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you will truly be missed. you were an inspiration to so many. you never turned your back on those in need or those who were sick. you had a special gift. may god bless and heal your families broken heart.
From The Grigalunas Family Dear Tammy Faye,
You were a great lady. You suffered heavily. Now, you're at Home=Heaven.
I really thought your show with Jim J.Bullock of years ago was cool. I never knew you could sing. God has a new pretty voice to sing to him. Saturday, I tried to email you. I kept getting it back to me. My parents wanted me to tell you to try to eat strained baby food. Drink beer for the vitamins. The baby food was mom's idea. The beer, though we're not alcholocics--And, no, I'd never call you that either Tammy Faye--R.I.P.--The beer was dad's idea, for the vitamins. I was really upset that my emails kept coming back to me. Then--later that day I heard the other news that you had passed away on Friday. Here Saturday-I didn't know-I kept emailing you-It kept coming back.
Monday your website was gone--Tammy Faye--I really thought yesterday, a memorial would've been on your website yesterday--Thankfully, it is here today. Dear, dear Tammy Faye I have nothing but respect for you. Rest in peace, Mrs.Tammy Faye. You paid your dues. You deserve to be in Heaven.

The Grigalunas Family
(san diego)
You had a light and kindness very seldom seen in others. Rest well Tammy Faye.
P Forrester
(Morenci AZ)
I have loved you for many years now, remember all the times you gave me strength to carry on when life was hard for me. You will never be forgotten. My prayers are with your family. We will miss you so much.
Much love
(Washington, DC)
Sweetie, I grew up watching you and saw you rise from the ashes of PTL to become a greater woman than I'd ever imagined you could be. I will miss you. Rest in heavenly peace.
Dana O'Steen
(Ringgold, GA.)
My deepest sympathy goes out to Tammy Faye's family. I just lost my mother to cancer this past January, and I am so sorry for your loss. Tammy is now one of God's angels who will watch over all of you until you meet again. Don't worry about her, my mom will help her any way she needs up there.
(Annapolis, Maryland)
God bless you Tammy Faye. At last you are at peace.
Marilyn Maloney
(Vero Beach FL)
I will always remember Tammy Faye for her big heart full of unconditional love, her beautiful smile, and her strong vibrant singing voice that could lift me out of anything. Her song "Don't Give Up On the Brink of a Miracle" was one of the first I heard. There has never been a more "real" and loving human being. She is truly a bright and shining star. I know that she and her family feel our love.
Becky B.
(New York, New York)
May you rest in peace, Tammy Faye. You spread a powerful message of God's love with your days on earth. I was especially moved by your teaching of "love them anyway" in reference to people with alternate lifestyles. I hope that other people who believe in God's teachings will one day come to the true understanding that God is love. He loves all people, and so should we. I am sorry you had to suffer so much at the end of your life. May your survivors find peace and an end to their grief. Rest in peace.
Beverly Denise Johnson
(Atlanta, GA)
Well Tammye Faye, you are finally healed!!! I thank God that He shared you with us for so long. Rest well and I'll see you at the first resurrection. Love, Eternally, Bev in the ATL
(Stroudsburg, PA)
I have been praying so long for Tammy Faye, Now I will pray for her soul. She was a woman I admired - she truly lived her faith - I never remember hearing her say anything negative about another person - so positive and kind. The world will miss her, but she is with Jesus where she belongs. I will also pray for Ro and her lovely children. I would like to offer them my deepest sympathy in their great loss.
Pam Kindle
(Fremont, Ohio)
Tammy, you are an awesome women of God; you fought the good fight of faith and now you have your healing. I have enjoyed your comments aired on TBN.

