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(San Francisco, CA)
God bless you, Tammy Faye. I am praying for you and I KNOW you will get better.

(Virginia Beach, Va.)
Just wanted to tell you that I think you are one truly, amazing lady! Your strong faith and your love of God and your genuine love and concern for others, is what being a good Christian, is all about. What a Blessing AND an Inspiration you have been to us all! May God Bless You and Keep You!
(Lakeside, California)
I cried remembering how much you helped me grow in the Lord in the past, as I saw you on tv tonight.You looked so pretty, even in your illness I am sorry you are in so much discomfort. Please get well. I have been praying for you all these years and love you so much. Your children are wonderful to help you in this time. Thanks again for your strong testimony of the Love of God!!!
(Kannapolis, N. Carolina)
Tammy, You are a blessing and an inspiration to us all. You have shown the world how to love, not hate. You have brought many people in this world together and closer to God. Thanks for giving your love to a world that certainly needs love today and tomarrow.
Sister Mary Juanita High
Dearest Tammy, I had the honor of meeting you when you came to the Castro Theater in SF. You were kind enough to sign my t-shirt and take a couple of pics with my partner and I. I came there to tell you that you had inspired my own relationship with God. I was a teen, growing up in an agnostic household, watching you and Jim on TV in the 80s. I began to go in my yard and speak to God asking why I didn't know him, why wasn't he at my house. I did this at age 12-13. Finally, just as I was about to give up and accept that there was no God, I felt God's presence and love instantly. I knew that God loved and accepted me even if others here didn't. This knowing of God has been my strength ever since. I am now 39 and a gay child of God who does my best to minister in the streets of SF and cities & towns around the bay bringing people the message that God loves them no matter if anyone else does. Thank you for getting a young, fearful man to seek out God! My love and best wishes to you and your family.
Many Blessings,
Sister Mary Juanita High
Mistress of Archives
i saw you on surreal life house and i've seen your tammy faye eyes on the logo station. i was so impressed with you, your convictions, your heart and your strength. i just heard on tv that you were ill and i have been thinking about you ever since. you are in my thoughts every day. no matter what happens you will be remembered as a loving, caring and non judgemental person. i admire you.
(Bloomington IL)
As a 2 time cancer survivor I believe that we all need to praise our good Lord and have HOPE ! You are a true inspiration ..thank you!
Vikki Krane
(Oakville Ontario Canada)
Dear Tammy,
So many late nights when I could not sleep I would turn your show on.
You and Jim had a desk and a few chairs.
You were always so sweet and had wonderful guests. My fav was Dale Evens and your puppets.
When I go to services and the Rabbi asks us to name persons who need our prayers yours is the name I call out.
You are a very special person who got me thru so many sleepless nights.
You are always in my prayers and I wish you peace and healing.
Your friend,
(Berea, KY)
You are truly an angel on this earth. You are the ultimate classy lady. You have truly loved many and forgave many. Only faith in God could have made you who you are. I am gay and want to thank you for not judging us, instead you always gave love and compassion.
Kathy Carter
(Clinton, Tennessee)
Tammy, I am sorry for your sickness. Just put your hand in His hand and he woll see you through. We have lost loved ones to cancer, and know what you are going through. I am praying for you and your family. May God comfort and be near you.
(long beach ,ca)
Tammy you are beautiful and we all love you. Each morning I wake up , before I put on my sport coat, I say a little prayer for you, and all thru the day time and all thru my coffee break time, I say a little prayer for you.......
Love John.
Dixie Angelikoussis
(Tarpon Springs, FL)
You've been such an inspiration. I'm sure God is getting your mansion in Heaven ready for you.
(Corona, CA)
Tammy, what an inspiration you have been to so many. Right now we are praying for our granddaughter that has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer at the age of 13. We will also pray for you. Years ago while watching you on PTL, I knew that there was something different about your Christian experiance. There was something that you had that I wanted. Several years later, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and then I knew what the difference was. Thank you for showing me what true unconditional love is.
(East Orange, NJ)
I have thought about writing you for years. If not only for my own closure but to have you know who you have been to me. I grew up in PTL, knowing what a remarkable potential it had. Every vacation was spent there. I engaged my family to become sponsers because of what was created. I saw my future there. Although that bubble bust you always held steadfast to your beliefs and love for all people dispite your differences. I have always felt your love for all and offer you my love and support through your battle now. Please know that you have influenced my life in such a positive manner and I wish that more people spread unconditional love in the manner in which you have. My love to you and your family and through whatever journey you follow.
God Bless You! You are a a true Christian by loving all your fellow human beings with respect and dignity. You have filled my heart with your love and you will live forever because of it.
Forever in gratitude!
joan stroud
(lancaster. south carolina)
tammy i am will be praying for you. i dont know you personally but have heard you on tv for many many years. i believe you love the lord with all your heart. praise god! keep putting all your faith at the cross of our wonderful savior.He listens to you and all that believes in him.
Pamela V.
Tammy I just have to say that I watched you and Jim when he just sat behind a desk and his back ground was a piece of white lattace. PTL was my first real "church" program and it made such a diffence in my life. Thank you for your strength and my prayers are with you...
Father I thank You for hearing my prayer as I lift up Tammy Faye to You right now in the name of Jesus. Father I ask that you place Your healing hands on Tammy and heal her from the top of her head to the souls of her feet. Allow this to be a huge testimony of Your mercy and grace Father. What a glorious testimony this would be to the lost world Father. Let the eyes of the world be on You Father through this healing...In Jesus name, amen...
(Augusta, Georgia)
Hi Tammy!

