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Lynnette Frary
(Novato, California)
Dear Tammy,
I do pray for you and think of you often. It just breaks my heart to know that you are so ill. May God strengthen your body, and do a quick work of healing in Jesus name, AMEN! I almost phoned you at the number your assistant called me from several years ago ... but you've probably changed assistants by now. :) God's blessings! With love,
Jade "Soars With Eagles"Hanson
(Warrenton, NC)
I am Native American but know the true meaning of a relationship with Creator. May He continue to Bless and guide your life. Remember even in death we WIN because we will be with Creator Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So Satan can go to hell....
I love you and will pray for the miracle you need in your life today.

Wankan Tanka Kici Un
(Creator Bless You)
my luv to u my hart goes out to you may god bless you with his grace .you gave of your self and brought much joy and happiness to me
(San Jose, California)
You are an absolute angel, You have brought so much faith and goodwill to others. God is always watching you and with prayer and love of family and friends you will find the strength you need to get through this. Love and faith always Tammy
We all are praying for you to get well in NJ.. God is alway's with you and always will be...Just keep your hopes high because God works in mysterious ways.
(Bellevue, WA)
Dear Tammy Faye,
Keep that fighting spirit! My thoughts and prayers are with you, sweetie pie.
God bless,
(B'ham, Alabama)
Tammy, way back in the 80's your TV show caught my eye when I was as far from knowing Christ as I could be. Over the years I came to know Him and His mercy, love, forgiveness and provision. I wonder sometimes where I would be today had I not see you & Jim deliver HOPE thru a TV screen. Today I send that HOPE back to you for total healing and my prayer is that you receive the love you gave others all those years! Thank you Tammy, for being strong and continuing to show His love regardless of your circumstances. You made me believe I could make it, and I have. I love you for that.
God Bless you Tammy!
Galena Senneh/Wilhelmina George
(Minnesota )
Dear, Tammy
I am writing on behalf of my mother and I,letting you know that we are praying for you each day that God will heal your body. I would like to take the time to share a little something with you. When we were children my mom gave her life to the lord and she always loved you, Jim and the kids, and one day she received a picture of your family when your kids were very little and that picture sat in our living room as if you were part of our family. My mom still has that picture in a photo album. I wish you health and happiness. May God bless you and keep you.
(Malden, MA)
Hey Tammy...You have been an inspiration to have survived cancer for so long and I think of you often as I struggle with the disease...stay strong my friend, God is watching over you
Tammy, you're a truly amazing human being. I've seen how you treat EVERYONE with such unconditional love and acceptance no matter who they are. You are a true hero and role model to everyone. I lost my fiance to cancer 6 months ago, and I ask the question every day why good people have to suffer. Your courage is unbelievable. Your love for all people is beautiful. And no matter how ugly cancer is, it can't hide the light of your soul. Thank you for sharing your cancer battle with us. I just wish I could say or do something that would take the pain and the cancer away. You are too precious to leave us.
Walter Stella Deutsch
(Louisville Ky)
Tammy,We want you to know that we are praying for you.In the Name of JESUS we are in agreement with you James 5 14,15 We with Faith believe in the power of our Lord JESUS. I pray that your healing will take place,We Love you Tammy Faye Love Walter Stella Deutsch
Walter Stella Deutsch
(Louisville Ky)
Tammy,We want you to know that we are praying for you.In the Name of JESUS we are in agreement with you James 5 14,15 We with Faith believe in the power of our Lord JESUS. I pray that your healing will take place,We Love you Tammy Faye Love Walter Stella Deutsch
(Ocala, FL)
I pray for you. I lost my mom last year to Cancer and I know how she suffered. Whatever Gods plan is I just hope your pain is managed. God Bless.
(Dallas, TX)
Dear Tammy, I wish nothing but the best for you! I heard today that you are very ill! I don't pray nearly enough, but when you hear of someone who is deserving I took it too the Lord and asked him to keep you here as our work is never done! And I know in my heart you have always fought a good fight for the lord even while on the Vh1 TV show. You were one of the only reasons I watched! Get better and my God answer all of our praires!
Kym Johnson
(Vancouver, BC, Canada)
