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(Cottage Hills, IL)

I'm not into religion or anything, but after seeing you on the Surreal Life, you became an important person to me. Everything you've been through, it amazes me. You will get through the cancer:), Specially with your personality, you're a great person.
(Kansas City)
NO weapon formed against YOU shall prosper JESUS name!
Liz D.
(Portland Oregon)
You are an amazing lady. I heard about as we all had in the news growing up. I first really observed you on that VH1 show and I remember being struck by how graceful you were. Never one to let the ugliness of Hollywood break into your faith. I just read an article on your son Jay and he is an amazing person. He has an amazing mother. Be strong and know that you are loved.
Diane Caperton
(Lake Gregory, California)
Tammy, I just want you to know you are in my prayers. Your strength has been an inpiration to so many people - you are a precious gift from God. I pray for you and your family. You have made my life better by watching you go throught this struggle with diginity, faith and humor. May God Bless and Keep you.

Love to you Tammy

Myrta Tasker
(Los Angeles, CA)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I discovered you in l980 while recovering at home from very serious surgery. Although I am of a different faith, I enjoyed watching you & Jim Baker and it was of comfort to me. I did the Revlon Run/Walk on Saturday & thought about you as I walked. Many women survivors but still need a cure. May God wrap his arms around you and may his will be done. I admire your courage and open spirit.

God Bless You. Myrta Tasker
(Massillon, Ohio)
Dear Tammy, I listened to you speak to Larry King last night, and I just wanted to tell you, not to have any regrets about anything in your life. If you and your family are able to read all the messages of love being sent to you, you will be strong and at peace. When you get tired, just ask God, to put his arms around you. Love, Alma
Angela Goldman
(Chunchula Alabama)
Dear Tammy,
Will continue to pray for you and ask God to ease your suffering. My (Double) Sister in law ( My Brother married my husband's sister) was diagnosed with Colon Cancer in October 2006. They preformed a colostomy and gave her only 2-6 months. Well she's now going full steam ahead 8 months later and hasn't taken any Pain Medications since she left the hospital. She continue to go every Monday for Chemo treatments and hasn't been sick not one time. (They even go to the "Cracker Barrel" and eat breakfast every Monday morning before her treatments.) She was operated on (emergency) the day before her second twin daughter's wedding and now she has lived to see her third grandson born..(He was 8 weeks early but is now up to a healthy 7 lbs.)
I did not know about your condition (or the shape there of) until I saw you on Entertainment Tonight.
We will continue to Pray for you at our little 25 Member Baptist Church here in Chunchula. (We're just north of Mobile,Alabama)
Continued Prayers...Angela
(Bakersfield, CA)
Your faith and strength in God is a true measure of your character that has been an inspiration to many peoples around the globe. My prayer is for God's will to be done in your life. You are turly an amazing lady that has given so freely to not just your family, but to all of us. Thank you Tammy Faye for coming into our homes all those years at the PTL, Hertiage USA. May God hold you in His bossom and give you comfort during this time. WE love you Tammy Faye.. for being a blessing to us all. God bless you!!
Sos M.
(N. Miami Beach)
Dear Tammy,

I don't keep up much w/ the news since the war began, but when I heard of your cancer it brought me to tears.

You see I am a 30 y/o gay man and you let me see that god does love me, because why would he make me like this, I only wanted to thank you by praying for you in my nightly and daily prayers with extra prayers for all the help we can get. Notice I said We, even though I never met you I feel that you are the most forgiving, understanding best friend I ever knew.

My prayers as well as my partner of 5 years go out for you to God, Jesus, and The Holy Ghost.

