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Shayne Stanton
(Fort McMurray, Alberta)
I want to say good bye to someone who so enriched so many lives. Your spirit will live on in all of us. I send my thoughts and prayers to all your family in this tragic time. Sleep well my Christian Sister.
(Russellville Al.)
I have kept the email she sent me personally in a special place, I was so surprised when she actually personally wrote me, and she then became such a friend and I loved her more for all she did. I miss you my friend and fellow woman of God, but I know you are singing with the angels and no more tears for you! Connie in Bama.
(Gastonia, NC)
Dear Tammy Faye,

I know you're safe in the arms of your Lord Jesus Who you loved soo much. I'm sooo jealous of you, because you're at peace with Him and I'm still here on earth. But from all of us still here, we miss you dearly and we know we will see you in Heaven someday. You've been in glory for four days now, but I'm sure you're in either one of two places up there... You're either still at the feet of Jesus praising Him, or you're off running your mouth to somebody making them bust a gut laughing. I'm sure you busted Heaven wide open when you walked through those pearly gates. Goodbye Tammy, you're an angel! I know I'll see ya soon!
(upstate ny)
you were loved by us all, and we will miss you. may you rest in peace.
(San Francisco,CA)
Tammy, I never met you, but have seen your struggles on TV and have seen your love for God. Knowing that you struggled with cancer makes me sad that you had to go through that, but I hope that you can watch over us with no more pain and left us when we feel low.
Stephanie Curry
(Olympia, WA)
Tammy, ....your tireless devotion to others, your sweet soul, your loving spirit, your steadfast faith, your tenacity for living, and your magnificent smile... oh, how you will be greatly missed!! No wonder God called upon you to be with Him in Heaven... I believe He has far greater plans for you!! Heaven is an even more beautiful place with you in it! My prayers are with your family. Dear, may you now rest in peace - your body now perfect - your soul everlasting! May God bless you and keep you His newest angel... may others follow in your light here on earth! You will be celebrated!!
(Huntsville, Alabama)
Your testimony on Larry King made a huge impact for the Kingdom. I look forward to meeting you one day in heaven. May God bless your family!
Joan Davis
(Clinton, TN)
Tammy, your presence will be greatly missed. you were a beautiful person who was way ahead of your time. I can just see you in heaven now with that special mall and eyelash store God built just for you. Have fun but please save some for the rest of us who will be joining you soon.
Cheryl Wiggins
(Roswell, Georgia)
In past years I was never really a big fan of Tammy Faye. However, I watched her show, " The Eyes of Tammy Faye" and I was so impressed with her candor and kind heart. She was so nice and loving to everyone she met. My opinion has obviously changed. She would have been a great friend and a lot of fun to be around. It is my loss that I never knew her. I pray for her and know she is in heaven with her Lord and Savior.
(Wilmington, NC)
Dear Tammy,
You truly were an inspiration to me and have helped me have more faith in God.
We all know your in a better place now and truly an angel.
Rest in peace
The dealers of Metrolina Expo
(Charlotte NC )
We all fondly remember you shopping our little antique show and our wonderful third weekend markets when you lived in the area. We will alway remember your kind words, and your smile, it LIT UP THE ISLES when you walked down them. THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and also for raising two WONDERFUL KIDS !!!!!!!!
steven veatch
(lake ozark, mo)
Tammy Faye - You are a Star - in HEAVEN NOW!! yOUR LIGHT WILL SHINE FOREVER!!!
Cindi C.
I will miss Tammy. . .she was an example of what Minnesota natives are all about: home, family and God. Later, she moved to California and how ironic that one of her last shows on television was the "Surreal Life". She showed the world what I knew years ago. . .that she wasn't a "phony", she truly believed in God and accepted everyone. Aids patients, actors with drug problems and even the little old granny down the street. Her smile and humor will never be forgotton and oh, those incredible eyelashes. . .what a beloved character and now thank God, she is resting her peace. She deserves to be happy now after all she suffered through. God bless her and her family at this time.
Kacey Richards
(Winslow, ME)
Tammy Faye - enjoy your reward of eternal life "thou good and faithful servant". Thank you for showing us the way. God bless your family - til we meet face to face at the feet of Jesus in all His glory. Hallelujah! Romans 8:28
Brenda G
I remember watching Tammy and Jim and their children on PTL,when I lived in Myrtle Beach, the early eighties.I thought Tammy could sing so good and I'll always remember her for her eyelashes.She is what being a christian is all about.May God be with her children,grandchildren,husband(Roe) and ex-husband Jim during this hard time.My prayers are with them all.Rest in peace Tammy. You will be missed very much.But your smile will always be in our hearts.
Frank Sharpe
(Hickory, N.C.)
I will miss seeing you on TV. You had the best out look on life.God bless you, My prayers go out to your family.See you in heaven.
Mary Mitchell
(Memphis, TN)
Tammy Faye has been such an inspiration of faith in God for so many. I know that she is truly having a party in heaven and singing with the angels eyelashes and all. It is truly a time to celebrate her life her lagacy lives!!
(florence, ms)
tammy will be missed... just hearing her inspiration was a blessing.. she was wonderful to have on television and her books are great words of meaning.
jeff lacey
(belton, missouri)
Tammy was an inspiration to all of us who are fighting cancer. Because of her I no longer fear this disease, I just enjoy everday the best that I can. God bless her!
(Winter Haven, FL)
Tammy, you lived the life God has called us to live. You loved and you never judged. You never compromised the Word of God, and you never waivered in your faith. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to me. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. See you in Heaven, dear sweet Tammy.
(N. Hollywood, Ca.)
I followed you thru your illness, and you've inspired me in so many ways... I've never been Too religious... but you made me want to beleive, no, you made me believe and have faith... you were always soo humble, and cheerful, so inspiring to those like myself who had seen better days. May god bless your soul, and may god allow me to get closer to him, the way you've inspired me to.
(Salton City, CA)
May you find eternal rest in the embrace of the Lord. You were a sweet lady and I am glad that I got to get a glimpse of who you were from your appearances on the tv reality show. May God bless you and your family.
April Bayman
I know that you are with the LORD and you keep your Faith. All the glory goes to GOD and you go girl you are a survive.You have taught me a lot to hold on to my faith. I well miss you love. April
(Los Angeles, CA)
I miss you so much already Tammy Faye. You were so brave, so genuine, so real. That last interview with Larry King made me see how wonderful you have always been and what a great loss your passing truly was. Now you are at peace and my heart will always have an emptiness that will only be filled when I see you in heaven.
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