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(Prince George BC Canada)
Tammy Faye LaValley Bakker Messner.
I get the big picture now. You touched millions of lives while here on this earth, mine being one of them. But, Dear Lady, in your leaving to be with our Lord, your touching of millions of more lives I am sure will quadruple. That brief last interview last week on Larry King and your going Straight Home to be with the Lord the next day impacted many millions more people than you will ever know.
WOW - what an amazing team you and the Lord make! His plan for your life was perfect to the very end. I am in awe ! I am sure he is smiling and saying "Well done, my good and faithful servant". You, no doubt, will wear many crowns in your heavely home! You deserve every one. Sing to the top of your voice, girl. We can hear you all the way down here!! You were and are LOVE.
(NY, NY)
Your fought your battle with cancer like you lived your life--with grace and dignity.
May you find peace everlasting in Heaven Tammy Faye.
Rest in Peace.
(Coram, NY)
Thank you for being you. Welcome home.
(Carbondale, IL)
Dearest Tammy,
You were a rare & beautiful gem & now you are a beautiful flower in God's garden.
Your faith & positivity never failed despite all that you endured.
I'm sure that you are very happy walking those streets of gold & enjoying your well deserved endless flow of milk & honey.
You fought the fight & your battle has now been won.
Rest in Jesus, Tammy!
Deb Tice
(Imperial beach, ca)
You are finally with God. you were a special woman and will definitely leave a lasting impression on all of us. My thoughts and prayers go to your family.
Rick A
(Dilworth, mn)
Dear Tammy faye, you will b missed by so many and thank you for showing me how to be stronger and to keep the right attitude.The Lord is with you...and I will see you in Heaven our real home amen.
Love u...
Luann Allen Sides
(Lufkin Tx)

A rose once grew where all could see, sheltered beside a garden wall. And, as the days passed swiftly by, it spread it branches, straight and tall.. One day, a beam of light shone through a crevice that had opened wide..The rose bent gently toward its warmth then passed beyond to the other side..Now, you who deeply feel its loss, be comforted, the rose blooms there Its beauty even greater now, nurtured by God's own loving care...

To all of Tammy's family:expressing heartfelt sympathy, may you find some comfort in the thought that others really care....If there was a rose named after Tammy it would have to be the color of sunshine,... she did bring so much hope, love and inspiration along with optimisn. She is now with the "Rose of Sharon," both enjoying the sweet fragrance, of peace "&, love,.. "forever to bloom in the master bouquet. Thank you Tammy for being you!!!!!
Ray Vester
(Raleigh, NC)
I miss you Tammy! I will always cherish the email you sent me a few months ago. Encouraging me as a Gay Christian Minister to keep up the good work! Heaven has a new angel! Till we meet again!

