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Dave Chmel
(Winnipeg Canada)
Hi Tammy we Are Thinking And praying For you Up Here in Canada.I Lost My Dad To This Terrible Disease And Its Very Tough To Go through It.You Take The Good Days As You Can.
Such a Heart of Jesus...
I have watched and loved you for about 20 years... I'm praying for you and even though it doesn't seem fair, I know that God will see to you and care for you when man falls short. rest in the arms of Jesus and know you are loved. God grant us a miracle today for the world to see in Tammy Faye!
Adria Samper
(Miami, Fl)

I will be praying & thinking about you. May the Lord bless you & keep you!
The Lord will give you the peace & strength you need. I believe it.

I'm so sorry to hear you're in chronic pain. I'm also in constant pain for other reasons, however I understand how wearing and debilitating it can be. It changes you. I admire your courage and your ability to forgive. You're a testament to what a child of God should be. My heart broke when I heard you talk about GFallwell. He was so unkind and yet you're depth of forgiveness shines like a bright beacon through your own pain. God bless you and keep you. There should be a special place in heaven for the likes of you. xox

(Eureka Springs, AR)
Bless you Tammy Faye and thank you for bringing religion back into my life. I'm praying for your healing.
Cris O'Connell
(Elmhurst ,Il)
I Love you Tammy, You have that special LIGHT about you that draws people to you & your inspirational message! God Bless and know your Loved always!
(Murfreesboro, TN)
Hey Tammy I love You <><
I want So Bad For You To Be Healed iN JESUS NAME! AMEN
With Lots Of Love & Prayer
Kisses & Hugs!
Ian and Jason
(Violet, LA)
In every lifetime God sends Angels to walk with us on earth. These Angels are here to show us how to live with the grace of God. Tammy, I just heard you on Larry King Live and I now realize that you are one of these Angels. It has been a great gift to be touched by you.
(Memphis, TN)
Dear Tammy Faye, You are in my prayers. God bless, strengthen and heal you.
(Melrose, Ma.)
Tammy, I will pray for you and wish you all the best. You continue to be an inspiration as always. May God bless you and your loved ones.
(New Jersey)
Tammy - You don't know me but I know who you are. You are quite a woman and thank you for your example. I wish I could know you but I pray for you each night before I go to sleep. I hope when I get to heaven, I will be able to find you and you can grab my hand and bring me through to see the lord. I also respect how you have forgiven that mean rotten Jerry Falwell for how he treated you and your family. GOD BLESS YOU AND TAKE AWAY YOUR PAIN. I LOVE YOU!!!
Betty Strewns
(Winnipeg Canada)
Tammy, you have been such a wonderful role model and rock for so many people, near and far. Our prayers are with you, may God wrap his arms around you and bless you. You will alsways be my angle, you touched me many years ago when I was at my lowest point. I will alsway love you for that. It has made a huge difference in the life I have now Thank-you so much love Betty
I am so sorry you are suffering Tammy-i always saw you as a loving kind women
i am hearing you now on Larry king- Gd bless you Tammy.....Suzanne
(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
May God bless you.
Sandra Burress
(San Bernardino, CA)
My dearest angel,
For years I have watched you, I am 77 yrs. old, My father was a pentacostal minister here in town for 50 yrs. While taking care of my mother I would watch you, at times You and I were having "bad" days. I always pray for you, God knows he made a "winner" when he created YOU!
Your sister in CHRIST<
(Bozeman, Montana)
We love you. I'm so happy that you lived to see today and know that there is justice in God's world. Your beautiful voice and constant loving soul deserves to feel the grace of truth. I'm so happy that I was able to know you through the Surreal Life and the Eyes of Tammy Faye. You're a blessing and we are blessed to have you in our lives.
(Des Moines, Iowa )
Tammy, I admire your courage and strength. Peace be with you.
(Waynesboro, Pa.)
Dear Tammy, I just finished watching "The Eyes of Tammy Faye." Your loving heart and your genuine love were on display for all to see. May God grant you relief from your pain and eternal peace.
Jane Coffyn
(Prairie Village, Kansas)
Tammy, I have watched you for years and admire your attitude and always full of life, love and determination in everything you have done. My thoughts and prayers have been with you during this fight with cancer and continue to be. You are an inspiration to everyone and know that there are lots of us who care and are sending love and wishes to you. I am sending you a huge hug full of lots and lots of love.

Our thoughts and prayers continue for you.
Patti Mahaney
(Brampton, Ont. Canada)
Dearest Tammy,

You are a blessed soul. I love you with all my heart. You are a wonderful person and you show the true love God has for us all. My heart and prayers are with you. Thank you Tammy for being you.

Jeanette Zatvarnicky
(Niles, Ohio)
I love you Tammy and I pray for your pain to be taken away and I pray that when you are in Heaven you will come to greet me and my family when its our turn to leave this painful world, God Bless you and your family Sisters in faith Jennie
(Astoria, New York)
Dear Tammy,
I don't know you and you don't know me but being a child of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ makes us sisters in Him. I pray that He gives you the courage and strength that you need and the healing of your body according to His will. I cannot imagine what you are going through but my heart goes out to you as well as my prayer.
In Christ
John David
(Miami Beach, FL)
Sister - I have watched you since I was in elementary school (37 years) and have loved and cherished every minute of it. Listening to you on your recent TBN interview helped me remember that Jesus is here for us. Having had my lover robbed and murdered you provided once again a glimmer of faith to me - and I thank you for that and countless other memories. Your number one gay fan in South Beach, FL - John. xoxo
Stephanie Lambring
(Waco, Texas)
I pray that God gives you peace if healing is not to be. You have been a true blessing to me over the years.
In Christian Love
Stephanie Pinault
(Palm Desert, Ca.)
My dearest Tammy...I had to write you a little note just so that there will be no regrets for not letting you know what joy and lightness you brought to me at during low periods and high periods in my life. So many times you made me smile to the point of tears. Your amazing spirit and lightness of heart always touched me..You are a wonderful gift from God and I am thankful for being given the opportunity to have witnessed you on may occaisions on T.V. (The Roseanne Show, Larry King, the Surreal Life, etc.) I wish you peace,strength,solace and warmth in knowing that you have been able to touch so many with your bubbly beauty! May God bless you and keep you and your family always, and may you never forget how truely precious you are..

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