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Mency Anne Paul
(Kenly, North Carolina)
You have taken that journey we all must take. I am sure there is a fresh brightness in Heaven right now because you seemed to bring light wherever you were along with that precious smile and love for our Lord. You will be missed.
Love and prayers to all those you left behind.
Sandra Whitmarsh
Some call it Heaven I call it Home.You are home now sweet child of God.I am sure Jesus was standing there with open arms ro receive you with a Welcome Home Tammy come and see all I have prepared for you.Here is a poem that puts me n mind of you. Remember Me
Remember me with Love and Laughter,
Thats the way I'll Remember you all,
If you can't Remember Me but with Tears don't Remember Me at all.
Tammy thats how I will remember you with the love of God that shone through and around you and touched the lives of others.I will remember your laughter as the sound of many windchimes blowing in the wind. Each one unique with their own sound of musical laughter.To Tammy's family my prayers are with each of you.
(Montgomery, Alabama)
God has a beautiful sweet angel now. Though she loved this life, Ms. Tammy is truly in a much better place. God bless her, her family and all of her fans. She has left us with much Godly wisdom to get us through these trying times in this life. Some day soon I, too, want to meet her and others in heaven. This world is not our eternal home........
(Charleston, WV)
Your greatest gift was that you were able to love unconditionally. Oh, what a gift!
Marguerite Boyd
(Palmdale Ca)
Dear Tammy," Rest in peace "You was a great Happy person. You was always A joy to see on the TV.My prayers and thoughts goes out to your loving family.

love M.boyd

Bob Evans
(Ronkonkoma, N.Y.)
Please pray to the Father for us, Tammy Faye. We know that you went right to his loving arms.Your life was a true imitation of Christ. If there is an anteroom to heaven you surely by-passed that place. God bless you.
Josiah Sean
My deepest most heartfelt condolences to all of Tammyís many friends and family members.
I will never forget all the many wonderful things she has done for the world or for me personally.
I was truly blessed to have the privilege of getting prayed over by her a couple years ago. What an amazingly resilient woman! Going through chemo therapy and still ministering to people and traveling the country in the name of God. I donít think Iíve ever seen anyone so perfectly typify the power of faith and the love of God. Iím so sad to hear of her passing, but so happy to know where she ended up.