I just want to tell you to keep the Faith. Keep believing God for the manifestation of His healing power. He is not through with you! You still have so much. I look forward to hearing you and seeing you back on television. I am standing and believing God with you!!! God bless you!
(Attleboro, ma)
I will pray for you tonight to be whole. May you feel the love and mercy of Jesus.
David Sturgill
(Lexington, KY)
I just heard you on Larry King Live. You sounded so weak. I didn't realize you were as sick as you are. Please know that I too am praying for you. I remember as a kid watching you on the PTL Club and I was always touched by you. I am now a grown gay male, somewhat closeted, but a CHILD of GOD!!! I love you for being yourself. Life can be so tough at times, but God didn't promise us anything else while on this earth. However, it is a totally different story when we get to HEAVEN!!! I hate that you are suffering, but do not give up. Fight it all the way!!!

Thank you Tammy for showing what a Christian really should look like. Your statements about forgiving Fawell was also very toughing, again, a true testimate to your character. Again, I will have you in my prayers.

Love, your brother in Christ, David

PS... when you get better, you will have to come to beautiful Lexington KY and visit with us!!! I will be glad to put you and husband up in my little condo. Boy, that will give you something to hold on too :-)
Brian Orges
(Medina, Ohio)
Dear Tammy,

You do not know me, but you have helped me through the tough challenges in my life with your words of faith and kindness. I know that God will have a special place for you in Heaven and his Kingdom for all of the wonderful things you have done for others. I love you Tammy Faye and will pray for you to leave this world without pain, and have the opportunity to continue your work in heaven! God Bless you Tammy Faye, you are a beautiful sole.


Dianne Steverson
(Astatula, Florida)
Tammy, My prayers are with you, as we all know you are a strong willed person and a fighter. Keep the faith. DO NOT GIVE UP!!
(Ottawa Ontario Canada)
Tammy, if I could trade one of my days for one of yours so that you are able "to feel great" I would....Stay strong - you are able to overcome anything. God is always with you don't forget that....
(Tampa Florida)
We love you Tammy and wish you and your family the best.
(Costs Mesa, California)
You are a woman of depth, a pillar of strength and a child of hang in there girl..your faith will pull you thru..keep the faith, keep the smiles, keep the courage and believe in miracles. Your a pillar of strength to all those out there experiencing serious health problems. God bless and keep you under his loving care.
(Phoenix, AZ)
I pray for God Almighty's healing on your body, that
you would no longer have a sick stomach and that your body would be made whole again in Jesus name and that He would give you the strength you need to walk this road with triumph. You are loved.
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