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bunny nelson
(monrovia, ca)
I think you are an amazing woman, strong and good hearted. You are in my daily prayers.
the davidson family
we continue to pray for you daily.may you be strong of heart and are a wonderfull gracious woman.we pray that you will be free from your pain.god bless you.
Dear Tammy Faye,
My prayers are with you. You are an inspiration to me and truly have followed the path of Jesus. Over the years I've heard you speak about Jesus more than ministers at my own church - and I thank you for it. I also thank you for showing Christ's love through your tenderness toward gay people and also people with HIV.

God Bless You, much love,
Ann M.
(Phoenix, AZ)
Tammy, I heard you last night on Larry King. It made me cry to hear of your struggle and pain. I had never really prayed to God before, but did so last night because you asked. I didn't really even know how to do I just kind of talked to God out loud. I also asked for Jesus to let me find him. I think I heard you last night for a reason, and that your prayer request was a way for me to accept God into my life. I am going to pray for you today and in the future. Thank you for helping me Tammy. I wish I could give you a warm hug when you are feeling afraid. I hope today is easier than yesterday was.
(Miami, FL)
You are in my prayers. I have been through cancer with some family members, and I lost my husband three years ago July. Take everyday God gives you-we are praying for your pain. Know that we miss you on "Larry King." Keep your spirits up. May God bless your family for taking care of you.
Robin McMurray
(Greensboro, NC)
My family have always loved you. I started watching you and Jim on a portable black and white TV in a small apartment that we (family of four)lived in. You and Jim taught us to go out and look for what we wanted and claim it by faith. My mother and I acted on it and received a new car and a new home. You will always be in our prayers and remember from one of your old songs, "WE'RE BLESSED, WE'RE BLESSED, WE'RE BLESSED, WE ARE BLESSED and also RUN TO ROAR TAMMY. God will take care of you TAMMY. WITH LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER. THE MCMURRAY FAMILY
(San Diego)
You are a wonderful inspiration to all people. When I read your writings and listen to you speak I see the shadow of Jesus. Thank you for showing us the love of the Savior.
Bob Hughart
(Fort Smith, AR)
Tammy Faye, I adore you! I love you! You have taught by example what it means to be a true Christian. Through all of the chaos of your life, you have come shining through as God's loving and much loved daughter. Well done thou good and faithful servant! You have made me take a hard look at my own life and have shared your peace, grace, love, spirit, joy, and your indomitable strength and courage. My prayer for you is that God wraps you in his warm and loving arms and surrounds you with the golden light of his perfect, unconditional love. The peace of Christ be with you dear sister. With much love, Bob Hughart

Deanna L. Parks
(Stockbridge, GA )
My continual prayers are with you daily. I find myself praying and thinking of you periodically throughout the day and I always stop and say a little prayer. Don't give up! Sometimes God doesn't answer till the twelveth hour but he hears our desperate call. I love you very much, Tammy. I look at your weight and see the suffering, but this nation sees a STRONG woman who refuses to give up and deny God. YOU CAN MAKE IT!
Deanna L. Parks
(New York)
I was very sad to hear on Larry King last night that you have been so sick and am inspired to pray for your healing and relief of symptoms. Your honesty about fearing the unknown physical experience of death, while still trusting in Jesus and looking forward to eternal life is very refreshing and real. Your graciousness to Jerry Falwell is a strong example to others. Be courageous and keep the faith.
(Gadsden, AL)
Good Morning Tammy, I hope today is better for you. I think of you everyday and pray God will continue to hold you up. I have written a couple times to tell you what your life has meant to me. I am a former PTL member and so were my parents. I have grown up loving you and "Suzie Moppet". I have Crohns Disease and have battles everday. I watch you and know that I too can make it!! Love to you Tammy and best wishes to Roe and Tammy Sue. I pray that God will strengthen your family so that they can take care of you. Have a Blessed day!
Susan Kerr
(Tucson Arizona)
Our Heavenly Father has so graciously used your life to bless mine through you ongoing ministry of Hope. I appreciate you sister and I join my faith together with your for the will of God to always be manifest in your life and for Jesus to continue to be glorified through you.... I love you sis....
(dyer indiana)
God bless you. You are an amazing woman. I will be praying for you today.
With Love, Geni
(Saint Michael, MN)
You are loved, Tammy Faye. You are an inspiration and shining example to anyone who has struggled in life. May God continue to bless you and your family.
(Blacksburg, VA)
Like some other well wishers, I am not religious. I do have great sympathy for those who really try to heed the words of Jesus, and I know that you took a different approach to Christianity than many of your contemporaries. I wish you peace.
(Arden, NC)
Dear Tammy, I have just finished praying for your healing and I will continue to pray for you. You are an inspiration to me and I love you. You are so accepting and nonjudgemental of people-just like I know Christ wants us to be. Thank you for not judging gay and lesbian people when so many people are.
I admire your spirit, courage and deep faith. I wish all the best for you!
Cindi G.
(Mobile, AL)
Tammy how you have blessed me! Your love for all people regardless who they are is the true essence of the Christ-message! Oh that all Christians could realize this! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Tommy Howell
(Clementon NJ)
You are much loved, and in many prayers! Hold on to your faith, Tammy, HE loves you! You have cared for so many other...He will comfort you!
Kevin and Bob
(Germantown MD)
Love and kisses to our sweet Tammy Faye! Your message of love, inclusion and acceptance strengthened us when we came out as a gay couple to our families! Love ya hon!

