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You always said "you can do all things through Christ in whom gives you strength."
You are with God and Jesus now the ones that you have so longed to be with. Through your ministry and by the faith I have in God I know that one day we will meet again. You are now with Vestal Goodman and all the other saints. Heaven choir is surely to sound sweeter with your renewed voice in it. You have always been one to be with your earthly "family of God" and now you are in heaven with the TRUE "family of God". Knowing that you as well as many of my family, friends and other icons are in heaven, HEAVEN is truly sounding sweeter all the time.
I know as Dottie Rambo sings "Tears will never stain the streets of that city" I will not weep for you because I know that you have finally achieved the ending of your lifes work. I pray for your family and will continue to uphold your teachings and all that you have taught me. Tell heaven that I WILL BE THERE.
Love as always,
(Mesa, Arizona)
Good bye Tammy Faye, you will be missed by all and those you have touch arround the world. As your spirit, rises to the gates of Heaven, you will be greated with Joy, along with God, Jesus, and Arc Angel Micheal who you wanted to see and be with you. May you rest in peace..
(San Francisco, CA)
Dear Tammy
Thank you for being such an inspiration. Your words of encouragement, your songs, your life has inspired me to serve God with all that I am without fear or reservation. You will be missed. See you in heaven. I'm glad your not suffering anymore.
Jennifer Knight
(Pine Grove Ca)
When I was a little girl my mom used to watch a show with Tammy and her kids and we loved it as Ive grown up I always loved Tammy and it was always so clear how much se Loved Jesus and that makes us all so happy because she got her wish she will be remembered for her walk with Jesus and I made my faith in lord Jesus stronger and I know that would make her happy and I know thats why she came on tv to give us strength and turn to God in a stronger way and I know when Jesus comes to take us all home with him her smilling face will be caught up with him like he promised God bless her whole family and my prayers are with all of you and we love you all ......Jen
Marisol Popper
(Downey, CA)
Miss Tammy, We love you! You definitely made it to Heaven. Again, We all love you!
Vicky Jackson
(Huntsville, AL)
I'm thankful to God for the life of Tammy Faye...She has inspired me and encouraged me in my walk with the Lord.
Though I didn't always agree with everything Tammy agreed with, there was no barriers in our love for the Lord or our hearts' desire to see others come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...Tammy knew that Jesus is the One to whom all honor is due...She lived & died proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ...She loved unconditionally while leaving the judging up to God (who is the judge)...Tammy felt her job was to love and to encourage...I feel she did her job well. I will miss her and all she's meant to my life for over 3 decades...Tammy is not dead because Jesus is the Resurrection and the life; because He lives, she lives also.
Phyllis Brown
(Eden, NC)
Farewell Tammy Faye, You'll be missed always
(South Carolina)
Tammy, during your life on earth, you touched so many people around the world. You were a very special person and through all the hardships you faced, you kept faith in the Lord. I want you to know that even though you are far away in heaven, you have been such a major part in helping me be a better Christian. I am eternally grateful, and I look foreward to the day that I meet you in heaven.
(Fresno, CA)
Beautiful Soul,
You lived each day to the fullest and faced life (and death) head on - BRAVO! Thank you for showing humanity what it means to truly display "Amazing Grace". Love, Peace & Joy
What a testimony all the way girl,just like we were told to do you did , just simple faith and love, like a child, thank you for caring enough to carry on when most of us would have given up. It was never about you it was about showing everyday people the way home, to your Saviour..
(l.a., calif)
Dear Tammy,
As you stand in the presence of the Lord today I am grateful for your servitude and faith.

Just like Pope John Paul II, you showed us the beauty in death.