Thank you for "You Can Make It"

Thank you Holy Spirit for comforting her family and her dear friends.
(Hampton, GA)
"The Sun Will Shine Again"
To the family, Be encouraged!
Sally Lindstrom
(Stockton, CA)
To our dearest Tammy Faye and her precious family, I thank the Lord for His gift of you to our lives. Tammy Faye is now in the arms of her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and she has no more pain and suffering. I can envision her sitting at the Lord Jesus' feet and basking in His glory with praise and worshiping angels in the presence of her precious Lord Jesus. May God be with those of us here on earth and awaiting for the Lord's return. In His Name, Sally in Stockton, CA.
Angelo Peña
(Fort Worth, Texas)
I was quite saddened by the passing of Tammy Faye. Being a non-believer, I don't take seriously any evangelical. However, Tammy was the exception. She was never hypocritical in her beliefs and demonstated true grace under pressure with all the tumult in her short life. Her pain and suffering have ended. We were fortunate to have her for as long as we did. Thank you for being strong and standing up for yourself. That's an amazing legacy for one to have.
(Cal. city, IL)
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Family of Tammy Faye. She was a inspiration and she never gave up on her beliefs and she tried to influence as many people as she could and save as many souls as she could. I wrote her a while back to tell her i saw her on the real life TV show and i told her I really enjoyed her on there, she was someone u could watch forever and never get bored, it's time for her rest now i hope her heaven will be there for me when it's my time. Thank your for all the years of entertainment Tammy.
Heaven has another angel. Rest in peace Tammy Faye - I know you are walking along side the Lord. I pray that one day we will meet in heaven. And as the song goes..."You’re in the arms of the angel
May you find some comfort there"
David B
(Seattle, WA)
How incredibly sad & tragic it was for me to hear that Tammy Faye was given up to God this past weekend. I never heard of Tammy before the 1987 media incident but have loved her ever since, and it is the few people like her that made me decide to stay a Christian when there is so much hate and spiritual violence in this world.

It's the very few angels like Tammy Faye that made me decide to not give up and to continue to try to be a good person in spite of all the cruelty I see around us.

I've never seen the media be so cruel to a woman as they have been to Tammy Faye but she did not have bitterness and never condemned anymore or hurt anyone and was a truely loved and a truely loving person until the end.

God bless you Tammy Faye you are gone but not forgettten.

I hope all her music recordings over the years are re-released on cds soon or better yet a compilation of her music thoughout the years put into a cd and dvd package. Would love to see more of her video footage from the 1970s up to the 1990s too.

God bless you Tammy I never knew you but just seeing you on TV throughout the years make me know you were one of the few who had some much love inside your soul.

I really have never felt so sad about a celebrity passing away as I have when I heard the sad news about Tammy Faye.

God bless all her family and friends too.
(fair oaks,ca.)
I didnt know you presonaly but from what I saw on the surreal life show you are truely an angel with a heart of gold. may you rest in peace. god bless you and your family you'll be greatly missed.we need more people in this world like you.
(Cleveland, Ohio)
I admire you for the strength you had for enduring this terrible illness. I'm so glad your suffering is now over. May God add a blessing to you, your children! I know that you're in heaven smiling down! May God rest our beautiful soul!
Jon Anderson
(Davenport, FL)
I have many good memories from my College days at Winthrop of going to the PTL show. And here in Orlando I was waiting tables part time at the Crabhouse and Tammy Faye, Jim, and others came in for dinner and were seated in my section. Unfortunatley they had to leave without dinner because of the inconsiderates in the store. I just wanted to hug them and say everything would be okay because God's love is enduring. God Bless Your Sweet Soul Tammy Faye! Rest in Peace!
(Rock Hill, SC)
I'm glad you finally have made it home to meet Our Lord and Saviour. I truly believe you are with him. You have a warm soul and a nonjudgemental mind. I wish there were more people like you on this earth.
Myra Rucker
Thank you for all that you did and said.I will always remember you with the greatest of affections. Now you are with Jesus, all His peace is yours.Thanks for the last powerful statements you made-you were right on. You truly were and are the "loved of LOVE" Sing Tammy,sing,freedom is yours now. Lovingly in Christ,Myra
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