I always knew that you were a GREAT woman, preaching the word of our Lord, and LIVING your life the way Jesus wanted us to. I am so very proud of you for all your amazing works on this Earth. You will surely be rewarded in Heaven! I've been praying for YOU & your family, fans, loved ones etc. I had a friend that was told he had 12 months to live, this was 15 YEARS AGO, and he's still here with us! Only God knows when it's our time to go home. I pray that God will ease your suffering, pain, and sick stomach, I also pray that he give you a miracle, if anyone in this world deserves it Tammy, it's you! I wish you the best, take care, and know that you are loved by MANY. You will ALWAYS be in my prayers, no matter what. You are a wonderful woman that has done amazing things. You don't judge, and you respect everyone's own belief, and I think it's amazing that you do. Be peaceful, and again, know that you are loved, not only by us, but by GOD! You are the child of our Lord, and he is GREATLY PLEASED! We LOVE YOU!
(West Hollywood, CA)
Thanks for living your truth, for being exactly who you are, and for doing so much good in the world.
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Dear Tammy, I remember as a young Christian watching PTL everyday. You and Jim and Uncle Henry became my family. I loved your program so much and when the tragedy happened of Jim's fall, I as many others were hurting with you and Jim. I am so happy God has restored him and you dear sister, I pray the Lord will heal you and in Jesus' Name I curse that cancer to the roots! I don't believe God is done with Tammy Faye. I watched you on Surreal a few years ago. That was amazing the grace and charity you gave those people who were sooooo lost! That was the only reason I watched the show. I was amazed how loving and gracious you were with the love of the Lord so evident in your life. Many have criticized so much about you, but I saw your heart on that show! You love people and people love you! God Bless you dear Tammy and your loving heart! Your sis, Ursula from Ohio
Dear Tammy Faye; I am praying for a full recovery for you,yoo are such an inspiration to me and my family loved you and Jim on the PTL we love you dearly God performs miracles. Love. Marilyn Dawkins
Michael M
(Murphysboro Ill.)
My dear friend so sorry your not feeling well however this too shal pass I pray for you everyday and will do so until you are well again I saw you on t.v. tonight and I still see that fire in your eyes you will be well soon my friend until then just know I am in your corner sister
(San Diego)
Tammy, I am inspired by your honesty and kindness. I bless you and hope for peace and painlessness as you go through your process. God bless you! Thank you for all of your goodness!
Michael Jentes
Sometimes God just has another plan that we don't quit see, he's got an important job for you, your undying devotion to him and spreading his love is a testament to us all, I survived cancer to do his work here but you have done so much work and believe me on judgement day if the lord ask if anyone will stand up for you I will..LOL always Michael
Tammy and family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you! I have followed your ministry since the late 70's and 80's on PTL. Your continued strength and faith in God has been such a witness to so many. I especially enjoyed watching you in the Surreal World and was so proud to see you stand up for your beliefs - and yet show compassion for those with whom you differed.

God bless you and keep you close in the coming days. Your mascara will go on!
(Boston, MA)
As you have offered grace and prayed for it for others, through ups, downs, clarity and the darkness over the years, you have earned the prayers of a devout skeptic. The paths are different for all, but indeed, our time is ordained in another place, beyond the hands of man.

I wish you much comfort through your pain, continued bravery and unrelenting spirit facing your illness, and I'm sure that when God calls you, you will be ready to rejoice, he shall know you by your deeds in your time on earth and your lashes. :) You and your family will be in my meditations; they will need strength and comfort to welcome you back into their hearts when you leave this world, in a new and beautiful way, from the kingdom of heaven.
Greg Malone
(Baltimore, MD)
Not only are my hopes and prayers for you to recover from this terrible illness also are the prayers of our entire congregation. Few people have shown the love and acceptance you have shown for others despite what the world thinks. You have shown through your words and actions what it truly means to love God.
May all Gods blessings be with you.
Maria Lopez
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)
We have never met and I have only seen you on television or in print but I sense you are one of the most beautiful inhabitants of this world. The people you have touched are incredibly fortunate and will continue to have you in their lives long after you are at peace with God. My thoughts are with you and your family. YOU ARE A GREAT INSPIRATION!
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