Kevin and Bob
(Indiana, Pa 15701)
Dear Tammy, oh the sadness I feel when I hear of your poor health. And I want to tell you, I have never ever heard anyone sing as beautiful as you. You sound like an angel from the heaven'.
You are a beautiful lady, and heaven will be glorified by your presence.Bless you my friend.
Jennifer Bean
(Cleveland Ohio)
Tammy I'm not a religious person nor did I ever watch your PTL show. But I did feel I got to know you more when you were on VH1 Surreal Life. There was something about you that I found so endearing. I didn't even know you were sick until I was listening to the Howard Stern show the other day and it was mentioned. Now I felt I had to find a way to tell you that I'm so sorry your having to fight against cancer. But truly if anyone can kick it's butt it's you Tammy. Please take care and keep fighting. You're a great person.
Heidi Elizabeth Heglar
(Cherryville NC)
I have always admired you. I have hoped to meet you and give you encouragement and a hug. Because your words have touched my heart and soul in so many ways. I stood in for you back when your Cancer had first started. I hope one day our paths will cross. I am a single Mother and this child is a blessing to me. I named him Hayden Samuel. I love you for starting all the special things for children and your love for them. That is all I have ever wanted to be. If it is God's will I hope to meet you and for my 4 month old to see you as well. Blessings and prayers always. Just know you are loved by so many that have never crossed your path. I love you!! Your sister in Christ, Keep looking up!! Heidi
Michael D. Monzon
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
Dear Tammy,
I was unaware of your sickness but found out through friends on May 15, 2007. I came to your website and have been balling my eyes out reading your updates and the emails from your fans. You are a Class Act and I admire your strength and faith. As I sit here with my laptop writing to you I send all my love and blessings. Your powerful words give me whats necessary to believe in GOD all over again. You are a winner. Please stay warm and eat well. GOD loves you. And so it is.
Dearest Tammy Faye, where does the time go?? It seems like yesterday I was working at PTL, setting up your roomservice/"after the show" lunches with your guests in your suite of the Grand Hotel!! Those were wonderful years! Your energy and love for the lord have always been so infectious! I'm a nurse now in Charleston,SC and I have kept up with your disease process and treatment and watched as God has loved you, blessed you and carried you through the difficult days. You are an inspiration to sooooo many! God bless your husband and children - thank the Lord for Tammy Sue - we mothers need our daughters and I know she cherishes her mom! You must be so proud of Jamie Charles - I saw him on GMA not too long ago and you could certainly hear in his voice his great love for you when he spoke of your situation. Rest easy in the arms of our Lord, Tammy Faye. You are beautiful - God Loves You!!!
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