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Susan Mateya
(Pittsburgh, PA)
I have been following your progress and feel so badly for you. I pray you are not in pain. I pray that you are not afraid. Know that you are thought of by so many. Feel that love from everyone, like a hug or a warm blanket on a cold winter's day.

God Bless You
I will lift you up to GOD in my prayers. He is with you. You are and have been such a faithfull child of HIS. During the good times and the hard you have always Praised HIM. WHAT A TESTAMENT!
Jenni Byrd
(Havana, FL)
Hi Tammy,

I just want to let you know that God is on your side, and he is in control. He is keeping you strong no matter what you've gone through.
(Stockton, California)
My Father died of Cancer..It makes me sad that you your going through this. I hope you are not alone. May God be with you in your finale days. I truly beleive he was there for my Dad. I know you don't know me...but my prays and love go out to you...god bless you Tammy....from Katie
Lou Gregory
(Lexington, KY)
Tammy: When you get to heaven, will you please tell God that we are still a nation that worships Jesus and believe in Him! We will miss you when your gone, but all Christians know that we must part from this life for a better one that awaits us. We will miss you, but we will not ever forget you! AMERICA LOVES YOU and so does the NATION...God's most comfort to you as you rest so close to Jesus while still here with us....WE LOVE YOU!
(Waxhaw N,.C.)
I just cried when I found out Tammy. May you walk with God.
(New York City, NY)
Tammy, I pray for you to overcome and beat this. I know you can. Keep your chin up Beautiful. God Bless You. Love, Bailey
afro jamaicano
tammy i luv u and am praying for you, your son and the rest of your family, you've brought so many people closer to god including myself.
it seems like god's warriors are always hit the hardest, you know as a way to test their faith.
when you leave this earth i ask you to tell my father james that i love him and that he was a great dad, also ask him to send me a message or sign that he's ok
Tammy Faye,

Your kindness, compassion, and courage is truly inspiring. May comfort and peace surround you. God bless.
Eugena Green
(East Hartford, CT)
Tammy although we don't know you personally, I am praying that God will bestow complete healing to your body. Stay Encouraged....
Michael Franklin
(Baker, Florida)
You are such a wonderful person Tammy. My heart aches for you. I wrote you 3 years ago and you emailed me back a message that was very inspirational. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
(New York & South Carolina)

I just want to say that I love you. I have been following you for years and you are and always have been such an inspiration.

I remember as a child I heard you on PTL sing "If it had not been for the Lord on my side, tell me where would I be? where would I be?" Just as you touched me with those words, I hope I can now touch your heart with my words of prayer. May God BLESS you and HEAL you in the name of his son Jesus Christ. Amen.
Michael Pilmer
(Raleigh, NC)
I'm 39 years old, and grew up in Charlotte, NC. I visited PTL many times during my high school years...but it wasn't because I was coming to Praise The Lord. I'm atheist, and when I was in high school, I was a punk rock kid...who would go to PTL to shock the passerby, flip the finger to the establishment, etc. However, I always liked you...and your personality, as our TV screens were always filled with images of you & Jim.

Throughout the years, I saw more & more interviews with you..and your movie "The Eyes Of Tammy Faye", and I always considered you to be one of the "good" Christians. I am completely in love with your energy, love for others, and positive outlook.

Just wanted to say thank you for your inspiration, even to this atheist punk guy!!

Dearest Tammy,
Do not be afraid! A great peace and calm
will embrace you when the time comes!God will take you in his arms to Glorious Heaven! Fear not, death can be a beautiful experience! See you on the other side! With Love, Leticia
(quitman tx )
Your the best... your friend kevin
Vickii E
(Chicago, Il)
Praises be unto God! He is my Lord and my strength. I'm writing this message to you which is something out of the ordinary for me to send E-mail messages to someone I don't really know. However
I have followed you since the days with your former husband Jim Baker and PTL,you are a very charismatic person.
I saw a clip of you the other day when I was in the hospital and it was giving info about your challenge with colon cancer. I was feeling a little blue at the time because I had just had a heart attack and now have congestive heart failure and it all just seems so overwhelming, yet they said that you were down to 65lbs and wake up each morning expected God to heal you, what faith what faith,I said that is faith needed for healing I pray to God for a miracle for you. You certainly changed my attitude that day and I am going to trust God and I too am going to wake up
each morning expecting God to Bless me and fully and completly heal me. I also have a praise report for my situation that I was advised and prepared for immediate by-pass surgery and God healed my body that I didn't have to have the surgery. Thank you for demonstrating your faith it has been a tremondous help to my spirit. God Bless You!!!
(Toronto, Ontario)
Hi Tammy, I have always admired you. I have never heard an un-kind word from you or about you. I pray you have strenght until you meet the Lord. Hopefully that meeting is not scheduled for another 30 years or so.
(Chicago IL)
Dear Tammy,
Thank you for loving the Lord and serving Him with your life. I respect you for that and appreciate your life and love for so many of us outsiders. God bless you with His peace and comfort.
(Lomita, CA)
You have been in my thoughts and prayers from the onset of your cancer. Your faith is an inspiring example to all God's children & you have been an exmple to the world. Thank you for your bright eyes, smiles and never endings witness of faith, courage and strength.
God bless you and continue to hold your hand during your journey back to him.

Wishing your heart peace & love in abundance,
Just a fellow, child of God.
(Atlanta, Georgia)
My cousin recently started receiving chemotherapy (she is 24). I am praying for your healing and for hers! GOD IS MORE THAN ABLE!!!!
(Colorado Springs Co)
I believe you have more to do. I really enjoyed your witness on the show "The Sereal Life". I know that you can beat this. The Lord knows where you are. I look forward to meeting you in heaven. I pray that you will be comforted by our Lord the Comforter.
(new york)
hi tammy my name is jean and i sure do hope you read this...i don't really know who you are but been seeing you in the news lately and think your a wonderful lady with a heart of gold ! your a great lady from what i been hearing and reading and may god help you and plz be strong , its strange that i feel love and care for you when i don't even know you, good bless you tammy and be strong! thats what i do when things get hard 4 me, i am always making the best of what little i have for me and my kids. and when things get hard 4them i also tell them be strong and dont let the worries get to you because it will only make you week. thanks 4 taking the time to read this and may god bless you and keep you strong love jean (
Sandi Veres
(Franklin Park, NJ)
Dear Tammy:

You are a sweet,terrific lady and I was so saddened to learn of your illness. I saw you on Larry King last night and was moved to tears. I think about you often and pray for you as well. I wish you peace.
Lisa Lopez
Tammy stay srtong.We will pray for you i know God will take this cancer away from you and make you well,so you can enjoy and be with your family.I did see you on the vh1 show and you have always stay firm in your faith no matter what.I admire your courage and how you always have a positive outlook in life.You have alot of fans who love you and wish you well.God bless you tammy.
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