Peace be unto your family who love you so much.
(Portland, OR)
You have been an inspiration to me since I was 13 years old, and that will continue. After seeing The Eyes of Tammy Faye, I only came to love you more. You will be greatly missed, never forgotten.
Denise Willis
(Oakland CA)
To a very special lady, you are one of gods special childern, that lit up my life just for you being you, eye lashes and all and I will never forget the love you showed to everyone, God Bless
KR Whitten
(Orlando, FL)
Tammy Faye has been through it all, She always kept smiling and never waivered in her beliefs. May we all take lessons from this wonderfull person who never judged and always Loved. I got to know Tammy Faye when she was my neighbor in Orlando in the early 1990's....and Im so greatful I did.....Rest In Peace my Dear
Randy Reese
(San Francisco CA)
I love you Tammy. I've loved you for years. Such an incredibly strong woman. A beautiful soul who loved EVERYBODY no matter what. Yes, I'm one of your gay fans. You are the only evangelist that I've ever heard say that we're all God's children and God loves all of his children. You were nothing if not "all inclusive" in your faith and love for ALL people.
To Tammy Sue and J and Roe, and the grandkids, my heart truly goes out to you all at this time. You're Mom is my Mom's age. It's a day I dread.
I don't mean to sound crass, but after Tammy's interview on Larry King, I went to this page and ordered 2 autographed pics. Obviously she can't sign them. But if you could send even just 2 pics of her, I would be so PROUD to display them in my home. That sounds so crass. Again, I'm sorry for that. It's just kind of an odd situation.
If you can't, that's totally understandable.
Meanwhile, I like to think that Tammy Faye met God. He greeted her with open arms, gave her a huge hug and then gave her a plate with a huge hamburger, fry's and LOT'S of ketchup!
God Bless Tammy Faye.
Cherlonda Denise Lofton
(Allen, Texas)
I did not know you but I have followed your life on television for many years Mrs. Messner. I saw you on Larry King Live and I thought you were so brave. As a Christian woman you helped me to see that in the face of "all adversity" we must always continue to stand strong in what we know to be true about our Lord and Savior. I pray for your family and friends and all of us who respected you from afar. Rest peacefully in the arms of God. You will be missed!
(Toronto Canada)
Goodbye Tammy Faye..

Goodbye Tammy Faye
Though I barely knew you at all,
You had the grace to hold yourself
Sadly watching those around you fall,
Some crawled out of the woodwork,
And whispered heal us from our pain,
That we may find Gods good grace once more, and with your love heal us from all pain,

And it seems to me you lived your life,
A glowing candle in the wind,
In Gods love, knowing who to cling too when the rains set in, and I would have loved to know you but I was just a kid, Tammy, Your candle burned out long before your message of faith ever did,

Loneliness was tough, the toughest role you ever played,
but your truth and love carried us throughout our darkest days,
God created an angel to help us walk with his love along the way,

And even when you died Tammy Faye,
A million tears we wept for you,
Your suffering ended but how do we go on without you?

And it seemed to us you lived your life a glowing candle in the wind,
Always knowing who to cling to when the rains set in, And I would have loved to told you but I was just a kid,
Your candle burned out long before your
memory ever did,

Rest In Peace...
(San Diego, California)
Tammy may you rest in peace. Now you're finally resting and happy like your usual self. Thank God you are no longer in pain. My prayers for the family and friends of Tammy go out to them. Tammy you were a great inspiration to everyone!!
Tammy, I think that you were a very brave and courageous lady. You were always a postive person.I loved your humor and you always had a smile. You are sadly missed.But,I know that you suffered alot.You don,t have pain anymore. GOD BLESS YOU,TAMMY- MAY YOU REST IN PEACE
(San Jose CA)
Dearest Tammy,
I know you are heaven now without pain. You have truly been an inpiration to people from all walks of life. People will continue to know and love you for all the things you have done. You will be missed dearly, especially from my heart.

God Bless you!
(San Antonio, TX)
I have never been much of a Tammy Faye "fan" so to speak, but of course I knew who she was. I just wanted to leave a message to say that I am sadened by the news and although we all must go when God says it is time and there is nothing we can do about that, it still hurts to lose someone that you love and this I do know as I have lost many friends and family members over the years including my own mother when I was only 11 yrs old. To the family and children of Tammy Faye I wish that I could tell you it will get easier, but it really never does, however hopefully you will find some comfort in knowing that she is now in a much better place and is no longer suffering. I will be praying for you and asking that the Lord will carry you through this time and give you the strength that you need. May God bless you and bring peace to your life in the near future.

With much love and understanding,

Kathryn Taylor
darrin savage
(louisville ky)
tammy as the angels in heaven rejoice at your arrival, i also rejoice for you as god holds his arms wide open to welcome you in. you are a special lady. tammy you represented what christianity truly is, it does not judge it only loves and my friend you did that quite well.
Victor Oyola
(Lancaster, PA)
Rest in Peace..........
(St. Paul, MN)
I'm so glad you are with your lord and the suffering has ceased. I have fallen far from the path Tammy, and your final words touched and inspired me once again, so I'll see you someday! It's a promise.
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