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Patricia Mordes
(Grand Ridge, Florida)
You were a beautiful lady, with a lovely singing voice, who blessed many
people, world wide. You were "teased
and called "names" unjustly. I wish you and your family peace and joy. This world will be worse off for your loss.
(Central Florida)
What I liked about you was that you were so "earthy". You were down-to- earth and knew the emotional pain that people felt and you tried to help them overcome it. You didn't feel that you were in any way better than anyone else. You understood people. I will miss you so much, but I know that it was time for you to be with the Lord in Heaven. You were such an inspiration for everyone. Thank you for that. May God bless your family and loved ones.
The Race:
Before I was born into history and time You planned creation with me in mind You formed my heart You saw my face I was made in Your image I am no mistake You chose my family the place of my birth You knew all about me You thought I had worth I was called out to serve You do Your kingdom work And all of my days are written down in Your book I'm running the race down to the last minute Mercy and grace are keeping me in it There's a fire in my soul I'm fully committed I'm running the race and I'm gonna finish Well,I've fallen down in this race of life But You came to my rescue time after time You told me You loved me You weren't counting my sins In You I found courage to rise up again I know You are for me You want me to win I'll never give up until I reach the end O out there before me I see the prize Jesus is standing at the finish line You ran the race and fought the good fight Rest in Peace Tammy Faye
Phillip Nelson
(Elk Grove, California)
Tammy - you were an inspiration to my entire household. Your children are a result of your dedication to the Lord and your faith, love, and the message of God's Grace will be passed on through them who learned about the true love of Jesus through you. Thank you for being my inspiration and for being such an amazing example as a parent. I can't wait to chat with you in heaven someday.
(Mountain View, CA)
Looking forward to seeing Tammy return with the Lord or in heaven!!!
Long live Tammy Faye!
Tammy,You may be gone now but never forgotten,I'am really shock that you left us too soon,I know you are in a better place call heaven,I really admired you for your couragement,Tammy, its really hard for me to type this and knowing you want get to read this,But it helps me to deal with your lost that you are not with us any more. I'am so glad i got to see you one time on the Larry King show,Tammy, please save me a seat with you so when i leave this world i can be with you in heaven, and we can both act our shoe size together,Help the lord to look after us on earth,Tammy, i love you, its really hard to type this with out crying,Tammy rest in peace,and roses, under your pillow, I will see your beautiful face in heaven someday, love you,,Ellen,
Rebecca Lara
(Las Vegas, NV)
I know you are smiling on us all. I have watched you since you and Jim started your ministry. Please say hello to God and all of his angels and saints! You were an inspiration to me through all the trials and tribulations and the good times...
connie boyd
(wheatland, mo)
hi tammy, love you, miss you , your a wonderful woman
Amanda Sparks
I pray that the Lord comforts Tammy Faye's family.There will be a reunion one day for those that trust the Lord as their Savior.She had such a beautiful spirit.I am in my twenties and since I was young I've had numerous health problems.She inspired me and was an encouragement to me as I go through the ups and downs of the health problems.The Lord used her throughout her fight with cancer especially at the lowest point.It inspires me that the Lord can use me in the midst of the sicknesses.You won't be forgotten.You will remain in my thoughts and heart.Rest in peace dear one:)
Carol Ritz
(Douglasville, Georgia)
Tammy Faye was an inspiration to us all! She was beautiful inside and out regardless of what life handed her. She has been a rold model for me!
(NB Canada)
Thankyou for being you, and spreading your love to everyone. Thankyou for fighting for everything you believed in. You held your head high even when times were not the greatest for you. You are truely one of a kind....the good kind :) Rest in peace Tammy Faye, you so deserve it.
Lynn Grace
I will pray for You Tammy because you always ask others to pray for you, and I pray for your family to be comforted during this time of loss and sadness. I really liked your smile Tammy and your joy. My God have mercy on you and on all of us. My the soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen
(sterling colorado)
you had a beauitful voice and you will be missed by many, you blessed me with you song, now you are in heaven with Jesus.
Stephanie Baker
(RockHill, SC)
Tammy, now you are walking the streets of heaven, with all God's angels, singing your famous song the Sun Will Shine Again! May God Bless You Alaways
I always knew who you were and what you did for the Lord. I honestly became intrested while watching the Surreal Life on VH1, it was AWESOME to see how no matter how crazy it got in that house you LOVED everyone with the love of the Lord. What a great example. Now you go on and EAT that cheesburger honey! It's calorie FREE and so are the fries !!
May the Lord keep you in His arms and may your family, friends and fans believers or not keep you in their memories.
Darla Poynter
(Newmaysville Indiana)
Tammy you were one of great courage and strenght. You have fought a good fight, have finished your course, have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for you a crown of righteousness. you will truely be missed...
(San Francisco, CA)
Tammy Faye's was the most non-judgemental people I've ever seen on television. I'm not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim, but Tammy Faye's true loving spirit moved me in a very emotional way. I'm grateful I got to see such unquestioning acceptance of all humankind. Even on a silly show as Surreal Life! Tammy Faye - Thank you. Your life gave me hope for our existence.
(Boston, MA)
My darling, Tammy Faye - your eyes have shown me a glory that I only pray to ever find. Your warmth - your love - your devotion - your love of the Lord; I only wish you the most peaceful rest. One day, should the Lord grant me entry, let's enjoy that hamburger with lots of ketchup - let's sing hymns that sing His glory - let's be at peace and let's pray for all of those who have been less fortunate than us. Your passing, while being saddening, leaves me with hope and serenity that you are with our Almighty and that you are at His hand. God bless, my angel. Sleep in peace. I do love you.
Jessica Lowthorp
(Killeen, Texas )
Dearest Tammy, I know your in the arms of the Lord now and I just wanted to share with your family that since 1979 you have been such a gift and inspiration to me. I have followed you throughout the years and have always prayed for you and your family. I always admired Tammy for all she had to go through, but in all I will always remember her smile, her love for people but most of all her love for the Lord and how she always shared that special glow of God with all who's path she crossed. We never met and yet I always felt I knew you as a close friend and sister in Christ. May your memory live strong and may people always remember the glow of the Lord that always shined on you. I pray that people will always remember what a blessing you were and have been to many like myself. I too know that someday I will in heaven have the honor to meet you and hear you sing again. Tammy Faye was a gift from God to us here on earth. Can't wait to hear you singing again Lady. Looking forward to seeing you and hearing you once again in heaven.

Thank you for being such a gift to us who knew you from a far. :)
God bless your family who miss you and may they remember to rejoice now as you are near the Lord, smiling and singing again.

Thank you Tammy Faye! :)
Bruce Adams
(Laguna Beach, California)
I always felt you were speaking directly to me when you were on television. You were so real. You accepted everyone and you forgave everyone. There will never be another Tammy Faye. I love you.
(San Jose ca)
I admired you, you kept pressing on to Our lord Jesus Christ, praising him no matter what you went through, you just kept pressing on!!!!!!
Thank you for Believing no matter what!!!!
I know that you are where you always dreamed of being, safe in the arms of the Lord. You are a continued inspiration, you're compassion and humility and genuine concern for all people has always touched my heart. You are very rare indeed and I look forward to a long chat with you one day. Goodnight sweet princess.
(San Jose ca)
I admired you, you kept pressing on to Our lord Jesus Christ, praising him no matter what you went through, you just kept pressing on!!!!!!
Thank you for Believing no matter what!!!!
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)
I will miss you!
Michelle W.
(Port Royal,PA)
What an amazing Lady.I will FOREVER remember what a stronge and inspirational person you were to everyone.I wish I could have known you.
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