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Mr. & Mrs. Coley
(Victorville, CA.)
Rest in the arms of a loving God, Tammy! We love you!!
Pat and Eileen and Paul
(Las Cruces, nm)
Home at Last..You were always so genuine, and we wish yor family comfort...You have so many friends both here and there...I was pleased that Tammy was able to witness to untold millions of people two days before she died...She was an evangelist...doing her spite of weakness, and pain. Way to go Tammy...Heaven is a richer place for your being there..Peace, and love to your family.
D.R. Clark
(Des Moines, IA.)
I can remember a woman with a lot of make up on. But I remember that, that woman has a soul as well, and she is in a better place. My prayers go out to her family and I will never forget the wonderful outlook Tammy Faye had on life. May God continue to bless Tammy Faye in haven. OH! Tammy Faye, say hello to my Mother, Helen Louise Clark!!
(Paterson, New Jersey)
I have never seen a woman with great strentgh, love of life and love of God as I did seeing and hearing of Tammy Faye. May I meet this courageous and humble woman in heaven and thank her for the inspiration and courage she has bestowed upon me to pass on to others and myself. May God Bless us with more people like Tammy. Tammy I know God has given the biggest wings he can an angel,like the big heart you had. My prayers go to the family Of Tammy Faye.
(Charlotte, NC)
God bless you, Tammy Faye. What a kind, good-spirited person you were. Know that your goodwill and kind heart have encouraged others to follow in your footsteps.
Heather G.
I recall seeing you as a little girl at PTL in your car with Jim. I asked Mom, "Who's that?" She replied, "A woman who loves the Lord. You need to learn from her." Ever since, you have always been one of my role models. You showed that when the going gets bad, keep trusting the Lord always! I will never forget you. Go eat these burgers in Heaven! ;)
(New York City)
Several years ago, I saw Tammy Faye, shopping in Macy's. She was alone and I wanted to speak to her, but felt I shouldn't invade her privacy. I've regretted that because I wanted to tell her what her ministry had meant to me and how I understood that those on the front lines of spiritual battle are the ones most oppressed by the evil in this world. And because we're human, sometimes we stumble. But though the world may poke at her, there were many who loved her and without a doubt, God loved her. I wish that I had told her that. But, I believe she did as she said she would. She died and went straight to heaven. The people who were lead to Christ through her ministry and the people she inspired will never forget her.
(Comox B.C. Canada)
You are now in the hands of our beloved Christ and Saviour. I know you will be welcomed with open, loving arms.
When I was going through a very hard time in my life, I wrote to you and asked if you would be gracious eough to sing Ten Thousand some time to lift me up. I watched you every morning, before I went to work. Not only did you sing it, you took time to send a personal note to me, encouraging me to stay strong and to never doubt the my faith in the Lord. I have that note still, on my love wall in my bedroom...a gift from a lovely lady, who always took the tme for others, and because of whom, I made it through. See you in Heaven lovey....I'll bring lots of ketchup.
(NY,NEw York)
You are loved by so many people.
You shall live on in our memories and in our hearts.You was a angel on Earth and now you are finally a true angel in heaven.Rest in peace always.
Tammy, what a class act you were, I never met you but I miss you more than words can say, a friend I never met, you were one of a kind.
(NY, NY)
You were truly inspirational in the way you lived your life - always with such a positive outlook even in the face of such great adversity. My mom passed away from cancer as well and she too had that fighting spirit. May God bless you and your family.
(Laguna Niguel, CA)
I grew up and learned to be critcal of Christianity, but Tammy Faye made me see that she was a Christian of love and tolerance. I am very saddened by her loss. I know she went straight to Heaven.
(Ypsilanti, Michigan)
To the family of Tammy Faye, you are special to us I watched the PTL club show some 29 yrs ago and growed alot spiritually from it, we visited Heritage USA and was in the audience of a taping of a show there, we treasure our PTL Bibles also. We have always had alot of admiration for you and Jim and thank God for your dedication and faithfulness, love the song....Oh we're blessed, we're blessed, see you in heaven some day, thanks and Gof Bless the rest of the family and may God give you comfort at this time, thanks for the interview on TV as well.
