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(Madrid, Iowa)
I am praying for you. Everyone is praying for you. We hope that you make it. Don't know what God has planned for us but we must grown and learn from him and I hope that God's power heals you and makes you strong again. My prayers go out to you and your family. God bless you!!!
Marc Edward Shelton
(Jackson Height, NY)
My dear Tammy Faye. I think of you often and yes you are always in my prayers. I have been able to order through ebay your old PTL records and enjoy listening to them. God surely has you in his hands. Ilove you like I love my own mother. You truely have been a mother figure to a lot of people and just know that you are loved.
(Columbus, OH)
My thought and prayers are with you.
Glenda M. Burgess
(Rockwall, Texas)
My dear Tammy Faye,
Only God knows the blessing you were to my life in the early 70's and on. I was at a pivotal point in my life, and very badly needed the touch of Christ. One day I turned on the TV to hear you singing: He came down to my level when I couldn't get up to His, with a STRONG ARM, He lifted me UP and showed me what livin is, He'll come down to your level, if you open up the door, He'll make your life worth living, that's what He came down for!" All of a sudden the room was filled with the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, and as you began to worship the Lord it got more intense. I didn't know what to do, because, I had never experienced that kind of presence before. Suddenly you said, Oh,just relax and let Jesus touch you as I continue to sing worship to Him. That was my first experience in TRUE worship. My life was changed forever. For several months the Lord used you to teach me or coach me in worhsip. I love you Tammy, and as I sit here keying this to you, I feel the very tangible presence of the Holy Spirit, and the breezzzzee coming from angels wings. Tammy, you are in the very presence of the Lord, He breathes on you, and He sweepes His Hand over your face. He embraces and holds you tight. Do not fear, He is with you. His Face shines upon you, His countenance is lifted on you, and He gives you PEACE!!!!!!! I will never, ever forget you, and the impact you've made on my life. BLESSED BE THE LORD GOD FOREVER FOR SUCH AN INCREDIBLE GIFT TO THE BODY OF CHRIST, YEA, EVEN TO THE WORLD. THE LOVE YOU HAVE SHOWN IS THE LOVE OF OUR GOD!!!!!!! JESUS! TAMMY, JESUS! TAMMY, JESUS!!!! TAMMY FAYE, YOUR HANDMAIDEN. MAY SHE BE KISSED WITH THE POWER OF YOUR PRESENCE! AMEN!!!!!
Dearest Tammy..i love's because of your and Jims PTL ministry that i became a born again christian in 1984..You Are Loved world-wide, in Scotland your voice is heard singing and bringing hope and God's blessings on the tapes i took are such a beautiful child of God Tammy and an always gave us hope and you still do..i want to see that lovely smile of yours without pain..God Bless You Tammy,
Patricia Garcia
(Okeechobee, Florida)
Dearest Tammy,
Thank you for sharing Christ. There is a song that you sang. "Run To The Roar"
That song touch my heart just as you touch so many. My brother Morris just went to be with the Lord, He is healed now and that is is a blessing.
mary michael
(st paul, minn)
met your beautiful son in Rochester,
minn....please accept my love, prayers
and belief that your stomach is healed.
You are courageous and so loved. Thank
Sharon Buxton
(Sandhills of Nebraska)
My Daddy and I used to watch you and Jim on PTL back in the 80's with tears streaming down our faces...we loved you then and we love you now.

You are sooo special...

Standing with you,
J. I think you are terrific and a fine example of Christian love is all about. You showed us that even though we are all fallible, that love, which is the gift of Christ, covers a multitude of sins. Thank you for being a model Christian for so many people. May God Bless you and keep you and Hold you forever in His heart. Amen.
(Streetsboro, Oh)
Thank you for being such a blessing to so many! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
(Maywood Ca.)
Dearest Beautiful Tammy,I can still hear your voice so strong & inspiring when you sang "We Are Blessed" from the PTL days. Throughtout my life I felt your strength. I thank you, & will never cease to ask the LORD & his angels to bring you peace & comfort. You are a blessing to so many of GODS children, you made a difference & touched alot of lives. For this I thank you.Peace to you sweet angel, & your family! YOU ARE LOVED!!!!
Tammy, I am so sorry that you've been in so much pain. You've set an example for all of us. You may not understand why things like this happen to good people like you, but your strength to still believe in God-throughout your pain-is inspirational to us all. Please don't be too afraid. You're drenched with love from your family and friends AND from people all over America! God will reward you! God bless you!
Krissy Thurman
(Cape Coral, FL.)
