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(Terre Haute, Indiana)
Rest in peace and say hi to my mom dori dahl and grandpa herb, grandma inga and grandma ya all forever! Also zeus and spike! Love, Michelle Lembcke
(Trenton, SC)
To Roe Messner and Family:
Tammy Faye lived and was not ashame of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
She was tested in the hotest fire that
came as she served Christ and she came out refined! She was an inspiration to all women of faith. As a young christian,the PTL kept me going and I will always be thankful for that.
May the Lord bless and keep you.

(Virginia Beach VA)
You were a beautiful and strong women... In times of hard ship I would often think of you and your life and that would help me move on!!! You had class and style and an ability to not pass judgement!!! You were a great lady and you will be missed!!!
Michael m
(Spring , Texas)
Hi Tammy, I never knew you I am 16 but when I watched ur show recentley I fell in love, its a shame Your gone , I hope all is well!xoxo
(Interlachen, Fla)
Tammy, you are now wrapped in our Lords loving arms, no more pain. We will all miss your smiling face and kind words. You ARE A BEAUTIFUL LADY INSIDE AND OUT!!!!!!!
(Fort Worth TX)
Many years ago you helped me through some hard times. You opened yourself to help others, thats the kind of person you are. Have a painfree afterlife, Tammy, and I want you singing when my time comes to join you. I know it upset you not to be able to sing anymore, but I can just hear you now, singing your heart out!
(Galesburg, MI)
My heart goes out to your family. My dad lost his battle with lung cancer May 3, 2007. He endured a 6 year struggle. Like Tammy he knew where he was going, he was going to Heaven. His outlook on life was always so upbeat, he never complained of anything. Cancer is an awful thing that affects the entire family.
God Bless you
(atlanta, ga)
You are an inspiration.....We all need your sweetness and ability to find the best in everyone
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Paula Ann Thompson-Martinez
(Houston, TX)
You are a precious child of god and He has called you home. You fought the good fight of faith! Now, you are in heaven singing praises to Him! I lost my mother to breast cancer. She died in 1980. So, I can relate to the suffering that you endured to the end when Jesus called you to be with Him. You were faithful to the end and yes you do have Victory in Jesus because you are there in heaven. I did not know you were sick. I must have been living under a rock. HA! I saw the tribute on TBN just the other day.

(New York, NY)
May God keep her always in his loving arms. My prayers go out to her family, friends,and her fans. God bless you!
(Luling, LA)
We will miss you so much. You are in such a better place than we are. I bet you are being held my Jesus and you are singing with the angels in that great choir. Thanks for all you have given us. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Rest in peace Tammy Faye. I will see you one day in Heaven.
Dianne Green-Rainey
(College Park , Ga.)
My best to all the family members, Tammy was one of the true General's of the faith, she and her former husband, pioneers of getting God's word out over the airwaves in a new and fresh way that set the precedent for broadcasts like TBN today. Thank you for the gift you gave to the body of Christ then and thank you for the gift you gave to the body of Christ now..a virtous woman who did not veer in her faith and who trusted God despite the circumstances until the end! I will never forget that.
(Maryland )
now' there will be peace in the vally for you Tammy ' no more sorrow '
rest in Peace '
Peggy Allen
(Social Circle, GA)
I have been watching you on TV since the PTL days. You and Jim help me learn
about being Holy Spirit Filled. I will
love you always. You are the symbol to me of what a Christian is supposed to be. May God be with your family! Like
you said in the memorative show, Tammy
Faye became known around the world. Yes, God Blessed You and You Blessed God!
(Eastern Washington)
I have watched as many others have, as you walked the varied paths of life. You always walked them with strength, dignity, generousity and kindness. Of all the things you said, the one that stands out is when you spoken to those in my community - gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender - you told us to always remember that God didn't make any junk and that He loves us. While I no longer walk the path of organized religion, I have always felt that if there was anyone who represented the most purest expression of what Jesus Christ embodied, it was you. You will be missed dear lady but your inate kindness and generousity will continue by those who took your words to heart.
One other thing... it has been proved that words spoken go on forever through time and space just as light does. Those of us who will continue to speak your name, ensure that you will be eternally remembered by anyone or anything who hears your name as it travels on forever.
Wes Quesenberry
(Norcross, GA)
Dearest Roe, Tammy-Sue, and Jay

You're mom was an inspiration to me. She crossed lines on Christian tv that not many people would have done. She opened her heart to everyone. She was a miracle.

To Tammy: I will miss you sweet heart. But, you are all healed up now. You are having that big Tammy's House Party now. I love you!

