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martha stewart chambers
(thonotosassa florida)
you belong to god and he knows will truly be in gods care with no more pain and your love on this earth will live after you are gone
Chaplain Ann
(Bossier City LA)
Tammy, I had to send you a note of encouragement as your manifold battles in life and coming through fire after fire and in public view has held my heart's attention since your beginning. I too have battled cancer and GOD defied the odds over and over. May I offer simply this: As painful, as humiliating, as so completely devastating some of the events of your past have been, the BATTLE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE LORDS. I speak as a fulltime hospital chaplain and breast cancer survivor who has experienced a little of the stuff you have had to endure these past years. But what stands out in my mind and I believe in the many TV news folk who interview you regularly: Because you have NEVER backed down from your life's faith in our Lord; and because they have watched as you have never once backed away from God as you've fought hard battles (and of course today's battle too)..YOU HAVE LEFT SOMETHING OF JESUS IN EVERY ONE...I was a news reporter 17 yrs prior to returning to school for ministry and am still a reporter at heart. Please know:"THE MARKS YOU WEARS ON YOUR BODY ARE THE MARKS OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.." Wear your appearance with holy pride, dear Tammy, and I'm praying for God's Glory to intensify in your life until He takes you or comes to get us! Love, Ann
You are an inspiration to everyone who is living and fighting cancer. I pray that you will make it through this. If anyone can, Tammy can with the help of God.
(Near Cleveland, Ohio)
My heart goes out to you and your family. I just lost my mother three weeks ago, so I know how your children are feeling right now. You are a good person, Tammy, and you've been good to your God and to the people in your life. Take solice in knowing that you always did your best and always had others first in your heart. Safe journey, and see you on the other side.
(Meriden, CT)
Please Dear God, help your faithful servant, Tammy Faye. Heal her.

Tammy, we all love you very much.
wendy prince
(jacksonville florida)
my heart is just so sad and continually sorrowful that you are suffering right now...i know God is with you and will deliver you from these troubles soon! God bless Tammy Sue as well...keep your chin up honey! Love!
I think you're an extremely interesting and unique individual. You're a figure to learn from, and I wish you more days of "feeling great" ahead.
Rene' McSherry
(Boise, Idaho)
Dearest Tammy Faye you were a great inspiration to me when I 1st became a Christian in 1987! I loved watching you witness & sing of Gods Love, Forgiveness & Goodness. I cried when you cried, who did'nt. What a blessing you have been to so many women. Thank you for loving God so publicly!! I know I'll see you in person & look forward to our new home together.
(Williamsburg, Ohio)
Tammy!! She's got her Fathers eyes!
May you soon hear "It is finished"
Thank you for being you! His eyes are always on the sparrow and you are one special bird!!
In our prayers always.
Elizabeth Pfuerstinger
(Clinton Twp., MI.)
Dear Tammy,
I saw you on Lary King last night and you are very courageous. God will take care of you. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless you.
janice love
(kernersville, n.c.)
I am praying for you. God bless you:)
mark r
thanks for being an inspiration to all truly bring light to dark days! praying that God wil give you strength in these trying times..God Bless!
(San Jose, Ca)
Tammy,First of all ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you more every day. Jesus is big enough for your cancer!If nothing happens at first when we pray, we draw closer to Jesus & His word. I love you!
You are a dear, dear woman. You have a strength and endurance that just shines. I have watched you for years, and love your reactions to life. They are honest, emotional, and sometimes just so funny.You have shown women everywhere to be true to yourself, just be true, and you'll never go wrong. God bless you.
Nicola H
Tammy may God pour out his annointng on you. I pray that he continues to bless and keep you, may he guide you. Continue to trust in the Lord and he will give you strength.
(gainesville, florida)
Oh, Tammy Faye, it was so good hearing your voice last night on the Larry King Show. You continue being such an inspiration to women of the world with your delicious humor and laugh filled with such natural wisdom! I always feel so fortunate when I hear you speak. I'm so sorry that you are physically suffering so much and in pain. Please know that my prayers go out to you and your family. We never met but I know so many of us feel like we would be close friends because you've never been afraid to say what you believe and what you think. And you've always shown the world that women were created to love and well as bring our special gifts to everyone. You were one of the first women to show your confidencs and speak your mind- and make others listen. That's why God made us all-to be unique and I've always shared these beliefs as well. May you feel my arms surrounding you in a great big- soft- hug filled with love, Sherry- God Bless You, honey. Don't worry, you are surrounded by prayers and love...and you have always been such a strong inspiration for everyone who ever heard you speak. Be assured that your voice has been heard in this World...all the way up to Heaven..... :>)
Mark B
(Arlington, VA)

I just recently watched "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and I had no idea you were unwell. Hearing you are not doing well makes me very sad. I lost my mom to metastatic lung cancer in 2002. She was a few weeks shy of turning 58. My prayers are with you. GOD BLESS!

Dorothy Napier
Tammy Faye, The same words that you helped me withyears ago when my marriage was in trouble, every evening you would say, I don't care what's goung on, God won't let it last to long you can make it. Tammy ,you can make it.
(Cleveland, Ohio )
Tammy dear, I am Jewish, but I used to watch you all the time on PTL and I have always felt your warmth, compassion and love for all people.
I kept a picture of you in my house as a reminder that someone out there cares about me, even though they don't know me.
I love and respect you and wish that I could have met you in person.
I love when I have been able to see you on Larry King and I recently watched "The Eyes of Tammy Faye".
I really feel caring for you because that is what you give out to the world.
You are a precious and wonderful woman.
I want you to know that a little Jewish woman in Ohio has cared about you all these years. You are what everyone should be: caring, loving, honest, compassionate and guileless.
Our God is the same God. You are what Jewish people have been commanded to be: "A light unto the world".
All my most respectful and sincere love to you, my little dear, precious one...from Janice in Cleveland Ohio.
Dear Tammy,

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

May God be with you.
May God give you peace and confort. This is the trubulations that he has set out for you. I admire your courage and fight of this disease that affects everyone if the world. You have a spot on his throne. Well Done Thy Servant.To Be Absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.May your dreams have been fulfilled and your wishes come true, you are one true angel that has earned its wings. Amen. Continue the fight, I will pray and walk along side of you. God Bless you and your family.
karen ann
(sunnyvale, calif)
oh honey
i wish i could give you a warm loving healing hug! i love you, you wonderful wonderful woman, you are so precious to so many. with love and hope KBE
Norene Yarbrough
I saw your story on Inside Edition today and well,what can I say...
My father died of lung cancer on December 14,1988,and my mother passed away last year,September 6, (my bday),2006.
I am totally devastated to hear this about you.... I know what it is like to lose a loved one to cancer,so I pray for your family that God gives them the strength to deal with your illness.
I just wanted to let you know this.
I am sorry for you. You seem like a very nice person.
So,God bless you and your family.
Norene Y.
It was while I was watching PTL in October of 78, that God healed me after being mis-diagnosed as nerves and it was hypoglocemia for two years. I kneeled in my living room with my husband and prayed as you all prayed and a blot of power hit me on the top of my head and PEACE ran down my entire body. My hand went straight up like I was reaching but I could feel like I wanted to reach higher. God told me that HE was BIGGER than my problems. That was the beginning of my life changing toward the Lord. Thank you Tammy for your ministry. It changed my whole live and hopefully my eternal life as well. I call peace unto you in Jesus name.
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