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Tammy, you are the greatest, i love you, an i hope you bounce back from this sickness, you are such an ambassador for God, he has to heal you, i am so thinkin of you always,i loved seein you on the tv, anything you were on, best wishes, jeff, Chattanooga, Tn
(Knoxville, Tn.)
Tammy, you are an inspiration. Thank you for preaching love and for fighting to live life to the fullest. I will be praying for you. I love you, and know that God loves me...because of you.
Janice Perryman
(Unionville, TN)
Dearest Tammy, may God bless you and your family during this time of pain and hardship. I have been in the same battle and never want to give up. You are an inspiration to others to never give up the fight, to let the Lord lead you and hold you in His loving arms. I have had you in my prayers and will continue to and would ask that if any of you and your family have prayer lists that I might be included. I know the pain and misery of this dreaded disease. For the ones who have never been there or seen a loved one suffer, they can only imagine the grief it causes. But it can also be a way of getting right with God so it does have its blessings. I try to remember that during a long night of pain and no sleep. God bless you and your family and may He ease your pain and theirs. I know you don't have the time and energy for all the e-mails you must get daily, but I needed to send this one even if no one ever reads it. With love and praying that God will close His sweet and loving arms around you and hold you close, Janice Perryman
(Los Angeles, CA)
Tammy I wish you the best for your healing. I own a copy of 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye.' It's such a great story about your life. I've watched it many times. You've left such a huge impact on my life. As a Gay Christian you've opened doors for me and so many others, and what can I possibly say, other than, I love you and the Gay Community says thank you! We all need God's love and deserve his love-you've taught me that and you've taught it to so many others :)You are so blessed. We are blessed because of you. Thank you :)
(Walker Louisiana)
My prayers and thoughts go out to you, Tammy Faye. What an awesome treat it was in the mid 80's when I discovered the PTL network! You will never know what an impact you, Jim and your network had on me. You have always done a great job of keeping that chin up. I will never forget it as long as I live. I went through an awful messy divorce from my husband during that time and instead of embracing me and helping me through it, my church family turned their back on me for the most part (though they did eventually ask for my forgiveness for their actions). At times you were the only loving voice of Jesus I heard and He spoke to me so often through you and your programs. You were and are an inspiration to so many, which is exactly what God calls us to do. I pray that your health will revive, your pain will diminish, and sweet peace will fill your body and soul. Thanks of much for the impact you've had on my life.
(Phoenix, AZ)
I love you so much you are an inspiration to women kids love you, and we all pray for you.
(Plano, Tx.)
May God's love and strength surround you during this difficult time, giving you peace to fight this battle. KEEP THE FAITH AND NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!! It's people like you that make this world a better place to live. You are a true blessing to so many and you've touched so many lifes. My thoughts and prayers with be with you everyday. Be Blessed And Be A Blessing.
I remember watching you as a child and I didn't appreciate you then as much as I do as an adult. Now, I just adore you, even years earlier. You are just precious. Know that you are loved and being thought of, as well as your children. Many blessings my friend.
(Manhattan Beach, CA)
Dear Tammy, I have watched you since I was a child. You are a wonderful & beautiful person. You are you in my prayers. You have been courageous & an inspiration. You have lived by example and not many people can do that. I will continue to pray for you and please know that you are in our hearts.
(Puyallup Washington)
My prayer is that our Lord would heal you here on earth...if he chooses to heal you in heaven than as a believer we know His ways are right. God Bless you.
Fr. Nikolas
(Albany, New York)
I am Nikolas Kaiser. I am the Patriarch, of the Benedectine Churh. We are the church of the recovering Catholics.
How can we thank you for renewing the faith of so many. People of all denominations listened to you on the air. They loved your music, they responded with hope, joy and for some mascara. Your are an icon, for many a lighthouse. You were the star, the shining light of PTL and always will be.

I love you, your are the reason I found my faith. They can call PTL anything they want, they can't call it unproductive.

Thousands owe you this meesage. they can thank you for not feeling alone.
They can than you for not judging them.

Liking, meaning or not, your are a Saint!
(san Diego)
Tammy I wish you well, I started to like you when you was on sureal world. I will always wish you well, from you fan. Keep praying god always answer prayers. keep the faith and hope
Dearest Tammy, My goodness...after looking over the many awesome and loving messages sent to you...I can only say thank you for being so beautiful and loving. I do know that you are a RARE AND BEAUTIFUL SOUL! Your strength, faith and love for ALL is a great inspiration. The world is certainly blessed by your presence. I pray for your healing and that your pain to be taken away. With great love and appreciation...My love to you and yours...Always!
Jean Gaetz
(Surrey, BC Canada)
I know for a fact, as do you, that God wants you well. I know that He has a work for you to continue down here on Earth. Planet Earth really needs you Tammy. You have an unprecedented way about you, where you can relate to, and you sincerely care about the underdog and the persons whom others would not bother with. You will go where others won't go; you will love and lift up the person whom society has turned their back on. You just are that kind of person. There is absolutely no arrogance in you. That is where you stand out, Tammy Faye. You have such a heart for those that have no hope.

My husband and I went into the very Throne Room of Heaven tonight and presented our case on your behalf. We want you to live. Our world needs Tammy Faye Messner and the gifts of heart and soul that you have. We reminded God of how special you are and how much we need you down here. We know that Jesus paid the total price for your healing, so all we have to do is contend for it, declare it and decree and being the Praise Song of Thanksgiving. So we are doing just that.

