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Jackie Le
(Costa Mesa, CA)
Tammy Faye - you are such a beautiful person and your energy and positive outlook has truly inspired so many people who are struggling with their own illnesses. you will be missed. may you rest in peace in the house of the lord where you belong.
john woodle
(gatlinburg tn)
i am so deeply saddened to hear that you have gone on to be with the lord Tammy Faye...kinda selfish i know. but ya know our loss is heavens gain. and you truely had a heart for the people. i was lucky enought to see you in person so many times as a young teenager. i sure hope they do a memorial for the people to pay proper respects to such a dear sister in the Lord!!

my prayers are with her two wonderful children and her loving husband!!!
(San Francisco)
Truly a hero, truly a woman, true faith. Tammy you will be forever missed... I gained the ability to embrace ALL that God had created me to be and to look at myself and others with the eyes of Christ. I think he might wear lots of mascara... Thank you for your undying and unshakable passion for people and humility. Until we meet again.
Lorri Huff
(Union City, Tennessee)
I want you to know that you are all in my thoughts. I was raised watching Tammy and I have always respected her strength. No matter how hard life knocked her down, she always bounced right back up. I strive to be like her in those ways. She was, is, and will always be someone to cherish and love. May her unconditional love of everyone and everything keep touching lives both in the worldly and christian communities.
lydia, richard, and howell redman
(north carolina)
you were such a sweet spirit. We will see you in Heaven. Rest in peace.
Angie Licavoli
My thoughts and prayers are with Roe and Tammy's children. It must be a Comort to know that she is now singing in that Heavenly choir with the Lord Jesus Christ that she served so faithfully.
Mary My you find peace and love as you have always given it so freely.
(Charles City, Iowa)
I was very saddened to her of Tammy Faye's death. I watched her just the other night on Larry King give her last interview...I was shocked by her appearance but was also amazed at her beauty and strength. I met Tammy Faye once while I was working in a clothing store in Rochester, Minnesota during the time that her ex husband was in prison. She came into the store and shoped for her daughter...another sales associate refused to wait on her...I had no problem waiting on her...she was very pleasant and graceous and we had a nice short conversation, I never asked her or said I knew who she was I just treated her like I would any other customer...and I actually felt sorry for her and all the scutiny she had undergone even though I doubt she would have accepted that. There were several people following her around and pointing at her as she went through the mall and I wanted to tell them to leave her alone that she is a human being and to have some respect. Tammy Faye however just took it all in stride never giving into truly amazed me...her strength and courage. You could see the saddness in her eyes but you could tell she wasn't going to let that ruin her day! And that she knew that she would overcome it with the grace of god and she did...I saw that same look the other night on Larry King. My encounter with her was very brief but I think I took alot away from it. What a strong women. And what a beautiful soul.I think I could have easily been her friend!My heart goes out to her lucky you were to have her! P.S. What a gorgeous picture of her on this sight!
Terry Trahan
Goodbye My Tammy Faye, Your unconditional Love for all of the people of the world is the reason your going to be so missed. Thank you so much for saying goodbye to all the people who loved you. I'll never forget you.
Keith Smith
Thank you Tammy Faye.
David Ybarra
(West Hollywood, CA)
Tammy, You have been an angel in my life for as long as I can remember. I laughed, I learned to pray again, and I learned to love better -myself and others, by being blessed to know you. You changed my life the day we met, and the times I was extra-blessed to be around you afterwards were truly heaven-sent. You will always have my respect, courage and deep love.

I hope we meet again someday. You will always be in my heart, and though I hurt today, I rejoice, tearfully, knowing that somewhere in heaven, you have a piece of my heart with you.

I love you and I will always miss you.

Your friend,

(Forest Hills, NY)
Tammy-What can I say. You showed the world and me what it is to be strong, humerous and faithful in the face of adversity. That smile.. I will never forget. We love you and will miss you greatly. Rest in peace and keep smiling.
(Belle Mead, New Jersey)
You are now singing in the light of Jesus, where you always belonged.. When I watched Larry King I realized you were saying Goodbye to all of us out here who were praying for you and who followed you all these years. Thank you for your light one more time. Even in such illness you reached out to us one more time. Comfort to Roe and your children.
From watching you as a young teen on PTL and experiencing life with you as a 30+ yr old. I believe that GOD is real. His power to forgive and restore is real and I am thankful for your sweet life. Your big blue eyes surrounded with thick eye make-up and your huge tears of compassion which you shared for so many souls over so many years.
Shalom...oh and I hope you enjoy a heavenly burger!!! Thankyou for the memories...."Thy WORD (Oh Lord) is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my pathway".
(Kansas City)
God Bless and Keep your family at this difficult time.
Anna Kelly
(Sacramento, CA)
I send wishes of love, peace and comfort to your family and friends.
I know you have been completely healed and I know that we will be in heaven together. Thank you for being a sweetheart and such a darling spirit.
Heaven must be even more fabulous now that you are there, dear lady. God bless you and much love, sister!
(Lexington, KY)
Although the press and the world viewed Tammy as a bit of a "cartoon" character, never was that a moment that she wasn't REAL! Always the same loving, honest, and caring person. Now she is enjoying that hamburger and those fries..with my dad.
(sheboygan wi)
You will be well missed Tammy Faye! You may not know it, but you were an icon to so many! Thank you for your humbleness! Thank you for being you and not being afraid to be u!
Jennifer Rickenbacker
(Aransas Pass , Texas)
You are no longer in pain. You have always inspired me. I watched The Jim and Tammy show as a child. You are with the Lord now. You will be missed by all. We love you Tammy. You are a special person. I think you have touched more lives than you know...........
Mrs.Donna Gibson
(Honea Path, SC)
Dearest Tammy,
The battle is over... rest in the arms of the Lord. Thank You for touching a deep part of my soul through your faith and your precious walk with the Lord. Tammy you took let people see Christ in your walk and through you to a whole new level. You will be greatly missed...a part of you stays with us all who admired and loved you. Our prayers now continue for your daughter, son, husband, grandkids for the Lord to bring comfort and peace and healing to them in their greatest hour of need.
Love is Eternal,
Mrs.Donna Gibson
July 23,2007
(San Antonio, Tx.)
Thank you, Tammy. You will be missed.
You are the true spirit of Christ and an inspiration to all. Rest in Peace!
Darlene (Yaya)
(Dover, NH)
I remember you singing "we are blessed" and I still sing that. We are blessed to have such a beautiful inspiration. You are beautiful inside and out. You are a hero to me. You have had such a powerful, positive effect on my life. I thank God for you and know in my heart, you finally are eating your hamburg with lots of ketchup and french fries. We now are blessed with another guardian angel. God Bless your family.

You are missed, but always always remembered. I love you Tammy, you are finally home.

(Roanoke, TX)
Faithful Tammy - Faithful to your God, His Word, Jim, your children, grandchildren and Roy. Faithful to God's promises to you - and now you have entered into the fullness of His promise of eternal life with no sickness and no saddness. May your legacy of inner strength in every possible kind of adversity bring peace. You were a forerunner for the Christian television stations of today - and they all owe you a debt of gratitude.
(La Habra, CA)
Thank You Tammy for being such and inspiration and role model. I consider myself blessed to have been touched by your words.
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