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(New York, New York)
Hi Tammy,
I hope you are not in much pain. You have always been an inspiration to me, with your sunny personality and your ability to always look on the bright side. Keep your spirits up and I will be praying for you.
(west lafayette indiana)
dear tammy , i am your biggest fan ,,tammy when i watched a tv special about your life it touched me,i hope you read this because i will be praying for you your number one fan brett.
(ogdensburg, ny)
Tammy please stay strong. You are in out hearts and prayers. God has a plan for everyone and maybe he needs an angel like you. We love you and wish you a recovery.
Kellie Cianchetti
(Norwalk California)
You're not a scarecrow, you're just rigth for a runway model.You still look good to God. Don't give up my sister, as long as there is breath in the body there is hope.
(Akron, Ohio )
God visited my dreams a little over four weeks ago. You are loved and in good hands...he loves you. Keep your faith strong...don't loose sight of Jesus Christ
Orie Thompson
You build the bridge, I will follow.
You pave the road, I will test it first.

God Bless You
Orie Thompson
Denver Colorado
Dustin Locklear
(Pembroke N.C.)
Hi Tammy I am praying for you and your healing but most of all that Gods will be done because I know that he is a healer but if he doesn't heal you here we know that you will be healed here after because I'm a firm believer that theres no sickness past the grave I love you and you are a great inspiration to me because you have overcame so much just wait for me in heaven please keeep the faith
(Rochester NY)
Tammy, I heard you say to Larry King your afraid,Don,t be afraid,Jesus is waiting for you,I love you, remember you taught me how much Jesus loves us and how wonderful heaven will be, God Bless you and your family. Love Kathy
Edward W. Fischer
(Gambo,NL Canada)
I have the love from God in my heart so all my prayers will go out to you. For years you have put that love in my heart with you tender words years ago.All I can say is If time is near you will be in a better land and become face to face with Rev. Jerry Falwell. Tammy I love you
(Southern, CA )
Dearest Tammy Faye,

Let me start off by saying what a big fan I am of yours. You truely are an insperation to cancer patients & cancer survivors. I have always loved your personality & you have that something special that kindness about you, that made me just love you.

I will keep praying for you! God is good.

God Bless!
Jesus is the way but PTL showed me the way , those 2 things put together is the reason Im saved today..Thanks Jesus and Jim and Tammy
(Houston tx)
Tammy, I pray God's healing and favor upon you. I know He will give you strength and raise you up when you are weak. God bless you in your cancer fighting!! May He continue to give you His peace.
laura j
(langley b.c.vancouverbc)
to mrs tammy faye, i would like to take this momment and tell you how you touch my life through jesus since i was a little girl. i'm 23 years old and i can recall watching you and your puppet act that you did i believe it was through your puppet act and throught the prayers of my mom that i gave my life to jesus and am serving him to this day my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family i wish you and all the very best i love you very much!
My fervent prayer is that you have some relief for the physical pain you are enduring. I know that you are in God's hand and your faith will carry you through. I pray daily for you.
"You shall live and not die and be every whit whole". Because You have honored your father and mother, your
days shall be long and things will go well with you. Watch and see what great
things the Lord still has for you. Be of good cheer, God is on your side.
Don't give up on the brink of a miracle!
God loves you, He really does, and so do I!
Debi LaRosa Petitie
(Vineland, NJ)
Dear Tammy:
Although, I have never met you, I first saw you on TV's PTL..PRAISE THE LORD..Anyone who hasn't endured cancer cannot truly empathize with the daily trials. I was diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystropy in 2001. I was never sick before then. In 2003, they found a tumor in my thymus gland. I endured a horrible surgery and cancer trt. I am on 14 different medications daily that keep me walking and talking, I developed a blood clot from the damaged vein that occurs from radiation. Some days I can use my hands, but other days I can't. One thing is for sure, I know that OUR HEAVENLY DADDY..KNOWS IT ALL..EVERY PAIN, HURT AND TEAR THAT WE SHED. AND HE IS THERE JUST WAITING TO CRADLE US IN HIS LOVING ARMS.. I HAVE ALMOST DIED 4 TIMES IN THE LAST 3 years and each time begged God to allow me to live so I can see my son and daughter and grandchild fulfilled in HIM> I don't know the number of my days, but I do know that each day I have breath (even the days my breath is labored) I want to GLORIFY HIS NAME... I WILL BE STANDING FOR YOU MY SISTER... YOUR SUFFERING IS FOR HIS GLORY.. HE SHALL BE GLORIFIED THROUGH YOU... I PRAY LIFE INTO YOU... JOY INTO YOU... SATAN, THROUGH THIS HAS TRIED TO STEAL YOUR JOY...TAMMY TAKE IS BACK... THERE IS STRENGTH IN JOY AND LAUGHTER AND YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF LAUGHTER..."IN HIS PRESENCE THERE IS FULLNESS OF JOY."
get well soon you have a lot of good thinges yet to do.
love & god bless
(Bentonville, Arkansas)
Praying for God's perfect peace wrapped all around you.
(Silver Spring, MD)
You rose above all those who surrounded you, and should you precede me out of this old world, I will miss you, and I will thank you for your spirit. I'll have you know I was one of your husband's greatest critics, and have never had anything much good to say about televangelists, but you touched me with your heart as big and open as the oceans, and every bit as deep. God bless you, but you know He has and always will.
Dearest Tammy,
Wanted you to know how much I have always admired you. I pray Jesus will wrap his arms around you and hold you like a baby. Rest in His love sweet lady. I'm thinking of you and praying for your comfort. Thank you Tammy for always showing us Jesus. Pj
Marlene Willis
(Alexandria, Virginia)
Tammy, I lost a wonderful friend of my and they had her funeral today. I was her caregiver. She had a beautiful death.Death can be beautiful God bless you. Marlene Willis
(El Dorado Hills, CA)
God Bless you dear Tammy! You are in my prayers and I admire you so much! You are true Christian and I wish there were more people like you! The world would be a better place! Stay strong! xoxo
(Daytona Beach, FL)
Tammy, I once met you at the Daytona Flea Market quite a few years ago. I thought you were a beautiful soul. I have a great grandaughter that turned 4 on May 10th. She has Leukemia. She is an amazing child. She has many prayer angels praying for her. She endures horrible pain and being so tired all of the time. She always smiles. She just got out of Shands in Gainesville this morning. We believe in a miracle for her and God has one for you too. I admire you for your strength. I don't think you realize the impact you have made on people over the years. I pray you will have comfort and ease of this pain. I'm glad your daughter and her friends are there with you. You're a very special person. Trust in the Lord. You will be in my prayers and I will put you on the prayer list along with my great grandaughter and my daughter who is also ill. God bless you.
Sister Langley
(Hampton, Va.)
God bless youas you continue trusting Him. You know sometimes you need somone who can and will stand in the gap for you for sometime you get weak. I believe Prophet Brian Carn, an 18 year-old prophet God is raising up, God is using mightly. I was in a service that I am familar with when a man came in with a cancer ridden body wrapped in pain and was about to leave when the prophet called him back, prayed for him and when he got himself together, he was ready to eat; also when he went back to the doctors they couldn't fid the cancer so they put him in the hospital and checked and checked to find no cancer. A family member called the church with report. If God did it for this man He will do it for you, it doesn't matter whom God use for His service.If you knew the prophesies this young man has given from God and they have come to pass; I believe your family would contact him. It's not the man, it's GOD.
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