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(lithia springs georgia)
hi tammy i just wanted you to know thatim praying for you that god will bless you and heal will never know how much you have helped me in my life you have helped me through some very tough times.every time ifeel like giving up i think of you and what you said dont give up on the brinkof a miracle.god bless you i pray that god will have his willin your life .
Junie Reid
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
Tammy Faye
Even although you are suffering and loosing weight you are still a lovely human being your true self is from within.
Stand tall, keep the FAITH where thre's a will there's a way.

You are in my thaughts.

Rev. David & Phyllis Taylor
(Pullman, Michigan)
Ipray your pain be gone in the Name of Jesus. We have been inspired by both you and Jim over the years. We spend several weeks at ptl in the 80's during the Christmas season and was a vendor on main street. We loved being there and was so sad when it fell apart, but even sadder when we heard of the sickness that is trying to rob you of your life. I know your faith is strong and that gives me encouragement. We just want to say "Thank You" for the way your fruits are showing and your strenght in the face of death. We want you to know you are very much loved.
Your Brother and Sister in Jesus
Jenn Alvino
(Cleveland, Ohio)

I am praying for you; I just want you to know I think you are a remarkable woman who I really admire. May god bless you and I pray every day that he makes your days a little more brighter and alot less painful. Please know there are people out here wishing you you well amd thinking about you. Your journey here on earth has touched many and I hope you feel as though many has touched out and reached you in return. Bless you Tammy Faye - may peace be with you and your family.
Virginia Jones
Dearest Tammy,
You are an inspiration to woman everywhere. I have watched you on Television over the years and have admired you as a wonderful,kind and most beautiful human being. As you go through your ordeal, I will be praying that God Place His Healing Hand On You And You will recieve the Healing you
need. God Bless You And Your Family Always. In Christian Love Virginia
(keller tx)
I am praying for you,your faith and courage is an inspiration to many who are going through challenges!
(Beachwood, Ohio)
You are inspirational. God Bless you and your family.

Carolyn Hartman
(St. Petersburg, Florida)
Tammy, you are remembered in our prayers daily. We love you.
(Waldorf, MD)
Praise the Lord Tammy!

I believe God with you for a miracle healing in your body. We surely do need more saints like you on this earth. You showed the love of God on the Sureal Life and I appreciated that! The bible says "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." Either way Tammy you get a miracle!

Love your sister in Christ,

(Fairview New Jersey)
Hey Tammy my queen! I have in the past felt a lot of shall we say "dislike" of Christians who say that gay people are not what they should be. They use Jesus and the Bible to justify their own hatred and ignorance. You have never done this. You are a true follower of Jesus and you are loving and kind and you authentically try very hard to improve yourself and be a master of your faith. You are beautiful to me for this Tammy. You are an example of the love that God has for people. You were shamed a few years back by powerful people that shall remain nameless, who took advantage of the perdicament you were in to further their own agenda. You were then, and you certainly are now, more of a true follower of God, then those people that betrayed you. We know the truth about you, and we know that you are beautiful. Be well, Tammy. I willl always appreciate your kind spirit.I love you.
Tammy I will pray for you to get well, I do not believe in the dogma of churches but do believe in God. I have always loved your spirit and strengh. You always told it like it was. I love to hear you laugh! May God heal you so you can laugh long and hard again...
You are in my prayers. I love you and your testimony of God's care. God has used you to blessed my life through your ministry. May He richly reward you.
Shauna Drye
(Kannapolis, NC)
I watched you on the Surreal Life and I was very impressed by how you handled everything. You stood up for what you believed in but you handled it with so much love and grace. It was obvious that you made quite an impact on each character on the show by how you loved them and stood strong. You are a great woman of God and it is obvious that you know your maker and that he is your everything. Continue to hold tightly to his hand and he will bring you through. No matter what you win. My husband and I are praying for you.
Justin Bing
(Montgomery, AL)
I love your sweet spirit and relentless faith! I pray for your healing daily! Youre beautiful inside and out! May God continue to bless and heal you! With Love, Justin
(Boston, MA)
Tammy Faye,

We here in Boston are all praying for you and your family. What a shining star you have been to us all throughout the years. We love you!

david b mitchell
(owensboro, ky)
You are such a wonderful inspiration. Every person ,Chrtistain or not, should see you as an example of how to treat and love others. Your beautiful smile and spirit have been a ray of light in many situations for me. I am praying for you and have so much love in my heart for you.
Marcella Simmons
(Long Beach, CA)
Sister Tammy, don't give up God can and will heal you of the cancer that is attacking your body. I stand in the gap for you with prayer to our God who is our Healer. Much Love to You
(Ithaca, NY)
Tammy, You keep us all strong because of your wonderful spirit. God Bless You. Sharon
Dawn M. Reid
(Palmdale, CA)
Tammy Faye. I used to watch you and Jim on television years ago. You were always an inspiration and a warm and caring spirit. I wish you the best in your journey through this life.

I am praying for you today, your faith
and good attitude will carry you through the bad days.
(Port Orchard,Washington)
Dear Miss Tammy,
My prayers are with you always. Thank you for making the world smile and cry with you, you are truly special.
Love, Lenore
(Atlanta, GA)
Hi Tammy,

I love you so much. I am so sorry to hear of your suffering. It really breaks my heart to know you are suffering so; I pray God eases the pain and ends your suffering. You are a wonderful woman and an inspiration to all of us young people. Thank you for making a difference in our lives.
(Florence, KY)
I am praying for you. Your life has been a inspiration to me and has shown me that God does prevail and will give us strength even when we don't think we have any.
Penny Perigan
(Diamond Springs, CA)
Dear Tammy:
Saying "Thank you" doesn't even begin to express all that your ministry has done for me and my family. In 1977 when our son, Brian was diagnosed with cancer, our church friends told us that God was punishing us. We needed support. Through PTL, Tammy you told us we could make it and the that the best was yet to come. You became our church family. We visited PTL in 1980. PTL taught Christian's that we no longer needed to stay segragated but that we could come together. It broke down all the barriers. We wanted a physical healing but God gave us something greater--- a spiritual healing that would give us the strength to prepare our son to go to heaven. God sent his angels to take Brian home in 1982. He was just 8 years old. He was never afraid to died, he couldn't wait to see Jesus.
You are in our thoughts and prayers. The Perigans
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