(Whittier, Ca)
God Bless you Tammy. After all that you have gone through I pray that your heart was right and that you lived a life of repentance that God has called us to live. I thank all the people that have shown grace to Tammy and realized that we all make mistakes. Share yur faith with others and let others know who God is.
TammyFaye. Fly with Angels. Sing in God's presence. Face to Face. On earth you are missed, in heaven you are healed.
Jerry Esquibel
(Dallas, Texas)
To Ms. Tammy's family, I loved her and I will never forget Tammy...I happen to be a grad student that...thinks that fancy words would not be Tammy's way...I loved your Mamma..
(Seattle, WA)
Of all the rockstars in the world, the famous actors, the famous writers, it was you who influenced me more in a positive way than any other. Your two children can be very proud of the way their mother lived her life. You will forever be a class-act, a real christian, and a real hero.
(Tampa, Fl)
Through everything you had to trust in Jesus. Now you are with Jesus. Tell him I love him and I will see you both there.
(Redlands, CA)
I have to believe that Tammy is with Jesus and loving every second of it, despite all the bad press her message never waivered and hopefully someone heard, but no matter she is not suffering any longer. I think that history will be kind to her, at least I hope so.
Eva Linne
(Va. Beach, Va. )
i'm sad that you didn't get to read my e-mail thier was so much stuff i wanted ask you about... your in a better place now with no pian ...i betcha "GOD" ordered a hamberger & some frye's RIP Tammy Faye... i will miss you !!!!!!!! Eva
Tim Fitzgerald
(Staunton, VA)
My favorite Christian song is "Roses will Bloom Again". I know you are in Heaven and one of the most beautiful and brightest roses in the Master's bouquet. God Bless and my heart goes out to Tammy's Family and close friends. Always, Tim
Adriana Salazar
(Costa Mesa, CA)
Tammy your home now in the hands of JESUS!
Brenda Hart
(Houston Tx)
I do admire your strong will.You are now in the best place any of us could ever be.Now maybe my mom can finally meet you.she is there too.She always loved you from day one on the ptl programs.She never waverd in her love and prayers for you and your family.
I will keep your children in prayer.
My sympathy is with them.No one knows how it feels unless they have been there.Blessings go out to your husband and children..
(Memphis TN)
To her family--I've been saved over 20yrs but when I wasn't I faithfully watched PTL and the loving seeds that were planted by Jim & Tammy turned to fruit that remained. Be encouraged & continue her love for God & people
Matt Simpson
(London, Ontario Canada)
Dear Family of Tammy Faye,
I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Tammy Faye, she taught the world alot about what it means to be a Christian. She was human, and most importantly she was able to love, when she heard a sad story, she was able to cry, she had the best laugh and smile. As a gay man, she was a testimony to what it means to be Christian, she reached out, and loved our community....I am so thankful for that. Tammy Faye, you were able to fight the good fight, and you have finished the race, may you rest in peace, and may I be blessed to walk someday with you in Heaven.
You are missed, please pray for us.Matt
(Keller, Texas)
I came home from a wedding in California on Sunday. My husband left our computer on the CNN announcement. He knew I have been keeping up with you. It looks like "The Beloved Bridegroom" has come and you have taken you lantern to meet Him. It was shinning brightly. I pray the Holy Spirit will comfort those who grieve at your passing.
Deepest Sympathy, Love and prayers to the Family - saw you with Tammy Faye at the Southern Christmas Show - as you passed through the crowd, people stopped and bowed their heads as I did - offering up prayers for you all.
The rest of the Christmas season - I found myself humming "We're Blessed" - remembering that song from years became my personal Christmas Carol this year.
Tammy Faye was a symbol of truly unconditional Faith, Love and Joy to me. Her journey has kept me going during some of the toughest times in my life - when I feel sad, I remember her "Never Give Up" spirit and deep deep faith!!- She was and IS my real-life heroine for her bravery and courage and unabashed refusal to quit when things were rough.
I will continue to pray for you all.
Lisa Simpson
(Clarkton. Missouri)
Tammy may you now be surrounded by all your loved ones that have gone on before you and surrouded by the angels... You are now healed sweety... As a ministers daughter, I believe in the Lord and believe in his love for us all and what he tells us.... I know that you have a new body , you are no longer sick and in pain anymore... I watched your last interview on Larry King and could not believe the strength you had to do that in your fragile state , but that was you.... The one regret I have is never being able to meet you and get one of those wonderful hugs and see that infectious smile you always had through out your sickness and in life always..... I did not know you personally but I loved you and will miss you... And guess what one day I will meet you when we are together in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and I look forward to that day...... To your family our hearts and prayers are with you.....
Love to you all from people that love and care for all of you.....
The Simpsons
(Ft Myers, Florida)
Tammy Faye was a true example of faith in the Lord. Tammy reminded me of Pope John and his journey during the dying process to join Jesus Christ. They both have shown that dying is work, that is faith and belief in all things work for the best. With such role models, death is not to be feared but to be looked forward to as the next adventure with our Lord and Savior. I know Tammy Faye is in heaven and eating that hamburger and french fries while watching over all of us down here.
God be with her family and bring them comfort during this painfully sad and empty time. The lord does heal, as I have experience the loss of my husband.
It is so wonderful to know that in heaven there is no more pain and our bodies restored.
God bless all of you and her caregivers as well as her husband and children...
My prayers are with you...
(Floyd, Iowa)
You've left us for awhile.
We'll miss your lovely smile.
But death cannot erase
All the sweet memories that took place.
Although you've gone away.
In your heart you'll always stay.
Our gift from God above...
Our Legacy of Love!
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