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(Sherman Oaks, CA )
You truly are an angel among us, Tammy Faye. Your continued openness, emotional honesty, and faith, despite all the adverse circumstanes in your life, continue to guide us as we walk God's path.

Your suffering serves God's purpose -- not for you, but for us. Without it, you could not become the wonderful example God has choosen for us.

When your work is done here, you will have all the glory of heaven at your feet. As you look back on your life here on earth, you will personally be able to thank God, as you remember your suffering, for choosing you to be among his Angels on earth.

God bless and keep you, Tammy Faye. May He end your suffering and grant you enternal peace. May he count you among his Angels.
(Minneapolis, MN)
God bless you in this trying time in your life. He will be with you.

I just wanted to say that I as a believer in Jesus Christ was so proud of you on the Surreal Life. I cried listening to how you loved all of those people and your speech to all of them. You are one of the few high-profile Christians who has shown the world love!
Christopher Neal Wigley
(Desoto, Texas)
My dear Tammy Faye,
I just viewed for the first time your movie, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" last night for the first time. You are the epitome of the unconditional love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. When you get to heaven, I know he will give you the crown of life, and in turn reply; "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Thank you for being an example of love to men like myself who are impacted by AIDS. And Glory to God, I am a healthy 10+ year survivor!
Blessings and God's love to you, dear sister.
I just got done listening to you on Larry King. What a truly inspirational woman you are. I am happy that you are beginning to find peace in dying. You have no idea how much your honesty is helping so many others who are struggling with dying. Thank you for your true courage and strength.
(Lake Jackson, Texas)
Tammy, I am praying for you. Heard you tonight on Larry King. You are so dear to us. I watched PTL for years and years and bought and read your books and listened to your records. We love you Tammy and continue to pray for your healing. Nothing is too hard for God. Keep the Faith and know that many, many are praying for you. You are such a dear, loving person and have blessed millions of people.
(Oklahoma City, OK)
I am praying for you! Keep believing God we know He can preform a miracle in your health and life. To God be the glory for the great things He has done in thus far in your life, ministry and bleive you will fulfill your destiny! Hugs and Kisses from our family to yours! Tell your sweet daughter that God will Bless Her for taking care of her momma and we are praying that she will have all her hearts desires come true!
Mary Reed
I heard you on Larry King tonight and your strength of faith and mind touches all who hear you speak. I pray that your physical pain leave your body and be healed. You are such a lovely person and very beautiful inside and outside! You are an original and there is no one just like you! Many blessings and love!
(Sayville, New York)
I am brought to tears, tears of joy, every time I hear your Angelic Voice or your Infection Laugh. Please keep spreading Jesus's message of Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness. I believe that through him you have changed the world for the better, and for that I am truely greatful.
(Mesa, Az)
Tammy, My children are adults now and have there own children. Everytime we went on vacation we would listen to your tapes.The children tapes (cassettes) They especially liked Jonah. You were awesome. I always enjoyed your singing. I feel so bad that you are going through this. I think one of my favorite songs was ":You can make it". It really ministed to me when I was a young mom and very needy at the time. Many blessing to you and your family. You will continue to be in my prayers.
Love you, Virginia
I will pray for your recovery.
(Toronto Canada)
i am 43 years old and have end stage breast cancer. No lump. found it after it spread to the bones. Apparently, i am a walking miracle. I should have died last july. Finished chemo in january and found out last week that the cancer has spread. Saw you on Larry king tonight. I appreciated what you said about dying. I have accepted death. If death is like a general anaesthetic then it's okay. It is getting there that worries me. I am not crazy about suffering...even a dog gets a lethal injction. Anyway, I especially liked the prayer you said. I am jewish but non-religious. i started praying as well. The prayer you recited on larry king is the death bed prayer found in the old testament. Last week i had a friend who said a prayer at the Whaling Wall in israel. i was in new york and went to an anglican church on Fifth Avenue. A priest took me up to where everyone was taking communion. I didn't take communion but i was blessed. The priest took me back his seat and said a prayer for me. I told him that i believe in one god and that people just have different paths to get to him. i told him it meant no difference to me if i prayed to a wall in israel or a cross in a church in nyc. i told him i am too young to die. you will like this part. The priest said jesus also died a young man. i added jesus was a good looking young man. The priest added "jesus was a good looking young jewish man". he was such a cool priest. he made me laugh. Anyway, you looked pretty good on tv. My hair isn't even back yet. Good luck. i pray you will be around a long time....painfree.
Tammy, I admire your strenght. May God continue to bless and guide you during these trying times

