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(Atlanta Ga.)
Dear Tammy, When I began praying for you the only message that came to my heart is this "You shall live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord" I'm not sure just where it is, but it is the Bible. I am praying for you, your such an inspiration to me. Keep fighting the good fight of faith! I love you!! Sherry
(Irvine, CA)
Dear Tammy,

I watched your sons TV program, One Punk Under God, and I also saw you on the reality program the Surreal Life or something like that.

I am not a "TV religious " person but you have touched me. You come across on the television so sincere, kind and loving. Especially to your son from his program.

I wanted to send this to you to wish you a safe journey. I have never ever sent an email to anyone other than my friends. But you have touched me and I just had to let you know!

I recently saw "The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and this only added to my sensitivity toward you.

My love and well wishes to you!

(Holliday Tx )
Tammy Faye,
Just wanted to say I will be praying for you and that God place his hand on your stomach and take away the pain, you have touched soooo many lives and God will trulley bless you for that may God be with you and your family. I really enjoyed watching you and Jim on the PTL Club and watching your little babys when you brought them on there God Be with You. Your Sister in Christ Kathy
(Holland, Michigan)
Tammy, I am so sorry to hear of your illness. My sister and I lost our father (who was a single parent) to pancreatic cancer in 2005, and it is still very hard. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
(Denver, Colorado)
Dearest Tammy: I became curious about you after watching One Punk Under God, so I watched The Eyes of Tammy Faye. You have accomplished so much and touched so many with your love and compassion. If it were in my power to take on your physical pain so you could again walk strong, I would. You are such a sweet soul. It is this world's privilege to have you in it. Thank you.
Tammy Faye, My thoughts and prayers are with you. May you feel the peace that only God can give to us. I have suffered with cancer but am now cancer free. I live each day to the very fullest. You will always live in our hearts. Lots of love to you. :)
(Tri-Cities, WA.)
I believe so long ago, our Lord Jesus Christ paid for your healing by the stripes on his back, (1 Peter 2:24.) I also believe to "pray for one another that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much", (James 5:16.)
That tells me sister, that the price has already been paid for your healing and that the prayers of the saints CAN and DO make a difference. So stay encouraged! Jesus loved you to death, he will not abandon you now or ever for "he is with you alway even until the end of the world." (Matthew 28:20.)
katie braun
Praying daily for you and your family. I watched your excellent movie "In My Eyes" and recommend it to everyone. Can't wait to read your book. Stay strong and God Bless.
(Jax, Fl;)
Dear Tammy Faye, my prayers are with you always. I have enjoyed your singing and watched your show as often as I could. May God be with you at this of your suffering, may he cradle you in his loving hands and give you peace. Much Love to you, your sister in Christ
Leah Sebring
(Peoria, Ill)
Thank you for the song God will out last your storms and He has for me many times, and I know He will for you, God Bless and Take Care
Janice Yancey
(Jacksonville, FL)
I have always admired your spirit. God bless you. You will continue to be in my prayers!
Linda Siqueiros
(Laguna Niguel California)
Tammy Fay, my prayers are with you. I know that God will take of you. You have made you make on earth, now make your mark in Heaven.
Peter Anderson
(Santee, CA)
I'm praying for you Tammy Faye. God bless you and your family.
(Santee, CA)
You have always been a source of inspiration and continue to be. You prove that there is that inner strength in us and how God can get us through anything...thank you for always caring and showing your love to others...your boundless energy and positive outlook always brought me comfort...and gave me strength in fighting proved that God's love knows no bounds. know you're in our thoughts and prayers.
Patty B
(Ft Lauderdale,FL)
I was never very spiritual until I got to know you on your talk show with JM J Bullock. You showed me that God can be viewed with humor & not only on my knees putting money in a musty basket! I felt God's blessing each time I have enjoyed your positive strength. I have shared your positivity with my 8 yr old & you will live in both of us forever. We have always included you in our prayers & will continue to. You are a bright light in this world & I thank you for not ever letting others stop you. You have changed me forever..stay strong I am fighting right beside you!
J Copeland
(Nashville TN)
I am so sorry you are not doing well. I know you have a good heart and hope you will not suffer too much. You will be missed when you are gone.
C. Slater
(Bridgeport Connecticut)
Dear Tammy, God bless you! Your strength and courage are overwhelming. I will continue to pray for your miracle. May God Bless You Always!
Brittany Lord have mercy.
Sweet Tammy, my sister in Christ, I hope you are resting comfortably. God be with you.
tammy God does not heal everyone. everyone on earth had died that lived before us. but he does guarantee a safe passage to eternal life to all those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. keep your eyes on Jesus and rely on His finished work and atonement on behalf on sinners. his love is beyond anything this life has to offer. we love you
(Winston Salem, NC)
Dear Tammy Faye, I remember the first time I saw you. It must have been 1970 and I had just moved to the south from the northeast. Televangelism was quite a different something to behold. I didn't see you for many years and then, poof, there you were on some reality show. I wish you peace and no pain. Fear not.
(New Paltz , New York)
Tammy Faye, My thought's and prayer's are always with you. You are a remarkable woman. GOD BLESS
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Tammy, you are a beautiful example of God's love and grace. Keep holding on-cause He's not finished with you yet! My prayers are with you and your family.
Donna Thompson
(Talbott, Tennessee)
Dear Tammy,
I have been praying for you for a very long time now and would like to do so again, "Dear Lord, I lift up Tammy Faye to you right now and ask that you would give her sustaining grace to get through each and every day. Lord God, I thank you for touching and healing her physical body and ask once again that you would give her strength from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Anoint her with a fresh touch of your healing power and bless her with the ones she hold closest to her heart. She is and has been a faithful servant and I ask you to honor your Word in giving her a long life. Place your angles who excel in strength all around her and those who hearken to your commands to be stationed around every parameter of her being. Father we thank you for all that you are doing and are going to do for this precious soul. We love you Jesus and thank you for giving all of us the special blessing of Tammy Faye.
Tammy, you are a blessing to me and I hold close to my heart your special words of encouragement and especially your faith in God. I pray that today you will be blessed beyond measure and will be able to eat with the full blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep the faith, because Jesus is the Lord of all flesh and HE will sustain you!
Let your sweet smile continue to shine and to your children, your mom is a legacy of love for all mankind and a warrior of faith and we all just love her!
Blessings to you my friend,
linda harris
(holt, MI)
Dear Tammy, You have endured much controversy, betrayal and mental and physical pain with amazing grace. You have raised wonderful, thoughtful and caring children. I am agnostic but I would love to believe in a God who guides a person as wonderful and compassionate as you. I love that you are you and make no apologies for it too!!! I know you will be at peace with whatever the future holds for you. I hope Reverend Falwell will.
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