Love your friend,
Sos "sauce" yep its pronounced like that LOL
(Robson, West Virginia)
"Mama Faye"
I always tell people when talking about you-Having the great JOY and HONOR of knowing you personally is one of the BIGGEST THRILLS of my life! I am SO PROUD of my Build-A-Bear things you signed for me, and have showed it all off many times. Thank you for everything. From CBN to PTL BACK TO TBN 30 YEARS LATER-You have let a young man know that NO MATTER WHAT-I CAN MAKE IT! Thank you from the bottoms of my heart!-
(Ocala, Florida)
Wow, I just read alot of your letters from people..its awesome!!! The scripture that keeps coming to me is,"He who started a good work in you, will complete it." Your work is not done yet, so don't give up, we are standing for you when you cannot stand. Don't forget about the 91st Psalm..its a life saver...In Jesus name, we commmand that pain to cease and desist!!! In Jesus name!! Hold on....KNOW IT IS GOD'S WILL TO HEAL YOU!!! HE IS FAITHFUL...AND YOU HAVE BEEN FAITHFUL!!!
God Bless you Tammy!
Tinker Atkinson
(Atascadero, Ca.)
Hi Tammy, I have been watching you grow with the lord for 25 years and you have handle yourself with such respect that I know God is so proud to call you his daughter and is waiting with arms wide open for you. You are an inspiration to all Christians and I know that God has a miracle in his time for you. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Stay strong, your proud sister in Christ, Tinker
Danny Boone
(Statesville, NC)
I am 29 years old and I have alway heard the name Tammy Faye around my house. I got save when I was a little boy, you and Vestal Goodman were on Sing out America one Saturday morning at 5:30am, when I asked Jesus into my heart. I have met you several time, once down town Charlotte at Spirt Square and another time in Palm Springs CA.. You are a beautiful person, both inside and out!! Thanks for being YOU!!! "Jesus will make a Way, he always has, and will!!! Take care of yourself, be strong and know that you are loved.....
(Woodland Hills Ca)
Tammy - Bless you. Don't give up. After reading a book by Robert Bearfoot called "The Calcium Factor" I earnestly recommend you get this book and read - it may save your life. I am not a recipent of any monies for my advise I simply care - and I'm also from MN. Mr Bearfoot has done chemical research for 30 yrs. and has found what are bodies are missing. Simple vitamin supplements and certain foods will put your body in balance and save you. What have you got to lose? God gave him the talent to pursue his desires! Best to you, Cheryl
Metta Larson
(Valley Center, California)
Dearest Tammy:
You are in my prayers constantly. I have always wished I could have met you personally as it is because of you and your ministry I gave my heart to the Lord way back in the PTL times. I was with you all the way. Good and bad times; successes and mistakes. You truely showed Christians just how "human" and vulnerable we all are and through all the pain, embarrassment and suffering.....WE ARE FORGIVEN! God has used you mightely with proof that "All things work together for good to those who love the Lore".
Thank you, Tammy, for your inspiration, your courage and your love of the Lord.
God bless you always, my Dear LADY! I will always be in your debt!!!!!!!
In Christian Love,
You have always been such a blessing and inspiration to me and my family. God Bless!
Jan Byars
We met meany years ago and I had been asked to do your show at one time to show a craft that I made an sold at the PTL craft shows. I am sorry to say that I never got to do your show. I am now a director for Hospice. I have been honored to be with many when they cross over to meet Jesus. Tammy never be scared because we all will see that day come. For those who know their savior that day is glorious and you see that in their last moments here. There is a peace that comes over them and you see the joy on their face. Just imagine everything what you have written and ministered in music about at that moment becomes reality. I know you are scared but you live everyday that God gives you to the fullest. If you do not receive a healing on this earth you will receive it when you cross over. I know leaving those we love is so hard but you will live on in the hearts of all of those you have touched. Because of you I found a true relationship with Jesus and it has allowed me to share my faith to those who are dealing with illness such as yours. Tammy do not be afraid,God is holding you in the palm of his hand and if he calls you home from what I have seen when our patients have crossed over it was like they just rested in the arms of Jesus. All of us are scared of the unknown but what you have taught all your life those of us in Hospice who are honored to be with those at the time they make their journey see such a wounderful peace that comes over those who know Jesus. This shows me that every promise is real because the smile we see on their faces. I know a young woman that passed recently who believed with all her heart for a healing on earth, I shared with her if that healing did not come God would heal her on the other side. When she made that journey and the nurse pronounced her a few minutes later she came back for a few seconds singing Blessed Assurance. I believe that she was letting her family know that what she believed in she saw and wanted to reassure them of that.
Enjoy every second you have with the ones you love here and know it will not be long before they will be with you to. Never give up!!! I have a patient that a year ago the doctor stood we me at the bedside and told the family if he made the trip home he would only have a few days left. That was Jan.2006 he is still here gained his weight back and enjoying life. I asked him why does he think he has made such a change. He said a nurse came in his room and fell on her knees and prayed and he put his faith in his God not the doctors.
Thank you for the gift of Christ you shared with me to allow me to share with others when they need it the most.
My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family. You know how it feels to have someone hold your face in their hands that love and warmth you feel from that. I hope you feel Jesus holding you that way and all those thoughts of the unknown will go away and you feel that wounderful peace that he will give you. May God Bless you.
Neil Schori
(Plainfield, Il)

I am praying that God would renew your strength right now! May God hear and accept our prayers for your healing.

(Mary Esther, Florida)
I am praying for you........
Jesus loves you this I know
for the Bible tells me so........
(Camano Island, Washington)
God bless you over and over.
May God give you and your body peace from the war you have had with illness.

( AZ)
Dear Tammy,
Before the Surreal Life show I had a negative pre-conceived notion of who I thought you were. After watching that show, I grew to truly respect and admire you. I was especially touched when you spoke about not judging others at your book signing. You taught me a life lesson that I will pass on to my family, thank you so very much for that.
I am truly sorry to hear that the cancer has returned and that you are now in so much pain. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Linda G
(Brunswick OH)
Tammy, you have inspired me so much thru the years and I want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still listen to your albums and you NEVER fail to lift my spirits. You are truly a sweet blessing and an absolutely fasinating and beautiful woman. God Bless You!!
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