(Agawam MA)
Tammy, you and I go all the way back to the first days of PTL and my first days as a born again christian. I always admired your strength and belief in our Lord. You have proven yourself to be a true child of God by giving your life to serving our Lord and doing his work. May you find deserved rest and someday I hope to meet you when we are all together with our Father in heaven.
Claire Garcia
Dearest Tammy, You are a beautiful reflection of the Lords love! I can't wait to meet you on the other side. You are an inspiration to us all! I pray for your husband and children, they will miss you.....but oh the Joy they they will see you again! Bless you and keep you and your loved ones!!!!!
Natalie B
You can rest now...
(Traverse City Mi)
To the family of Tammy Faye,

I have watched this beautiful lady from the time I was a teenager when I became saved, that was 30 years ago. I still have PTL pins. I can honestly say of all the women I've seen in my life, Tammy was the measure of who I longed to become more like in Christ. As if it is not known, noone can come close to being Tammy lol, but I still prayed for it. The Lord's spirit shined through her deeds, words, singing, heart and through her eyes. Not everyone has the ability to see true love something I've not known most of my life and she was such an inspiration to me and to the thousands that love her as well. I cry off and on at the thought of her going through any pain like she did but I know it was much more difficult for you. From what I saw she lived her life through God's strength and she traveled out of this world with his strength. I've never seen such dignity, faith, refusal to complain or quit and still be more concerned about others. I am in utter awe of her!!!
When I helped my grandmother on her journey home to be with the Lord last year I was left with no faith. It has been a long year and I want you all to know Tammy Faye has helped restore my faith and I am once again opening my heart to the Lord. I continue to pray for all of you and if I could I would be there to help you celebrate the way she desired her passing to be. May you feel the Lord's arms around you and may you be filled with the peace and comfort only He can provide. Tammy I love you for many things but mostly for showing us that we can love the Lord, be obedient but still be human! I bet your wings are more beautiful than eyes can behold.
Claire Garcia
Dearest Tammy, I have always been an admirer of you. I pray that your loved ones are comforted by our Lord!You are a beautiful reflection of the Lords Love! We all love you! I look forward to meeting you someday, on the other side.....You are a wonderful Lady!!!!! Blessed is the name of our Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Asey Cook
(San Jose, CA)
Thank you so much for sharing your life, your story, and your journey with us all. It was truly, and will continue to be, a gift. There is so much that I feel for which I don't have words. I will forever carry a part of you with me.
just a well wisher
I hope you're at peace now. You were wonderful person.
Sharon Poole
(Jacksonville, Arkansas)
I'm amazed at your Christlike kindness. Thanks for being such an inspiration.
Tammy Faye was judged by many, and held under close speculation for many years....but, even so, it never shook her faith in the Lord. It never stopped her from living each day vibrantly for Him. And to me, she taught me that no matter what God gives you, He never gives you more than you can bear...and to greet those struggles with a positive attitude..and maybe even a little crazy one, too!:) Though she is missed here on earth, she is be-bopping around Heaven with a huge grin on her face! Remember--in this time, she wanted all of of to smile, and laugh, and remember the good and even crazy things about her. God bless her family in this time, and thank God and them for sharing her with the world!
Claire Garcia
Tammy, You ARE beautiful in the eyes of the Lord....and many of us! You are an inspiration. I can't wait to meet you on the other side! you are a beautiful reflection of the Lords Love! I hope that your loved ones are comforted....your children and your loved Messiner...Blessed is the Name or Our Lord!!!!!! I love you Tammy!
Jenifer Hall
(Dallas, TX)
God Bless You Tammy Faye! For all of the wonderful work you've done and the inspiration you've given during your life on earth. You never stopped giving of yourself and you never stopped believing. For the rest of us still here living out God's plan for us, we're going to miss having your beautiful spirit here. I am so happy that you are finally home! Though we're going to miss you, I know that now you'll be able to help to more people and animals than you ever dreamed! See you on the Other Side!
Pastor Jeff McGregor
(Neenah, WI)
Love you Tammy, the Mom I always wanted! I cut school to watch you on PTL as a boy in Chicago. You have and will always have my heart. We will share that cheeseburger some day.

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