Dear Tammy,
I want to thank you so much for all the good and grace you have shared with all of us, God's children. I have learned so much through you. I have become a better person, Mother, Wife, and Child of Christ from you anointed teachings on PTL and your books & song & life. Tammy you exemplify our conception of the word "Grace". Tammy you have had so many obstacles in your life and have never outwardly shown bitterness, resentment or why me?
We all have trials in life but you have always led by God's example to me so... When life gets me down I sing, when I get sad, I pray. when I need comfort and joy I look to my Lord, if someone takes from me in any way, I give it gladly in Jesus name. I learned that from you, Thank you.
Tammy, cancer will not take your life, God won't let that happen, the only thing cancer can take from you is flesh. You are God's and cancer or any sickness is not allowed in Heaven! Tammy when you are ready to go home you will. You will no longer have to struggle for breath, you will feel so good and you will be surrounded by your family before you, until you finally rest in the ever strong truthful arms of our lord Jesus!
I praise God for your life! I thank him for you,the teacher in you, your voice and for your grace, I will pray for your Husband, Children & grand babies here. I will miss you and I will celebrate you always.
Hugs and love,
(Albion pa)
i love u.i think your a great lady.i am praying for u i know how it is in 2005 my gandson passed away one day befor his 13 birthday and last year(2006) my dad and brother died 5 days from each other all with cancer.there is not alot to say just that i am thinking of u and that i pray for u and that God will be there for u.i miss my grandson so much and my dad and brother.there is not a day that go's by that i dont think of them and it hurts so much.when my youngers son was 13 he was hit by a van he was on his bike he died that day it was in there is not a day that go's bythat i dont think of them all.and there is not a day that go's by that i dont cey for them.i love them all so much but i know they are all with god.well i better go take care and god bliss you.
Linda Bowmaster
(Aurora Ontario Canada )
So many things you have said have changed my life for the better- God Bless you and your loved ones!
Lu May God hold you and comfort you and let his will be done. You are in my prayers and God Bless you and your beautiful family.
Prayers and hugs and blessings.........
Karen Zaren
(International Falls MN.)
Tammy I'm a friend of Ruth your sister We are praying for you,I was also friends with Judy. I remember you from Woolworths you sold me many candy apples they were the best, Love In Christ Karen/Ruth
Ed Garvilla
(San Francisco CA)
Tammy, you are a sweetheart ... I miss so much seeing you on ET or any other show that you appear on ... I pray for you and wish you the best ... you are a dear ... Love, Ed
Rev.David Kleckner
(Cleveland, Ohio)
Dearest Tammy Faye-
We have been praying for you,and my whole church has lifted you up to god in prayer and miracle power..Hope you got all the cards and well wishes ...We Love You ...
(Lexington, KY)
I live in Charlotte for 6 years and spent many days at Herriage USA. I just want to thank you for allowing my family to share such a wonderful place with you in Charlotte. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
(Boaz, AL)
You are such an inspiration. The fact that have never lost your faith in the face of so many hardships is a lesson to us all. My prayers are with you and your family.
(Delta, Britis Columbia,, )
Dear Tammy:
I have always admired you and pray God will give you His grace at this time. You are a brave woman and I know God will give you His best.
Frances Farthing
(Chapel Hill, NC)
You are in my thoughts and prayers. Try to get to church on Sundays, and look into Revival Soy shakes and meal replacent bars. They are made in Kernersville, NC, and they can be ordered over the computer. I can tolerate them when I cannot tolerate anything else. God bless.
(Youngstown, Ohio)
Dearest Tammy..I just heard you on's breaks my heart that you have gone through so much in your lifetime...I will be praying for you and your family..Our God is still the God of miracles and I have asked for a miracle for are loved!
(Tuscumbia, AL)
Hi Precious Sister, I am so proud of your sharing your experience with us all!! You are such a 'POSTER GIRL'! Don't worry for a second about your looks right now, because deep inside your Spiritual Self is getting ready to 'come out' and you will be amazed at how truly beautiful you really are, even in the 'flesh like' state. It is sooo hard to LET GO and LET GOD, but soon you will, and all the pain and suffering will be worth it. (Hard to imagine sometimes). I pray for your children and your husband/s that they will continue on with the perseverance, love and spunk you have shown us all!!!!!!! ps Tell everyone up there in Heaven I said hello and will see them soon!! love you Tammy! Thank your daughter and her friends for their unselfish help and love. Today is Thursday, May 17th, approximately 1 p.m. God Bless You all!!!!!!!
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