With love,
(Winnemucca Nevada)
I would like to say that I have always LOVED you. YOu have been real and genuine and spoke to people's hurting hearts. I seem to understand you, I got you, cause I saw you were genuine. Even though others may have not, I know you went thru alot of persecution, but today that song you sang "Don't Give up on the brink of your miracle, don't give in, cause God is still on the throne." I hear you singing it. :) It is bringing me encouragement.
I'm praying for your family and loved ones, but rest in peace. And I will see you one day in heaven.
Kjerstia Schilinski
(North Creek, New York)
I loved the times I spent at PTL and the years that I listened to TAmmy and Jim on TV. I loved PTL. No one has any isea all the good that was there unless they attened the grounds. The vacations that I took with my children were to PTL. Tammy will be missed. She gave a wonderful ministry in song. I watched Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles grow from very young children. God Be with the whole family. My prayers are with them all.
anonymous oh, Tammy... so many people love you! and I just found out that you have passed over. So here we are, you and I, in this little room of cyberspace. I think you can read this from Heaven, yes? You died on the one year anniversary of removal of my left eye. It was full of cancer, and to save me, they had to take the eye. And it's been a hard road; watching you on Larry King helped me a lot; and I just watched your show, Death Defying, and it gave me tips on how to keep on being happy. Which I am. I am not the cancer, I don't have cancer, and it does not have me. I was diagnosed with cancer, and it was an alien in my body. It was not who I am, it never will be. And that's how it is with you... was and is. You were never that cancer.. and you didn't lose the fight.. you won. You stood your ground and kept your faith and were so cheerful and loving to everyone. I'm not a christian, never will be.... but when I heard you laughing on that documentary, I could see Jesus. What a joyous laugh! no, I think the fight is to keep our integrity and love and faith, whatever it is, and to live in joy, no matter what. and of course, to always look good, no matter what. I lost about 2/3 of my hair from radiation therapy, menopause.. just a bunch of stuff.. but by gosh, it's growing back. So, if you can help me out, maybe you have some clout up there, if you could ask God to let my hair grow back, that would be a pleasant thing.
you don't need me or anyone to pray for you, Tammy. You're where you want to be, free from pain..lots of love always.
(St Helens, Oregon)
My Dearest Tammy, I have really admired you over the years how you stayed so strong and focused and held your head high during the PTL scandal and your illness. I loved listening to your ministry and loved hearing you sing. You have the voice of an Angel. I am so happy that you're in Heaven now.God Bless you!
Tammy I know that your are with your Lord and Savior now. You served your Lord well. I have followed your and Jim Baker's ministry from the beginning of PTL and was glad to be a supporter of your ministry through the years. I pray blessings on your family. God be with them all. Thank you Tammy for all that you gave to us. You have the greatest gift of all now and I know that you are walking and dancing with a new body with the Lord Jesus Christ. We Love You
to the family, I just saw the show on we and while laying here recovering from a very very hard and intense surgery myself and feeling sorry for myslef. I felt so empowered by Tammies faith, and her passion for life. She gave me hope after she was already gone! And that my frineds says a lot. God is still working through tammy. As i laid on that couch tonight in pain and in utter frustration from physical loss and finacial losses too many to count. I wathched a woman struggling for her life and laughing through the way , and reaching out to others. What an inspiration. I vowed tonight i was going to stop feeling sorry for myself and have more faith, and cut the losses i have and start anew! Thank God fo her positive outlook and smiling face even through the valleys. I only pray that i can be half as strong as her., I was so encouraged, and found myself laughing with her. even though i knew she didnt make it. I was not sad as i was before because i saw her faith and her love for Christ. And i know she is there with him. And if that is wher my road leads me, the i pray that i can go as gracefully and hapily as her.God bless you all!
(mcfarland ca)
this prayer is for roe, tammy sue, & jamie; your family was so blessed to have had tammy faye in it; as were we (her fans) to have been blessed by her sweet & strong spirit. i can almost hear her singing the song " some golden daybreak" ( one of my favorite she sang) and is rejoicing with our lord! it is because of her & her song "you can make it" that i am alive today. over 20 years ago i had severe depression & thought of suicide; flipping thru tv channels i saw this lady with extra- thick eye makeup singing & stopped to listen, from that day on, i watched ptl & from her faith & testimony found the courage to get thru my struggle. i'll always give credit to that show & her for my life. thank you for sharing her with us. we'll miss her & pray your sorrow is eased by the knowledge of her being with our lord. how great it is to know she awaits aside HIM for our return! god bless you all.
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