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Thanks for being faithful to the Father until the very end. Your testimony of your God will be remembered by many for a very long time.
(San Diego, CA)
Gary Holmes
Our hearts are breaking on earth but Heaven just became a little more colorful & a little more musical. Think of the people saved due to her & her last interview. It was miraculous. She truly is in the arms of her Savior, Jesus, that she loved so much as Larry King said. To her family: Thank you for sharing her with us. May Roe, TammySue, Jay & Grandsons have happy memories & peace & may you feel God hugging you. The many tears shed by Tammy & the many prayers prayed are saved up in a bottle (Psalms 56:8) & will continue to produce blessings far past the hills of North Carolina or Hollywood for years to come. God Bless You during this sad time. I look forward to finally giving her a hug some day in Heaven. Keep Trusting Jesus! YOU CAN MAKE IT just like Tammy did. Love, Hugs, Prayers, Gary Holmes of Elkton, MD & Family & Friends. Happy Trails Until We (all) Meet Again..........
(Landover Hills Md)
Rest in Peace Tammy Faye! I watched as a child you and your hushand on PTL. I remember you used to always say if you have the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains. I remember your warmth and beautiful voice. I remember you were always smiling no matter what. Your finest moment to me was when I saw you at 65 pounds, still worshipping our savior Jesus Christ. That was the most profound thing you ever did. I wish I could tell you. May you rest in Peace and May your family and friends take comfort in the joy that I know you are feeling as you crossed over into the Father's Hands.
(Brooklyn Park, MN)
I had never paid a lot of attention to Tammy Faye due to the Jim Bakker scandal. However, I have been watching a lot of her interviews, etc. at the end of her life, and I wanted to let Roe and her family know that I believe she is a genuine person and really showed courage in her final days. Cancer is a hideous disease for the person suffering through it, but also for the family and people that love her. I believe that seeing her in her final days, will give courage to others including myself if they have cancer or will get it. I wish you all peace.
Laura Leary
(Naples, Fl.)
I discovered Tammy Faye through the Surreal Life. I'd known of her, of course, but I'd never heard her speak about her life, or who she was, until then. I'd imagined her to be egotistical, judgemental of the sinners around her, and too wealthy to speak to the people who worked with her. So, I was amazed at the true Christian values she expressed - kindness for the less fortunate, a sweetness, and yet a strength of belief that gave her a purpose in life. She won me over immediately, and I've been a fan ever since. When I saw the pictures of her from Larry King, my heart fell. I couldn't believe how she'd changed in such a short time. How difficult it must have been for her to go on TV without her usual perfect hair and make-up! But it reminded me of her strength. How brave must one be to do an interview knowing there is so little time left. I believe she was there to let people like me see what true grace is. When faced with the worst life has to offer, she still laughed and made jokes, her sweet nature untouched by the relentless pain. I believe that God gave her the job of reminding cynical people like me that faith is His Gift to us all, and that with it, we can feel his warmth even in the coldest hour. Thank You Tammy Faye.
Andy Heller
(Jamestown, North Dakota)
Dear Tammy Faye, I knew of you for many years but I never really paid to close attnetion untill I saw you on Larry King the night before you went to be with the Lord. I was so greatly moved by your words and actually being on t.v. that I regret never really getting to know you. Maybe that was what the Lord wanted. Perhaps you werent meant to touch my life untill this time. I am so moved by your strength and courage and faithfullness to the Lord. I wish I could have met you. I hope to meet you in Heaven. You were a sweet soul and I thank you for touching my life the way you did. I just wish it wouldnt have been at the end of yours, but earlier in my life. Thank you. I pray for you and your family and please pray for me. I need a lot of prayers right now. Earths loss is Heavens gain. Take care Tammy Faye. I will always remember you.
Renee Brazil
(San Antonio)
Well done!
(Springfield Missouri)
Tammy you were such a great person. I wish everyone was as accepting of individual differences as you were. I loved you.
