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Deborah Greco-Canchola
(Valrico, Fl)
Dear Tammy Faye,

You are truly loved by me and so many others. I have followed you from the PTL days to the current. I so admire you for your dignity "through it all"; what a loving lady. I have learned so much from you and you have helped me through so many times over the years. You are sorely missed. This world lost a true lady with your leaving us. BUT now, relax, enjoy yourself and sing a bunch of songs up there. Thank you for the memories, inspiration and messages of love and forgiveness. Thank you for being you.
My fondest memory of Tammy was her singing on PTL. She was always stylishly dressed. I especially liked those hats she wore and her frilly dresses. I always loved her and my heart ached for her this last year. I know we aren't to question the Lord, but sometimes I do. My brother once told me that "Father knows best." I guess He does at that.
Deborah Walk
(Columbus, Ms.)
It is hard for me to imagine this world without you in it. I watched the interview with Larry and I knew it was hard for you physically. Some people think you shouldn't have done it, but that is one of the things I love about you, you do as your heart leads. I think the message you were really wanting to get out was for Jesus to be lifted up one more time, and you just wanted to tell us all for the last time that you loved us before you left. Thanks sweetie. We love you too. I'm glad you are free, but I miss you so. Everytime I think about Jay, Tammy Sue, and Roe I say a prayer for them. You are a lady, and they say that a lady always knows when it is time to leave. Thanks for being here and loving those that most Christians don't want anything to do with. I pray all that love you gave out just continues to grow and grow. I'll be seeing you.
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)
God Bless You Tammy. You were a class act to the very end. My prayers are with the family.

Patricia & Gary Haney
(Gilbert, AZ)
We know you are enjoying being in the presence of God - you embodied true faith - you loved all, a powerful legacy and a true woman of God. You did not judge even when judged. Your infectious laugh and spirit, your powerful faith and relationship with God will live on. To the family, our deepest condolences, we have lost parents and know the sorrow that it brings. May God continue to bless you and help you through your time of sorrow.
Cheryl Roth
(Guyton, GA)
When I saw you on Larry King, I too, didnt know about the decline of your health, but you gave me something that no one else could--the gift of knowing Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I have been so touched since I last saw you that I was so shocked to hear you had passed. Of course, you went to heaven! I saw you as this very brave person who brought the reality of what cancer can do to a person and how they can handle it! Wow Tammy! I admire you for that. God bless your family especially now. May they find peace in that you were an inspiration to alot of people, not only me. I will open the bible more now. Thankyou Tammy and say hello to Jesus for me. I love you with all my heart.
Ron Carleton
(Waterloo, IA)
Tammy..."All things work together for good...". That is what you taught us from your favorite verse. It was because of you and Jim that, as a teenager, I decided that I had to seek the Lord. And it's because of your life and now your heavenly rebirth, that I am seeking the Lord again to deliver me from current circumstances. Because of what you faced, I have courage. You have accomplished few others could ever do...continue your ministry after you went home. The time apart is only temporary. I hope to tell you how much you've meant to me in heaven. Enjoy your hamburger.
Sharren Sakamaki
(Honolulu, Hawaii)
Hi Tammy Faye, : )
I'm so sad to see you go...I will miss you and will always remember you!!! My prayers are with you... God be with you and your family always...
Much Love,
(asheville, nc)
may you rest in peace. we are now missing one of our angels but i know that you will hurt no more. thank you for everything you have done for the gay community as well as the AIDS community. Godspeed!
May you be at peace now, Tammy Faye.
Kelly God bless you Tammy Faye and your family. You were a true inspiration to everyone. You will be remembered as a beautiful person inside and out. You are now in the arms of the Lord feeling no pain and I know you are smiling down on us everyone day with that beautiful smile :-). Rest in peace.
Goran Gustav
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)
I am so sorry that I will not beable to hear the voce of her singing praises to the Lord, I guess HEaven's lucky now thhey have her in the chor or running the choir, she was God sent.
I love you Tammy.
helen oleniach
tammy. you are in his presence . put in a good word for me will you are loved and will be missed
Paul Laidlaw
(Atlanta, GA)
You were always concerned how a simple country girl from MN could make an impact for the Lord. When all along you were showing us how to make lemonade out of lemons, never giving up, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and love through your life all the time making us laugh and help us laugh at ourselves. Thank you for sharing your life and for sharing Jesus in ways that reached so many wounded hearts. I will miss you.
(huntington wv)
having met tammy faye in the mid-80's, she was the same bubbly, loving, caring soul that she was until the end. with her never ending love for the LORD and for everyone that she met, she never judged. she simply hugged you and siad "God loves you and so do I" She had a huge following in the gay community because she was one of the few people in religious television that never judged us. she told us Gpd loves us anyway. THAT IS A TRUE CHRISTIAN! Tammy Faye, take your rest! The party in Heaven just got alot more fun!!
(Bay Area, California)
God is good. See you in heaven.
(Santa Fe,NM)
Tammy Faye is healed and free of cancer living with the Lord in Heaven. God bless her.
(Newark, NJ)
May your soul rest in peace. I thank you for always saying don't let fear rule your life. We all miss you greatly and I know you are in a better place and free of pain. We LOVE you TAMMY.
My Name Will Be Unknown
(Sault Ste Marie, Canada)
Tammy Faye may you rest in peace and may go be with in your death. You were and still an inspiration to many on this planet and may we all meet again someday.
(Potomac, MD)
Rest in peace, pain free and worry free.
Tammy you were a Lady and a beautiful person, the world needs people like you. But now you are in the best place of all and with mighty Jesus. You helped me so much with your knowledge, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Catriese Johnson
(Kansas City, MO)
Evangelist Tammy Faye,

