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(Irvine, KY)
My mother always said, "The eyes are the windows to the soul". WOW!

Tammy, your soul will always be our hearts forever.
(Lenexa, ks)
Dear Tammy Faye, I have known of you clear back when you were with Mr.Baker, To have learned that there is nothing the doctors can do for you any more makes me sad, I pray that God isn,t done with you yet, And has a much Bigger Better plan for you were ever you Are. With Your strong Faith and Will I believe that you will be just fine. Peace and Love The Weaver's~
Vicki W.
(Odessa, TX)
Dear Tammy, I too am a cancer patient. I send my love and you are in my prayers. Please have courage and don't be afraid. Love surrounds you and a great adventure awaits. Blessings. Vicki
(Bristol, CT)
You have touched my heart and my life. I want you to know that I still continue to pray for your healing. God is able. I hope this is not inappropriate to say that I only heard the truth about what happened to you many years ago only recently and my heart has ached ever since for what we (Christians) put you through. I am so sorry we were not there for you, supporting you. My prayer is that you can now feel the genuine love from all your brothers and sisters in the Lord. How I would love to sit down and visit with you! Though the miles may separate now - someday I believe we will get to have that chat!You are an inspiration to all women and all Christians. God bless you and be with you. I rebuke all fear in your life as you rest back in His arms of love. He is faithful and He is Love. Til we meet. Love, Merna
Layne Allen
(Dallas Ga)
God Bless you Tammy Faye. I just finished watching your show "You can make it" and yall were having such fun in the kitchen. I sure hope that you are back in that kitchen real soon. You are such a lovely person and girlfriend you know how to use that makeup. From one girlie girle to another i just know you will get a miracle and you will always be beautiful no matter what. Take care and my thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Layne
(Akron, Ohio)
you are in my thoughts and i hope with all of my heart that you can find comfort and peace.

lots of love,
barbaralee & jerzy g. sass
(new castle, pa)
tammy, we sat in a taping of your show at ptl years ago and have followed you are a special person and our prayers are with,barbaralee and jerzy
(Columbus, Ms)
Dear Tammy,

A word for you. Psalm 17 vs.1-8. It is yours. I love you.......
Peace unto you dear one,

You have been an inspiration to all Christians. You are a true testament to the world. I pray that the Lord provides you the strength that you need to endure this battle. With God's grace you will win! May the Lord be with you.
Marie Noel- Student
Hey Tammy,
Get well soon!! God is with you!
You are my #1 fan!

God Bless You!

Marie Noel
(Albany NY)
Tammy - You have had an extraordinary life full of joy, pain, and learning. You have taught me what it means to be a REAL Christian. I turn on the TV and find so many people spewing hate, and being vendors of intolerance...especially toward the gay community. I thank you for doing God's work with an open heart and leading by setting an example. When your time comes may you rest in peace and always remember that thousands you never even met love you. God bless and rest in peace.
Love, Brian
Lisa J
(Las Vegas, NV)
My mother was diagnosed with SCLC that had spread to her liver. That was 4 years ago... and she is still cancer free!! God has blessed me and my mother. Tell your daughter my thoughts are with her. My mom and I keep you both in our prayers everyday.
(Lafayette, Indiana)
God bless you, Tammy. You've always been one cool lady and I'm keeping you in my prayers.
(New York, NY)
Tammy, I know your health is not the best, but I hope you take comfort in the fact that there are so many people whose thoughts and prayers are with you. Also, you have no reason to fear, God has a plan for you.
(Nashville, TN)
Dear Mrs. Messner: May God Bless you in your journey.....You have been through so much and your attitude is truly an example to all!
(Houston Tx)
I am so sorry that you are still hurting
You are a very brave and inspirational
lady. May God give you comfort. Write us when you can
Bishop Stephen L. White
(Columbus, Ohio)
Grace & Peace:
Your are in my positive thoughts and prayers. I had the opportunity to meet you at the Azusa Conference several years ago. You spoke that night and my respect and appreciation for you grew by leaps and bounds. I wish only the best for you. I love you dearly.
Remain Blessed,
Bishop Stephen L. White
(Pittsburgh Pa)
Don't be scared honey,(like you said on larry king last night) our GOD is sending an angel to come and take you home. He saved the best for last. He has given you the opportunity to confess many people are not so lucky. I love you see you in heaven! GOD bless you.
(North Carolina)
Tammy - Thanks for all you have given of yourself to the public! You are terrific! I fell in love with you durring your TV show The Surreal life. I wish you the best - and just know that you are a bright, beautiful spirit in this world. My mother has battled cancer and I know that way this touches a family. We are all with you in this world and along the same path. You have always been a blooming flower on the earth! Much Love and Affection To You!
Diane L.Jung
(Torrance, California)
Fourty years ago the Lord spoke to me through you that he loved me and he has healed me all I had to do is recieve it. Your songs fed my spirit in such a way. There are no words the simple truth touch my heart. After being at Rancho Los Amegos Hospital. With 16 doctors telling me that there was not cure for what I had they send me home confined to my bed. Every day watching PTL and those words of faith that came out of your mouth. I had my sister-in-law take me to the nearest church so Jesus could heal me. Never had been to that church befor. I had spoke to the first person I saw and asked him if he believed that Jesus could heal me. And he replyed yes so I told him well I want him to heal me. He called a young girl to be in agreement with him as they prayed for me. while he payed for me he casted 3 spirits out of me. 1. A mind binding spirit. 2. spirit of unbelief. 3. Sprit of infirmity. I felt 3 things leave my body from the bottom of my feet through the top of my head. Prase God I was healed. I served the Lord Prasing him in song giving my testamony about how The Lord touch me through your Love Songs to Him. After 30 years I was hit by a car walking out of the post office a hit and run. As you Sister the pain pills dont take away all the pain. Doctor says I need a new spine, My L-5 is in front of my S-1 and I have 10 degenerated disc. But you know sister we are healed and your going to minister more then ever. And I will be able to walk again and be led by his spirit. It's finished His Word is alive and healing our bodys. Tammy Be Healed In Jesus Name. In Jesus name I cast every bit of those false systems out of your body in Jesus Name. Your Sister in The Lord Diane
A friend....
(Pittsburgh, PA)
They say that he only gives you as much as you can carry. You truly are a strong lady, and an inspiration to us all. We feel for your pains, and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. All our best to you and your family, as I know well what they are going through as well (we have an ill child). Take care dear friend. Love always.
Mary Frances Kirkpatrick
(Tarpon Springs, FL)
Tammy Faye: I accepted Christ into my heart with you when I was 19-years-old. I had such a hard time trusting to do it and I was hurting so bad one day that I just trusted you enough to do it and my whole world changed, Jesus came into my life in a real way and never left me! And he will never leave you! I'm 46-years-old now, and I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you! I will pray for your peace and healing. God is able remember??? We love you!!! Mary Frances Kirkpatrick
Tammy, relax and don't fight as you are about to begin another adventure, that of one meeting those in heaven. There will be a great celebration as you enter, for the ones that have gone before you will greet you, and embrace your presence. The worse part will be soon over the pain you feel now will leave and you can be at peace.
Take care, and you will know when the time is right, enjoy your loves ones, still here.
(Charlotte, NC)
Tammy, you really encouraged me one day when I was watching the surreal life and you told how God told you to let the dead weight of what happened in your marriage go. I know Gods will, will be done in your life. Thank you for holding on you helped me to hold on.
god bless you and keep you. thank you for your encouraging words. my mom use to watch your show..back in the day.
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