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Don D.
(Honolulu, HI)
Please get better. In a world of hypocrisy, You are one of the few that have kept it real. i apperciate how you accept others' differences and stay true to who you are.PRAY constantly that you will get better. Always maintain hope. For someone like me, who's agnostic, you help to keep my belief in god strong. Thank you so MUCH!!
(Vancouver, Canada)
Dear Tammy: Heard you on Larry King tonight. Was so sorry to hear you were in such daily pain. I had colorectal cancer in 2000 at 40 yrs. Now have "the bag" for life. But that is nothing compared to you. You are an inspiration to stay positive, and to openly say that "yeah, death scares me". We all are, if we are human. I am still hesitant to go to the Doctor because he might discover something else. On a postive note, I think a postive mind can conquer many things, including fear, that is the worst. I believe in miracles, and I am sending out a prayer to God for you tonight. You CAN survive this. I know. Lotsa love...dave
Beautiful Tammy, thank you for being the beacon of Christ's unconditional love that you are. You are an inspiration in so many ways. I have no doubt God is lovingly watching over you, but my heart is heavy knowing the burdens and pain you are facing. I pray and send love for your healing, relief of pain, and strength.
Kevin McGrath
(Cambridge, ON)
Tammy, you are an inspiration to millions of people and please know that we am praying for you. You have helped us in so many situations because you prove that real faith makes miracles happen. We love you and wish you the miracle you so truly deserve, and thank you for the ones you've made come true for us. Praying for you always.
(Los Angeles, CA)
You are a dear reflection of Christ's heart and His compassion. Through your example, I learned how to love people with whom I disagree regarding what constitutes willful sin. Practically, I watched how you dealt with people you disagreed with, and spiritually, I saw your heart as an example of what I wanted. Now, I pray for a heart like yours. I am praying for you during this time. I am thankful to God for your daughter who has come alongside you to help you carry this cross, and yet I pray for your complete healing. God bless you this day!
annette kreidel
(mohave valley, az)
thank you,thank you,thank you!!!
i cannot say that enough because here is one woman that you touched, and you could never know how much. i have been walking on a wire for a decade i guess. but anyway believe it or not i first saw the eyes of tammy faye and then the surreal life and you shine jesus girl!!! i thank you for showing me YOU! i have not listened to your music or even wathed ptl in the 80's, but i surely heard more than i ever wanted to know. i love jesus but i struggle with "church people". you are refreshingly honest and the most compassionate and loving person.
so again i thank you for touching my life. i have thoughts of you often and have had them since i seen you on those crazy shows. you are in my prayers for your pain right now. like you, unconditional love will always be my goal, although i could never even come close to your example. take care of yourself,
annette kreidel
(Eagle Point, OR)
I am always amazed at your great spirit. You are such an honest person.Talking about death made me realize I am not alone in being affraid. I only wish I could believe like you. Your life has been a gift for me. Thank you. I know God will be waiting for you with open arms.
(Secaucus, NJ)
Dear Tammy Faye, My prayers and heart is with you at this difficult time. You have a beautiful spirit and a loving and forgiving heart... you weathered the storms of life beautiful and always reflected the grace and love of Jesus for the world to see... I pray that the peace that passes all understanding would surround you... God Richly bless you.
Rose Zunie
(Gallup, NM)
Dear Heavenly Father, in Tammy's weakness May she come to Thee asking for help. She need thee so much, and She realize how helpless She is without you. I ask Thee to give her strength for today, and she will not worry about tomorrow. May she touch the hem of your garment in a supernatural spiritual for your word is true and powerful. Her physical illness reminds her of her spiritual illness. Thou art also the Physician of her soul. Grant her the peace of mind that comes from sins forgiven and the joy of knowing Thee as that Friend that sticketh closer than a brother. If She recover from this affiction, help her to serve her fellow men and to glorify Thee. Keep her the blessed example of Thy beloved Son who went about doing good. Make her patient and grateful. Bless the doctors, the nurses, and all who are taking care of her. Watch over her loved ones while She is absent from them. Stay close beside her always, and finally take her home to Thee in heaven. In Jesus' name I ask this. Amen. My name is Rose Zunie, I am an Navajo women at 50 years old, 4'2" tall who advocates for people with disabilities in McKineley County. I am invited to attend a conference in Washinton DC. It will be my first time trip out of NM on July 7-13, 2007.