Tammy,you stood strong when things were bad,you always smiled,and thanked your Lord,you are a good person,makeup and all,loved you for that.See you Tammy
Carole Lefebvre
(Zimmerman, MN)
Tammy's family ~ you all are in my thoughts and prayers. My mom ALWAYS watched the PTL Club and she always loved Tammy & followed her after PTL. My mother passed away in 2004...I am sure mom was in line to greet Tammy and giver her a welcoming hug in heaven!!! She is in peace & happy! We are saddend because we are left here on earth and miss our loved ones.
Peace Be With You.
(St. Louis )
To her children,
I pray for you in your time of pain, because i have been there to, that is the land of pain and sorrow. But remember that your mother loved you and loved Jesus. In that you must give thanks. Romans 5:1-2
Mr. K
(Gulfport, Mississippi)
I got to know Tammy Faye through watching The Surreal Life show! Even though this was not a Christian show, she touched me with her words of wisdom and LIVING the Christian life, not just preaching it! When I heard she passed away I was deeply saddened but know she is in a much better place than here on earth. I was always remember you Tammy Faye! Thank you for blessing us with your presence!
(Elizabethton Tennessee)
Rest In Peace Sweet Lady!!!!! To Your Husband and Children: You are incredible people also!!! GO J!!!!
Vanessa Ingram
(Ellerbe,North Carolina)
To one of the woprld's most famous ladies of all time. God loved you best that is why you are at rest with the Lord now. God's blessings and many prayers to the family. Keep looking up.
(Scott Depot, WV)
You now know how much you were loved. I dont know if you really knew how much you touched us. We saw Jesus in you!Im sorry for the hurt you had to bare in this life, I salute you, soldier in Christ. Well done, my sister.
M. Marshall
(Traverse City, Michigan)
When I was a child I remember my parents sitting us around the television to watch you, many times when they needed a faith boost they would put your singing on in the car, my mom would always sing "God's not through blessing you" whenever her and my father were struggling, you have inspired many people, including myself. I know when God opened heaven's portals for you the angels were happy to have a new choir member. Thanks for devoting your life to on to your and prayers to the family. You will be missed.
(castle rock colorado)
god bless you tammy you are now out of pain and at peace. We will contunie to pray for you and your family. You will be missed.
(San Antonio Texas)
You will be missed. Your story was a true testament to the struggles we face here on earth. Your devotion to God and the Christian faith speakes louder than any Sunday Morning broadcast from a Mega Church.
francine grenon
(ottawa canada)
Dear Tammy my heart is sad today you were a wonderful human being and you will be missed thank you for giving us faith and and genuine love may you rest in peace in God's loving arms you are in my thoughts and prayers for always
Tye Williams
Tammy..after a hard road, the rainbow has finally come. We must realize that the Rainbow tells us that the Storm has passed. It is FINISHED! You Made it
(Clover, SC)
I have always followed Tammy and always loved her spunk and will to live and move on despite of all the trials along the way. After seeing Tammy on Larry King, I knew it wouldn't be long until she was called home. I really feel like she wanted to say good-bye to the public which she always loved. Rest in Peace Tammy Faye, you will always be loved and remembered fondly. My prayers are with the family during this time, not just now but in the months ahead for I know, life will not be the same without Tammy Faye in it. Take care all.
Catherine Caruso
(Lansing, IL)
God rest your dear soul sweet Tammy Faye. You will be missed but I am so happy that you are experiencing the wonders of our Lord in His heavenly kingdom, up close and personal and for all eternity. I know that you had a great reception at the pearly gates of our Father's home, safe in His arms and absent from our adversary forever. I remember when you sang "My God is bigger than all my problems, bigger than all my fears, God is bigger than any mountain that I can or cannot see. My God is bigger than all my questions..." Well, now you really know some of those answers. Your rewards will be great when you appear before His throne to receive them...I am looking forward to meeting you in heaven as you corresponded with me while you were at PTL, so I hope you will recall that. I admire your walk with our Lord and blessed Savior,Jesus the Christ. I admire your children and will pray for all those who love you as their love will always exist, so it never passes but simply changes. Please meet me when I arrive in heaven dear friend. Enjoy that hamburger! I love you and will miss you sorely sweet Tammy Faye. God bless you and yours richly, dear one.
(Wheelersburg, Ohio)
Your faith was an inspiration. Your forgiveness was an example to us all. You will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your light with us. Rest in peace.
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