Best Wishes and I'm praying for your healing
(San Bernardino, CA.)
Tammy : As a young person myself, It is often hard to accept Christianity with all of the negative people in the religion. I've always felt that YOU on the other hand have always presented a different type of Christianity, accepting of all. I have always appreciated that.

Thank you for showing us courage, strength, conviction, and love through the many years.

Johnny Cash and June Carter always sang an old Christian tune that went "no need to worry, no need to cry, God's gonna bless you by and by, you'll be blessed, when the Lord gets through..I've found that if you take one step he'll take two."

You've taken your steps Tammy..thank you for everything you've given the world.
(Roseville, California)
I pray that God's peace is with you during this time. He is still a miracle working God. Expecting good things for you. Denise
Beverly and Dad
(Rockwall, TX)
Tammy, I didn't want an opportunity to pass to let you know what a classy and wonderful woman I think you are. Although you have been ridiculed at times, I have never heard you judge or make fun of anyone. I know you have the kind of heart that Jesus wishes we all would have. I truly admire you and I think you are a precious and beautiful soul. My dad and I wish you many blessings and sweet peace.
(South Carolina)
Prayers times a million for you!
You're such a real person...what a
wonderful example of God's love you've been/shown through the years.

***I had a near-death experience a few years back, let me assure you, you have NOTHING to be afraid of...
Know that you are loved!
Jo Ann Yardley
(Lake Havasu, AZ)
Tammy - In the 70's I was changing TV channels and came across you speaking and I was awestruck. I mentioned you to my sister and we just laughed because we both watched you but never told the other! We felt the spirit, the absolute love and peace when you spoke of Jesus. Because of you, opening my eyes and heart, I became a Born Again Christian and I thank you. Tammy you are in my prayers and I know that Jesus will not put you through what you cannot handle, He will take care of you. You are such a sincere, wonderful person I wish I could meet you in person.
Tammy Faye
I am so sorry to hear your health continues to fail. Anything that happened in the past to cause people to question your faith remains in the past. Your continued faith and devotion to God has overwhelming superceded that doubt. May God Bless You and your family as you continue down the road to a final freedom from pain.
( Toronto Canada)
My prayers are with you
I am praying for a healing for you. God bless you. We love you.

In Christ.
(Portland, Oregon)
Tammy--You are an inspiration to me. You are sincere and so strong with all you have gone through and are going through now. I have followed your life from your years on T.V. until now. You are a really good person and I wish you all the best.
Wendy Noll
(Atlanta, GA)
You are a true inspiration to HUMMANITY for what CHRIST'S WORDS MEANT. You have WALKED THE WALK and not just talked the talk. My prayers are for your emotional strength through this difficult time. You are more loved than you know. I know the hospice angels are taking good care of you. The Noll family.
(Austin, TX)
I heard your voice on Larry King and know you are very ill. I pray for you. You are so honest and have shown what a true christian is about. We are not perfect, but if we ask for forgiveness he will give it and bless us beyond our belief. You did great by showing your concern for his family when I know your children, family and friends are so concerned with you. Your peace, grace and humanity (for all) will be forever remembered.
You will do good.
Praying for you.
Matt Becker
(Bismarck, ND)
Get well Tammy!
(Sarasota, FL)
Tammy, I just finished hearing you on Larry King Live. It was so good to hear your voice, even though you are weak and suffering. Your faith and courage are an inspiration to me and to many others. I think of you often and pray that God will continue to pour out His GRACE and mercy on you and your family. GOD BLESS YOU!
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