We have never met you but we love you. We have watched you faithfully on Larry King Live and you never failed to inspire us and entertain us. We can tell that Larry King enjoys your company and genuinely likes you. I believe that it would be difficult for people not to like you.

You have a marvelous testimony. It needs to continue to be told.

I love your upbeat attitude. I love that you get up and get out every day. I love the way that you just keep trying, you keep on keeping on. Such resilience and fortitude.

God honours your zest to live.

Use your speech to praise God radically for the finished work and just watch how your situation will improve, moment by moment.

We're not giving up. We love you and want you here.

We read in the Scriptures where people were able to move God and actually change his mind by their contending for something and reminding God of what He had said. He says "Put me in remembrance....." so we are doing just that.

Father, we love Tammy Faye and we need for her to stay here. There is so much unfinished work for her to do. She will give You all the glory Lord. Knowing her as we do, she just will return all glory, praise and honour to You and You alone. So look down upon your servant Tammy Faye this evening and raise her up to perfect health and strength.

Thank you Father, that You are a good God and that You are in a good mood. You are disposed to show favour and blessing and on behalf of Tammy, we say 'let it rain, Father, let it rain down, now'.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Thank you Father.

In Jesus' lovely Name. Amen
Grace, Grace, marvelous grace be upon you. I've watched you many times on Larry King and he seems to really admire you, as I do. God knows your heart and your hearts desire. Your size may be small, but your heart is huge.
margie sanders
tammy i pray every day for you that god will heal you and help you with your pain i know that he will---just wish he would go a little faster--have loved you and your family for so many years.
All my thoughts & prayers to little spring chicken!!!
Sheila Kelsey
(Glenn Dale, Md. 20769)
May the presence of the Holy Spirit fill you and draw so close that fear, anxiety be rendered impotent. Rest in the Lord. Complete and ultimate healing is soon to come. No more pain!
(White Rock, B. C. Canada)
May the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand and give you His peace and comfort from the pain you are suffering. He is so proud of your faithful positive witness for Him all through this long difficult journey. Hugs and prayers from Canada
Beth A Hafele
(Williston ND)
I grew up with PTL when you were still married to Jim Bakker in the early 80's and I believe I am around the same age as Tammy Sue(36 as of jan 10 1971)and I just wanted to tell you that you are in my "prayers" as you were there for me in my "prayers" on day when I was very sick in the Hospital and was told that I had Yellow Jauntis(not sure about the spelling). I was in the hospital for 7 days with IV's going through me just to keep the fluids in me. To this day I really don't know how I got it or when it went away, but on the 8th day I was released from the hospital as my mom told me she was watching PTL and kept on praying with you for the whole week I was in the hospital. Your "prayers" saved me and I was healed---so I am "praying" for you everyday and every night and hopefully my "prayers" can save you as you saved me many years ago. Thank You for my LIFE from the bottom of my heart to yours.

Beth Hafele in Williston ND
Paul Gohranson
(Tacoma Wa)
Dear Tammy,

I am a 38 year old Bisexual male, mostly gay now. I have been a born again Christian since I was 14 years old. When all the trouble came out about you and Jim Baker, I was guilty of thinking you were greedy and knew all the bad things that were going on just because you were married to him. Guilt by association. Over the last few years I realized I was very much wrong about you. Jim Baker lost the best thing that ever happened to him and thatís too bad. I really do pray for him because of that.

I can only look to the book of Job when I think of you, you sweet messenger of God! No matter how much sorrow and pain is put on you, you think of not yourself, at least you donít let on that you do. Your human, I know you do, but you reach out to others in public even when your pain is unbearable. I just feel Like God is going to be taking you soon for all the wonderful gifts he has for you and work he has for you in Heaven. Before he does, I would just like to ask for your forgiveness for ever thinking you were part of all that greed. I would like for you to forgive us Christians for doing what we do so well eating our own when they fall into trouble, and one last request. When you see Jesus, will you tell him I am trying so hard to be a great Christian and my biggest sin is being judgmental towards others? Will you put in a good word for me?

God Bless you Tammy Faye and may God lessen your pain on your journey to him. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, your brother in Christ,

Paul Gohranson
(PEI. Canada)
I always thought you were such a admirable and sweet lady when I would see you on TV. I hope things are getting better for you. Please hang in there...the world still very much needs you.
Tammy , I pray that you are at peace ,and that the pain and stomach problem will go away. I pray that you rest in the Arms of the Father and know that He will guide you gently to His Kingdom.
In Jesus Name , I pray , Amen and Amen
(Hemet, CA)
Dearest Tammy,
I have followed your life ever since the PTL club. I think you are wonderful and I have always enjoyed hearing you speak. You have so much God given wisdom. I send you all my love, thoughts and prayers. You are a true warrior for God! And I know He loves you so very much. God Bless you, Tammy Faye and I am giving you a great big hug! You are truly loved and blessed.
beverly merriman
(columbus, ohio)
i hope you get better i pray a miracle happens for you
we use to love to go to PTL it was a real nice place it was peaceful and it was like you never had to worry about anyone bothering you you could walk around the lake and it was so peaceful
my mom and i did that several time when we were there 1 weekend unfornatunally my dad could not walk around it because he was in bad health but we loved it down ther and we thought the passion play was really nice after i had gotten married i had taken my husband down there and i told him if the play was still open he would have loved it we were down ther the weekend of november 13, 1987 we had gotten married on a friday the 13 and i think that is the reason the marriage did not work out
so we will continue to pray for you my self and my 2 sisters thanks
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