Tom & Jimmy
(Los Angeles, CA)
We love your kindness, and the fact that you make your relationship with God about love, not about judging others. There are not many religious public figures who people from the LGBT community can call a friend and supporter, but you are are wonderful and inspirational acception. You are a true servant of God, who continues to welcome everyone with open arms, just as Jesus did. You have had such an amazing impact on the two of us, as well as with the rest of the world. We hold you close in our hearts, and keep you in our prayers. Please know how much you are loved.
Rev. Donna Simms-Ward
(Philadelphia, Pa.)
Dearest Sister Taammy,
I love you and have followed your ministry for many years,plus I have read all your inspiring books and always kept you in my prayers. I lift you up continually for God's healing touch to anoint you as only He can do. I know that "By His Stripes, You Are healed." God has healed me of cancer three times so I know there is always hope. God knows just how much you can bear. Please always remember that you are loved. May God's healing power be manifested throughout your entire body, removing all cancerous cells. Our Lord has the last say.Hallelujah!!
Love & Prayers always,
Sister Donna
glenn and matthew
(deltona fl )
Dearest Tammy you have been an inspiration to us and to many other people and we love you and the courage you have had to conquer al the obstacles that have come before you. If it is gods will to take you to his side and help him he couldnt have picked a better woman and human being. But, I am selfish and want you to stay here and keep the faith of your loyal friends and followers who have been ther with you since the beginning of PTL. We love you and wish to gods deliverance into good health. Glenn and Matthew Woodley
Michael Spencer
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Tammy you are an inspiration in more ways than words can describe. I cannot tell you how much you have impacted my life...I hope and pray that you will pull through and I pray that your pain subsides. you are an incredible person, god bless you and your family. Love, Michael
(Southgate, Michigan)
I am so sorry you have had such a hard life, conquered it and now the cancer is back, but Heaven is all Christian's destiny, God Bless and may you rejoice in Paradise
Connie Messer
(Hollis, NH)
Dear Tammy,

In April of 1979, I was blessed to go to Disney World with friends of my family. I was 17 and it was my first vacation without my parents. Although I was having fun, I was stricken with fear. War had broke out in the Middle East once more and a well meaning adult had quoted to me as comfort; "When you hear of war and rumors of war, look up for your redemption draweth nigh." My fear was that Jesus would come back while I was in Florida and take my mother (in NH) and not take me (in FL). I cried to Jesus for peace, but it didn't come, until one day when I sat to have my portrait drawn. While I sat, you ushered your two children into the line to have their portraits drawn. I was so excited to see you, I couldn't take my eyes off of you! The artist kept telling me to turn my head back, but I kept staring and smiling at you. In fact you seemed to spot me at the same instant that I spotted you. You lovingly smiled at me and it seemed to me, that you didn't stop smiling at me until you were sitting in the seat that I had just sat in and I was walking away waving goodbye. You and I never spoke, but peace came to me the moment I saw you. At that moment I knew how much Jesus loved me. He sent you, one of my heroes, to me. (I knew He wouldn't have come back and not taken you!) Jesus used you to take away my fear of not being a good enough christian. YOU WERE MY PERSONAL GIFT from GOD that day!!! A few weeks later, I heard Jim say on PTL that he had sent you and the kids to FL because there were threats made and he feared for your lives. At that moment I heard a still quiet voice tell me that I had been a gift to you that day in Disney World. You needed to know that you too were loved. All these years since, I still tear up when I think of you as my precious gift from the Lord and I've always wanted to say THANK YOU for smiling at me with love that day! You made a difference. You are still one of my heroes and I will continue to pray for you as the Lord leads. May God BLESS you and KEEP you and ALWAYS shine His face upon you. I pray for your body to come into divine order, in Jesus Name, On earth as it is in Heaven. Again, THANK YOU. With Loads of Love to you and yours, Connie.
(Clearfield, UT)
Tammy you have been an insperation in my life. Besides my mother and God I look up to you. I always tell myself "If Tammy can make it so can I" Fourteen years ago I was in the middle of a sex and murder scandal. As a witness to the murder trial The church turned there backs on me along with the hole town I lived in. I was hurt but kept my faith in god. During that time I often thought of killing myself but I am alive today because of your faith in god. I have never met you. I wish I lived closer to you but some day When I go to heaven you are on the top of my list of people who I want to meet after meeting Jesus. I love you Tammy and your in my daily prayers.