I will never forget the story that you told during the eposide of the Surreal Life (season 2 your book signing) about carrying around dead weight. As you gave permission to the individuals on the show to release themselves of the dead weight they carried, you so ministered to me and allowed me to do the same.

What I love most about you is your spirit. That indomitable will to survive circumstances and come through it all smelling like a rose. The strength contained within you to rise above any and everything, even when your physical person was descending and decreasing in it's will, your spirit rose all the higher to eventually freeing you from the pain ravaged body and you remain victorious out the body even as you were in the body. You are loved and appreciated.

I must express that a successful TBN today exists because of the standard and foundation laid by yourself and Mr. Baker at PTL. Your hardships became opportunities for others both good and bad. Certainly, TBN was and is a good opportunity. Thank you for your life and please forgive the body of Christ for not making your "restoration" after PTL as public as the fall of PTL. Forgive us for not wrapping our arms around you and your family and loving you as much as have shown us that you can love and forgive. How we did a disservice to our Christian spokespersons. Forgive us and may we love deeper, care more, recover quicker, and strengthen each other along the way.

God bless your family. We can't possibily fully tap into the breadth and depth of their grief even if we loved you, befriended you, esteemed you, prayed for you. You were their Mother, wife, friend, their love and you certainly made it clear that they were you first ministry. May God richly bless your soul and the works done on earth speak for you.

God Bless and Receive You

Catriese Johnson
Rest in Peace Tammy Faye
You were very beautiful person, so strong and with a great sense of humor even on your last days on this Earth in pain and suffering!
I watched you on Surreal life show and I loved you for being so kind, nice, funny and spiritual!
To the Family take care of each other and God Bless you all!!
Edyta & son Justin
(Fenton, MI.)
Tammy: The original Energizer Bunny. I don't think I have ever watched a life so positive and determined. She is an example for all of us. I'm privileged to have watched her life play out on television. She's set a high bar for her children and grandchildren to follow. I expect they will all exhibit the qualities of this most remarkable woman --- they can live with gratitude, that this woman loved them. Let's all take those lemons and make lemonade! I celebrate her. I'm also so warmed by Larry King's gentleness and understanding of her. I thank her for the willingness of doing her last show with Larry, and truly feel it was beautiful. Amazing...........
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