Michigan)
Tammy, I also am battling cancer at 56 and have a daugher your daughter's age. I have incurable lymphoma and I am on my second return with the disease. So far, so good. I have included you in my prayers. Stay postive, Tammy. I need my cancer buddy, so stay with me....okay???? God Bless you...Kathleen
Enid Hernandez
(Oklahoma City)
You have so many people - Your legacy will live on for a long time! God has a wonderful gift for just you, that you have been waiting for. It is going to be ALL that he promised you! Your daughter will be comforted by special people, don't worry. WE LOVE YOU!!! Enid
betty crabtree
(gladwin michigan)
hi tammy, you are such a beautiful woman and a truly woman of GOD. my heart goes out to you and its also broken when i heard of your cancer returning and how sick you are. you are in GODS hand,and you cant get much better than that,lol. hes in control of your life.we do know that satan is a liar and he comes to kill and detroy,but GOD gives praying for you and so is the whole world i think. i watched you on TBN, with Jim and when you sang you were like a angel singing, and you blessed me more times than i can count. i pray GOD strenghtens you each and every day,and for the pain to leave in your back and stomach, in JESUS NAME.satan is a liar and he has to go in JESUS name.
your friend, betty jo
Craig Mozingo
(Phoenix, AZ)
Dear Tammy,
I want you to know that I have looked up to and respected you my whole life. You truely are an angel in my eyes. I wish that more people possessed the love, compassion and understanding that you do. You are in my prayers daily. I love you and may God keep you strong. Don't ever turn your eyes away from him. He is our only hope and strength to make it.

Love Always,
Craig Mozingo
Karen Minton
(Seattle, WA)
Where do all those tears come from? We all have the same tears with out a doubt. They must be from the Lord no doubt. Best wishes are yours alone from our Gracious Heavenly Father. He is with you every step of the way. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.
(Phoenix, AZ)
Tammy, I didn't know you from PTL, but from watching you on the Surreal World. You were so sweet, so genuine and I just wanted you to know that people everywhere are inspired by your courage as you LIVE with cancer. Much love and peace to you.
Deborah Robinson
(Sanford FL)
Tammy, I met you at Flea World in FL and you told all your friends to go on without you, while you went and encouraged my friend in the Lord. I still have the note you sent me on your stationary. I am trusting that God will not let you down. You are in my prayers. and I love you, my sister.
(Martins Ferry, Ohio)
May God comfort and bless you, Tammy. You are so courageous and brave. Your faith has never waivered during your illness, you have been an inspiration to so many. We continue to pray for you.
(Costa Mesa Ca)
You are an inspiration and a shining example of strength and faith. Thank you for devoting your life to those ideals and our prayers are with you.
Joann Mieles
(Harker Heights Texas)
God be with you You have more strength then anyone I have ever heard of
Billy McCaughey
(Lowell, MA)
Tammy, I wish you only the best and that your health takes a turn for the better. You laughter and those eyes are something that makes me smile with a warmness in my heart.


(Plant City,Florida)
Dear Tammy,
I was young and My Mom had you on T.V. everyday watching P.T.L. and singing right along with you.
I NEVER GOT it until I got older. Thank you for going on that show "The Real world".
With All the Sin going on around you,you kept yourself as a LADY should.A "TRUE CHRISTIAN LADY",and in the progress taught me how to say NO,without being hurtful.
My Husband has had Cancer twice in the year 2000.Each time we we're told,we looked at each other and agreed,Lay it at God's feet,and forget about it.NEVER DOUBT he was already healed.
If we coninued to help it ourself,we ONLY interfered in what "GOD wanted too happen".
Thank GOD he was healed twice.It take's TOTAL Faith,and already THANKING God for this healing.
I Pray your pain will go away,and I know the Med's are Horrible.But, I also know U are a VERY STRONG Person.
I have seen it through the Year's.I have learned by you as an example how to hold my head HIGH as a Christian Woman,and yet NOT be above everyone else.
God Bless,and his WILL be done. :)
Lisa P.
(Charlotte, NC)
I am sorry for the terrible fight that you must battle with cancer. You inspired me a long time ago and I will never forget your ministry. I pray God's peace and comfort to you and your family. Our most wonderful gains are after we fight the most difficult battles. May you stay strong in the fight and know prayers are going out for you. Thank you for your ministry and remember that cancer cannot steal our faith, our hope, and our soul!!! May God richly bless you!

claudia marie kewer
(pomona calif)
hi i forgot to tell you one more time i loooooooooooovvveee youuuuuuu. claudia..
Tammy you light up our lifes, you are so wonderful may god be with you and your angel,s we are praying for you and your family are wonderful tammy wil be miss dearly ,stay strong , you are not alone, may the angels guide you to him , are father , peace be with you ,,,
claudia marie kewer
(pomona, calif)
hi sister tammy i love you i grew up with ptl and my mama grandma.. loved you all she did was watch your shows till her dieing day she went to be with jesus. you area wonderful woman of god.. ive gone through so much growing up 47 and suffer everyday from deppression but i know jeus will carry me... like he is you i love you so much .. your friend forever clauda marie kewer...
(Fremont, NH)
Tammy, God Bless you and keep you. I hope that my message puts a big smile on your face because anytime I have ever seen you, you always have a big, beautiful smile and wonderful words of wisdom to share. You are light, you are loved you are blessed!!
.Phyllis Riffey
(Roanoke Va)
Tammy May God Bless and heal you with all his heart.I dont know if you remember but my son and his ROTC group marched in your 4th of July parade and Christmas from Fleming High School here in Roanoke and so proud we were that you invited us two times.We pray for you daily that God will take over with his healing hands to completely heal you.I to have health issues but nothing compared to yours and being young as I am breaks my heart but I always remember enough is enough...and refuse to give in to the devil and my health..God Bless You with much love The Riffeys,Allen,Phyllis,my Son Brian,daughter in law Leslie and granddaughter Renee..Kisses and much hugs..I will buy your book the first of the month..
susan scott
(griffin georgia 30223)
when my son 11 drowned n 1981 i got on my knees and sang lord i need u right now i love hearing u sing that and all the song u song u helped me so much on PTL love u get well soon susan scott
Helen P. Lewis
(Homewood, IL)
Dear Tammie Faye,
I'm praying that the Lord Jesus grant you peace, and continue to give you courage as you go threw this strom.
God Bless you and forever keep you. You sister in Christ Helen P.Lewis
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