I love you Tammy!
(East Lyme, CT)
Thank you for your inspiration and the way you reached out to ALL people in your last years. I remember hearing the phase "Your life may be the only bible some people read". Despite your trials, I believe you saved many people.
(Seneca, SC)
Tammy, You will always be an inspiration to me, your courage, bravery, sense of humor, faith, strength and love for everyone will never be forgotten, enjoy your hamburger and fries now that you can finally eat them. I look forward to meeting you someday in glory.
(gillette wyo )
tammy faye was a wonderful lady will be missed.god bless you
Fredricka Hill
(Parkin, AR)
I viewed PTl back years ago may God's grace and mercy be with you all during this time of bereavement.
marie graves
(acworth, ga )
Dear Tammy, I hope you know how much you are thought of and missed. I deeply regret that I never got to meet you. I pray that one day I will get to meet your daughter and son. Hope heaven isn't boring but I know it's not with you there.
Sandi H.
May God be with the family at this time and the days ahead. Tammy Faye touched so many lives throughout her life. She made so many see Jesus threw her eyes, made so many people turn Christians...her love for her family was inspiring and so true... She was a woman of all women. She will not be forgotten, she will live on thru cherished memories.... I send my prayers to her wonderful children, her husband Roe and other family members. What a remarkable woman... even thru her pain she still believed in the Lord and she never let the Lord down... follow in her footsteps even though it will be hard to do, however I can see she left a path ahead!
Joey B
(Lexington, Kentucky)
May you finally rest in peace without suffering anymore. God Bless your family and give them strength in this sad time.
Katey Hasson
(San Leandro, California)
Dear, Precious Tammy--
You are now one of God's special messengers in heaven, as you were here on earth, but even more so now. You are so priceless as a child of God, Tammy Faye.
You touched and influenced me, and I'm sure so many others, deeply in the 80's and beyond. I still hear your songs "You Can Make It," "Mercy Rewrote My Life", "Run to the Roar" and others coming from your sweet voice both in my mind and on my old-fashioned vinyl record player.
Tammy, you go back a long way in my life, and I've seen your different pert and perky looks over the years, sometimes through smiles and sometimes through tears. I always saw that Christ-like spirit in the Eyes of Tammy Faye...even in your illness, this never did fade away.
I remember how you not only saw life's happenings as a cup just half full, but filling and overflowing. You never missed the big vision. I know you see it now.
Tammy, I know many of us wanted that miracle of your healing here on earth..Maybe we were selfish in wanting to see you here writing your notes and sharing your sorrows and joys, and being inspired by the beautiful way you looked at life every day you got up. I know I would have loved to see those sallow cheeks fill once again, that weight come back on, those hamburgers devoured with catsup and whatever you wanted. Some of us must be asking, "Why God did you let this happen? Why did You take Tammy from us?"
I prayed about this and got an answer--it was to witness another miracle.
I was thinking of you quite strongly during the week you left us. Much more so than usual..I shall forever be in awe of your courage and shall and already do miss your perky upbeat little self.
I saw photos of you just a couple of years ago, and then you on your last appearance. I was, quite honestly, shocked that this terrible disease should take such a tremendous toll on you, yet you still carried on, still prayed for others, still used that God-given brain that somehow survived the ambush on your body to continue to witness through the vocal cord that worked.
Why did you stay on in such agony? It was if the Lord gaven you added strength and courage beyond human understanding because He wasn't quite through with the work He had for You to do here.
It was if he had said, "Dear Child of Mine, I will not give you a cross more than you can bear. Don't worry about your looks, all on earth is vanity, but your spirit is divine, of Me. I want you to appear before your public one last time as a Witness to Me. Don't worry about your emaciation, dehydration, pain, and the devastating assault your earthly illness ravaged on your physical self You know that wasn't of Me. Soon and very soon I shall come for You, and You will be comforted, RESTORED and whole. You will don a white robe, singing and praying in the beauty of Heavan.
But now, you must go before millions of people, sitting upright with courage, wearing the red of My passion, still shining My light through your eyes, still twinkling those eyes, using that good mind that remains with you. You let people know that You still bear Witness to Me and My promises. You will show that still walk with Me, faith unwavered. And I want you to tell others you are praying for them and wish them peace and joy...I want you to share that Your walk with me and unwavering faith are the things you most want to me remembered for. And this You did. And to this, I say, My Child, you have done a good job. You life was well lived for Me."
And then, the very next day, He kept his promise, took away all pain from our sister and mother Tammy Faye, and took her unto Him in Heaven, where she joins the saints who pray for us. She is RESTORED in Heaven, Hallelujah!
Tammy Faye, I hope your website will always stay here in memory of you, so we can continue to be inspired by your life.
My condolences to Tammy Sue, Jay, Roe, and the rest of your family and loved ones for their great loss.
Keep Praying for us in your Heavenly Home. Peace and comfort be with you always.
In Christian Love, Katey
(Cypress, TX)
Tammy, you have left a tremendous legacy for the next generation. I believe the young people will grasp your heart's message.
Barr Family
Sing sweet Tammy, Sing praises to the Lord! We are thankful your time here is over and you are no longer in pain.
Give Jesus a hug for me!
(Columbia, PA)
Your faith in God - loving nature to all -- lack of "judgmentalism" of others, and ability to laugh at yourself (shown in the Surreal Life) - positive outlook...These are the things about Tammy Faye that have been inspirational to me. God bless!
Hope FM
(Woodstock, ON, Canada)
Tammy, you have been a blessing to many. Now, you are at home with our Lord! Our deepest sympathy to the family.
The staff of Hope FM
Bill and Pam
(Rock Falls, Illinois)
Dearest Tammy,
We will always love you! We will miss you so much,and someday we will all meet in heaven! Jesus has now welcomed you with open arms! LOVE YOU ALWAYS!
(Upland, CA)
I always enjoyed your interviews on Larry King! Although I didn't know much about you, you always came across as a genuine, caring person. So, I guess you finally got to meet Mrs. Graham? :)
Moon Trent
(Merced, CA)
you taught us all a lot
you will be missed
(Columbia, Maryland)
I am truly saddened to hear of Tammy's passing. I am the type of person who many would least expect to be a fan of Tammy Faye, but I am. I offer my condolences to Tammy Faye's survivors. Tammy, I hope you rest in peace and I will always remember to turn lemons into lemonade!!!!
(Gastonia, NC )
Tammy was such a wonderful lady and will be missed. I pray for peace and comfort for her family.
I lost my mother to lung cancer in 2005 and wrote Tammy about it. She wrote back and was such an inspiration to me during my trials and pain. I will never forget kindness and encouragement. Thank you Tammy. May you rest in eternal peace with Jesus.
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