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(Southlake, Tx)
Tammy, you showed us all what REAL LOVE is. You lived it LOUD. I thank God for your life and we will miss you. What a day it must have been when 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' MET the eyes of Jesus Christ! You will always be loved!!
(Waverly, Ohio)
Dearest Tammy,
I am so happy that you are with Jesus. Isnt it great up there? I watched you on the Surreal Life, and I had my children watch, to let them see what a true Christian is. I will always think about your faith, how strong and real it was. And I Thank You for always ending everything with you are praying for myself and my family. You are a beautiful person, forever. A true believer that God I know, is very happy to have in his house.
My love always,
Angela Renee Montgomery
(Mayfield, KY)
Tammy, you are one of the 5 people that I want to meet in heaven. :) Rest in peace, beautiful lady.
(Raleigh, nc)
You are with the angels now...god bless you.
Tehani Tanoa
(Honolulu, Hawaii)
You are the epitome of what it is to be a Christian. Unconditional love and acceptance is how you lived your life. I want you to know that as you are up in have made a difference in my life. You inspired me to be a better being, a better Christian and a better soul. I thank you so much. I am eternally grateful to you and I know because of my faith and love in God...I will see you up in Heaven.
Janet Dicke
(Rochester, Minnesota)
I have been keeping up with Tammy Faye news and interviews/shows over the years since she would visit Jim here while he was in prison. I don't exactly know why but she immediately struck me as the sort of person that would give you a hug and listen - be a shoulder to cry on even if she didn't really know you very well or even at all. I lost my mother to brain cancer when I was a year old and seeing how Tammy was with Trishelle on the Surreal Life reinforced that feeling I have had about her from the beginning. The world is now missing a powerful force of kindness and good. We all that loved and appreciated her in life; must now carry her kindness and goodness on for her in her memory.

My deepest sympathy goes out to her family and friends. She is home with the Lord and out of pain.

Rest in Peace Tammy Faye
Johanna Segberg
(LLoydminster, Aberta, Can)
Thank you for sharing your true faith with us for years. I will miss following you and your family since being a member of the PTL Club. May you have found the peace that we all hope to in our earthly journey. May the Lord keep and watch over your family and mine. Thanks for the memories.
(Middleburg, FL)
I was just a little girl when I learned of your plight. I have a heavy heart for all of your suffering. May you now have peace. You seemed like such a lovely woman. God bless your family. I know I miss my mom and I know they will miss you.
(Orlando, FL)
You will be missed!
(Citrus Heights, CA)
I don't know much about your past but when I saw you the first time on Larry King three years ago I started to admire you. Your strength, optimism and upbeat attitude remind me so much of my own mom. It is so sad that you had to leave this earth so early. Rest in peace.
Irene Short
(Marietta, Georgia)
I am your friend Patty's cousin and she had expressed to me how much she loved you. I send my sympathies to your family and thank the Spirit of God for your life.
(san diego ca)
Tammy you will be missed dearly. You will always be agreat inspiration to me. May you rest in heavenly peace.
(Springfield MO)
Whatta lady. The example you set of love and faith and joyfulness and patience in suffering is awesome, it takes my breath away.
(Midwest, USA)
Now you are in Heaven... you are no longer in pain and not suffering anymore. Rest In Peace, Tammy. _\m/
Give Jesus a big hug for me. I hope to see the two of you one day in heaven!
(Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
As a spiritualist, I know Tammy is with her family that have gone before her. She is happy, and she is whole again. No one shold mourn, but those who loved her should rejoice. She is finally free now!!
(West Deptford NJ)
To Tammy Fayes' husband & Children,I am so sorry for your loss...My family got to know her after seeing her on The Surreal Life...She was our favorite!!We could tell what a real person she was!May God keep her safe ! She will be missed!
(Portsmouth Ohio)
Dear Tammy you are now in heaven. No more suffering, pain, and sorrow. You are a Christian woman who handled things the way it should be handled when a Christian has trouble coming in her life. God said to you I bet "Well done good and faithful servant". It is like you said many times that God did not promise a rose colored life. God said He would get you through and He sure has done it for you. God Bless You Tammy Faye and I pray for your family who will miss you so much and also your fans who listened to you when preaching the gospel and just life learning. You are now with Jesus and He gave you a great big hug when you arrived at the pearly gates and said "Welcome Tammy Faye well done good and faithful servant". Rest in Peace Tammy Faye and I will see you in Heaven.
Love and Prayers
well i just wished i would have figured out this web site sooner tammy has helped me so much in my walk with the lord and i she will be greatly missed and i will continue to pray for her loved ones!
(Kingsport, TN)
You are now resting in the arms of the lord...Peace is with you...
the cochran
(kaiser mo)
we hope you and jesus christ are having the time of your life and for the family we are very strong christians and we pray for you all ever day what an insperation you have been on all of us we love you and will keep praying everyday for you all
Cathy Edman
(Huntington Beach, CA)
Tammy Faye, all I can say is thank you. You made me a better person. Peace be with you.
Lori D
(Boise, Idaho)
Sweet Tammy,

You are home now with our Sweet Savior. Your journey here on this earth is over, but we will all see you again. Rest in peace Until we meet again. God Bless your loved ones.
(Dayton, Ohio)
Rest now, there is no pain. My own Mother is suffering from lung cancer and you have given her great strength. I know you are where you most wanted to be and you'll be watching over all of us. Know that you have been in our hearts, and we will continue to smile when we think of you.
(rockbridge, IL)
Wow,there are people in our world we that we don't always appreciate until they're gone. That voice of yours was always full of energy and enthusiasm, even in that final Larry King appearance. I am not a religious person, but I always enjoyed listening to you and your encouragement. You held on to your faith to the end and I admire you for that. I know you are now at peace and no longer in pain. Thank you for touching so many lives.
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