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Dear Tammy: I've never had the pleasure of meeting you, but I have been an admirer of yours for years. You are a beautiful, wonderful human being and I do pray to The Lord that you will get well very soon. You have done so much good for so many people. You truly are an inspiration and I love you dearly.

Your Friend,
j. wall
(shawnee ,ks)
dearest tammy, l heard your voice on larry king tonight and l was so glad to hear the forgiveness for Jerry Falwell that you expressed .Please know that you are loved by so many and all are praying for God to be close to you and if it is to be your time to go home, that he will send his angels to bring you to him.....we know that God keeps his word , that He cant lie and He promises to never leave us nor forsake us and l know He is close to you right now.Lean on Him for your comfort and tell him how you are feeling and ask for the comfort only he can give.......May God bless your children and comfort them as they go through this time with you.Tammy, you are a blessing.xoxoxox
Dawson Hicks
(Wichita Falls, Texas)
I have met you when you preached in Fort Worth, Texas and I have never been as moved as I was when you spoke. We took a picture together and I have it out always!! I pray for your peace and comfort in these tough days. My grandmother has been ill and I know how it is to deal with the struggles and I am praying for your family as well. You truly have a heart of gold, on CNN about the death of Jerry you showed your ability to forgive. You will have stars in you crown in heaven. I love you!!
(albany, new york)
i heard you on CNN tonite talking about the death of Jerry Falwell. I admire you speaking kindly of him and wishing that you could have reconciled with him on this side of heaven. It will be done on the other side for sure. I am sure that Jerry will be praying for YOU now that he is in heaven with the Lord that you experience the embrassing arms of your brother Jesus and your mother Mary as you are carried over the threshold of the gates of heaven.
(Alpharetta, Ga. )
Sweet child of God, it HAS to feel good to know that you were the vessel that led sooo many to Christ. And at this time in your journey through life, I pray that reading through the well wishers and saints who are praying for you gives you some measure of comfort, may your family be comforted as well. Your just one of those people that we know when it comes time for you to meet your maker, He will tell you you did well Tammy did well.......God bless you eternally.
(Anoka, MN)
Dear Tammy,
I used to watch you on PTL, always was drawn to your program and watched it daily. I was so sad for the end of it, life is not always easy but Jesus is there for us if we know Him as our personal Savior. I am even sad for the breakup of your marriage to Jim, breakup of PTL, but the Lord had a reason and I know we cannot see the end from the beginning, but He does and will see us through. I feel so bad for you and the cancer it must be very scary, but listening to you talking on Larry King tonight(Tuesday) I know that through the cancer you have become even closer to the Lord. I am wondering if you have seen the ad for cancer treatment centers of America, they are in Oklahoma and Chicago.I liked what you had to say about Jerry Falwell tonight that was good too. There is nothing better than to have a heart right with the Lord and to read His word daily and spend time with Him, I know myself I need to do more. I pray that the Lord will be very dear and near to you at this time and I am praying the Lord will give you alot more time here on earth.
Tj and Sarah
(Sacramento, CA)
My partner Sarah and I wish you many blessings and love.
You are an inspiration to us and many others.
Thank you so much for being you, a blessing and child of God.
He will take care of you in the here and the hereafter.
It is better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.
TJ and Sarah
Todd Baum
(Manila, Philippines)
I am an American living in the Philippines. I use to watch Jim and Tammy in the PTL club every day as a teenager. I just loved Tammy. As Gay man, I was thrilled to see her firmerly on our side in later years. She is a real inspiration to the entire Gay community world wide. Get Well Soon.
(Paradise , Calif)
Dearest Tammy,

Tonite is the first time I have been on your website. What an angel of inspiration and Gods word you are!
Even in your hour of such personal pain and suffering you write to everyone such beautiful words to guide us all.
After reading your letters from the past few years, your advice has given me the extra spiritual boost I needed tonite.. I'm trying to think of what
I can say back to you that will be as
much comfort to you as your words are to
me. And it is this, I'm praying for you
tonite and every nite that the Lord lifts you up from your pain, wraps his
arms around you to help you sleep, swallow and to eat. Boy how we all take
the simple things in life for granted.
I've always admired your strength thru
the years. You are a wonderful woman.
Truly and angel from God !! May He bless you and your family and friends
during these hards times for you all.
Love and Big Fat Hugs !! Denise

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