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Debbie Curtis
(Alexandrai, TN 37012)
I'll miss you. Have been watching you since PTL. I know others in Heaven is glad to have you their. Just hearing your beautiful voice always made me happy. You were a joy to listen to. SO full of Gods word. A beautiful woman inside and out. May God bless your Children is my pray. Thanks Tammy for who you were.
(West Texas)
To Tammy's sweet family...

There were many days that I spent in front of the television, as a young mother and wife, listening to Tammy Faye and Jim as they spread the message about Jesus Christ. My first experience in planting a seed and watching for a miracle, occurred because of them. I am very proud to have had the experience of watching many of their shows and seeing many, many people's lives transformed by their testimony.

Thank you Tammy Faye, for proclaiming Jesus Christ through it all. Thank you for what you brought to people's lives. You will be missed.
Sharon R.
(Lynnwood, WA)
Sweetest Tammy - I know without a doubt that you are in heaven, wrapped in God's loving arms. Your sweet spirit shined until the very end and your kind and loving ways will not be forgotten. You are now without pain and and can smile your pretty smile. Rest in peace dear friend.
(Plattsmouth, Nebraska)
What a brave lady. I really don't think I would of had the strength you did. You are at peace now and with God living the life we are all meant to live.
David B
(Seattle, WA)
What an incredibly sad day it was when I heard that Tammy Faye was no longer part of the world we live in. It was the first time in my 43 years that I ever had tears in my eyes over someone passing away who I only knew through television.

I first heard of Tammy Faye back in 1987 and have never seen the media be so cruel to a woman as they were with Tammy Faye back then.

Its the few good people like Tammy Faye that made me decide to not give up on being a Christian and to continue to try to be a good person in a world full of so much cruelty and spiritual violence.

Tammys well-known colorful taste in clothing and fashion was something everyone knew her for but it was during the PTL incident that people who never heard of Tammy Faye started to take notice of what a gentle, kind, and cool woman she was.

God bless you Tammy Faye you wont be forgotten. RIP Tammy Faye you never hurt anyone and your class and gentle kindness shined until the very end.
Curtis Ottinger
(Chattanooga, TN)
I never had to honor to meet Tammy Faye but have loved and respected her for many years. I use to watch her on PTL and have visited PTL several times. My heart is broken at her passing. I look forward to meeting her in heaven one day. May God bless each of you is my prayer. I would only hope that I could live the Godly live that Tammye Faye lived.
Jenny Stenger
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
To the family of Tammy Faye,

I was reading your mother's notes and was so touched by them. Tammy Sue, I recently lost my sister to cancer, and then my mother. My heart goes out to you and your family. It is such a blessing that you took care of her and spent so much time with her. It's so hard to do, and I admire you for being strong.May God bless your family and wrap His arms around you all at this time. She is still with you.
(carrollton georgia)
I know that you have to be in heaven. Anyone that belived as you did, surely is with the Lord.
I have really enjoyed you through the years.
Jenny Stenger
(Cincinnati, Ohio)
Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us. I never met you, but my heart ached so for all the trials and pain you had to endure through the years. You always had a smile! No matter how bad things were, your faith never seemed to falter. Thank you for being such and inspiration and I admired your courage and strength. I only hope that I can have as much faith in our Lord, strength and courage throughout my life as you have shown us. I will miss you and your beautiful laughter. My thoughts and prayers are with your kids, friends and husband and family. Fly free-angel!!
(Sevierville TN)
To the Family,

Faye was One of a Kind....a beautiful, unique, courageous, faithful, loving, giving and spunky lady. Memories of the times our families shared are fond and I'll always appreciate her as a gift from God. I doubt we'll ever really know the fullness of her impact until we reach the other side. She inspired many, challenged others, and even angered some...but she was true to herself :). I know she's in peace now, singing with a heavenly voice, to her beloved - so I'm happy for her. But my thoughts and prayers go out to you as I know you'll miss her greatly. Sue and Jay - so glad you had quality time with mom that you can cherish forever. Roe - you were a God send to care for this special lady. Your love was always evidenced by the look in your eye when you looked at her :). Peace to you all as your angel watches over you in years to come. Thank you all for what you've meant to our family. It has been "momentus" :).

Cathy - Sue's "other" sister :).
I know you are now in the arms of Jesus christ our lord. You have truly inspired me to stop feeling sorry for myself. I know you are now in a much better place. God Bless you Tammy
(New York City)
gob bless you tammy, rest in peace.
Cindy Baker
(Oro Valley, AZ)
My heart is with her children. Even though Tammy Faye is in a much better place, her children have to go on with out her and as a child of a mother that died at 60 with cancer and went to heaven, I know what they must endure. My prayers are with you. Your mom was such an encouragement to me when I saw her on the Larry King Show on the days just before her passing. What Holy Spirit courage. I know I will remember her for her faith, not her past. Thank you for sharing your Mother with the rest of the world.
Gloria Wilford
(Fort Mill S.C. )
Dear One,
You touched so many, I'm only one, but God knows how much my life was change for the better because you were in it.
When next we meet, how wonderful it will be to hear that angel voice singing again.
Thank You, God, for giving the gift of Tammy Faye to the world!
Love Always,
(San Marcos, Tx.)
I just wanted to thank Tammy for being the one true christian voice in a sea of very bad christian voices. She rose above a life marred by controversy to remain a good person.

She saw people for who they were, not the sins they commited.

She preached no fire and brimstone, only peace and hope. She loved everyone she came into contact (she even loved ron jeremy!)

My father battled cancer and it is a hard battle to fight.

I also want to thank tammy for not being ignorant and hateful and embracing an openly gay man to conduct her funeral services.

A lot of christians could take a serious lesson on their own faith from tammy
Porfy Flores
(La Vernia, TX. )
Tammy, Thanks for all the Love you gave us specially the Gay Community, it takes a Real Angel to Accept and Understand. We will miss you dearly.
Chris and Linda
(Albanmy New York)
Pray for us while you enjoy Heaven, Remember to be there at thr Pearly Gates when We arrive,,,
Tammy you have always been an inspiration to me. You will be missed.
Love you
(Buffalo, N.Y.)
Although I never really knew or heard about Tammy Faye in my short life, I truly feel sad for what she went through. My mother went through the same thing last year and it's makes me even more sad to know someone as genuine and caring as Tammy Faye has to go through it too. You were an inspiration to millions Tammy and now you can finally enjoy your hamburger and fries with LOTS OF KETCHUP!
I know you are in heaven. Love to you and we will always remember you heart felt messages and we know it was from your very soul. God bless your family. Love to you sweetie. Jesus give her the hugs and love she missed her in life.
(Rio de Janeiro )
Im from Brazil, but I saw last year I think a tv program that Tammy was in with Ron Jeremy and others, and I thought she was so cute and funny that I could imagened she was sick... Im so sad about her death but God is tanking care of her now for sure!!
God bless you dear Tammy and your family!!
Matthew Filow
(Atlanta, GA)
Tammy Faye was and is my inspiration to be able to survive through lifes difficult journeys. May God bless all of her family. She will be missed deeply.
Alan Stanley
Tammy Faye you will be greatly missed by everyone you touched. My prayers go out to your whole family may God help them in their time of sorrow. And I will see you in heaven someday. Thank you.
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