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(Irwin, PA)
Tammy, I used to watch PTL every day before I went to work 2nd shift. I was a baby Christian and you & Jim blessed me more than words can say.
You made the Lord proud at your heroic homecoming. I hope you've had a few burgers by now. :-)
My prayers are with your family.
Lorraine d Yosas
(La Habra Ca )
allo famalia de la Tammy Fay
I am so glad I caught the interview on the 18th. I can't remember the last time I witnessed something so beautiful. courage, strength, perseverance and character. and love. thank you.
(Charlotte, NC)
Tammy Faye,
I have drawn much of my courage and inspiration from you over the past few days. I know that you left this earth with peace in your heart, and that's how I want to leave here, as well. Becuase of you, I've been able to let go and forgive so many things and so many people. You will be missed, and I truly hope I meet you in heaven.
(Huntington, Arkansa)
I saw Tammy at PTL in 1989, at the shopping center there, and what a beautiful place for Christians PTL was!
A lot of work went into it, and rather than restore, some chose to tear it down, but Tammy was not bitter. Now, she is young and restored to health, and
I am grateful for what she stood for, and how she loved EVERYONE. My most sincere condolences to the children, (you have a big job ahead, and great influences.)to Roe, to Jim and his family. You all give out continuously,
may the Lord give out to you in this time of mourning. Tammy we will miss you.
(Dubuque, IA)
Tammy was a beautiful, loving, kind woman that saw the good in everyone! She was too special for this world. God couldn't get her into his arms quick enough! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this most difficult time! Much love, Andrea~
(Doniphan mo)
May I see you in heaven someday! Eyelashes and all!!!!
The Rev Karol L Faasse
(Eden Prairie MN)
To our Father who is in Heaven, thank you for Tammy's life and for letting us enjoy the masterpeice you created in our sister and fellow heir to the throne in Your Kingdom. I look forward to joining her and all the family one day soon.
Betty L
(Voorhees, New Jersey)
You were a gift from God with your courage and your sincere belief. You will outlive all your detractors who failed to see how genuine you were. You shame us all with your shining bravery in your last hours. I cried and asked God to find a place for you among his angels.
(Jacksonville, Florida)
It brings tears to my eyes to see so many from all over the world leaving their memories of Tammy. She was one of the first to embrace AIDS victims and showed a true Christian spirit. She will be greatly missed and I know she is walking with Jesus, because she was following his footsteps here on earth!
Aaron &Christina Freeman
(Vero Beach, Florida)
It is so sad to see you go. I am glad, however you do not have to suffer any longer. I only wish some people in this world could be as pleasant and kind as you were till the day you died. Our family will miss that contagious laugh you always had. Now you can have that cheeseburger and fries..
N Alvarez
You are inspiration to all...GOD BLESS YOU!
Alan Miller
(Miami Florida)
Tammy I never met you but always as a child loved you and Jim. I always admired both of you even after the network break up and your divorce. I always admired your strenght and courage to jump throught hoops and hurtles and still smile and incourage others. I am sorry I never met you in person. I love the ocean and dream alot of the great depth and openess God has created for us to enjoy. Like the oceans there is calmness and yet danger and fear of the unknow during a storm, but God take us as we float eat day upon it and gives us the abilty to live and love without fear as you have. As a friend, admirer and person with HIV+. I love you and will miss you. Alan Miller
(Mansfield, MA)
God bless you for your courage and grace in the most difficult times. Enjoy the warm arms of Jesus and someday, when it is our turn; we hope to see you in Heaven. Blessings to you and your family.
Sabrina Kellum
(Brooklyn, New York)
I must be honest my heart is very heavy. I remember PTL when I was a little girl and my grandmother would faithfully turn it on everyday. I know the spirit of God was with you and Jim because I saw my grandma praise so in such a way. Every morning I woke up to PTL and seeing my grandma praising God, speaking in tongues or praise God with dance. I know you had a heart of love and it was sincere. I'm going to miss you so words can't explaine. You were one of the pillars that opened many doors for the righteous it Christian television would not be where it is today without you and Jim. I wish I could have gotten the opportunity to give you a hug and tell you I love you; but, I know now your with the Father and He has made everything right. With much love at this time and always to your children and grandchildren. Please know that my prayers will alway with you the children and grandchildren of Tammy Faye.

The Kellums
Elaine Brown
(Strathroy, Ontario)
What an inspiration you were to all of us Tammy. There will never be another person like you. Watching you on tv the other night showed me to just dig in deeper when adversity strikes. If you could fight cancer with such grace and dignity and joy of the Lord right to the end we all can do it too as long as we stay close to the Lord.

My condolences to Jay, Tammy Sue, Jonathan, James and Roe and all other extended family members. The night that Tammy was dying I kept hearing that song that Tammy sang just after Jim and Tammy lost Ptl (The sun will shine again) and I kept hearing until after I heard that she had passed away). Truely the sun is shining again for her in heaven. What a glorious time she must be having!
(Wixom, MI)
Dear Sister in the Lord, I know you are in heaven enjoying the very best hamburger and fries with lots of catsup! You have the most sweet, tender spirit of anyone I have ever known. You are a beautiful woman both inside and out and will truly be missed!
Anita & Aaron
(Roanoke, VA)
Before her appearance on The Surreal Life we knew very little of Tammy Faye but now consider ourselves very blessed to have had the opprotunity to be enlightened by her.
(San Antonio, Tx)
You are finally at home now with the Lord. You have no more pain and suffering. You will be missed. May God be with your family in this time of need. May you rest in peace.
james edwards/chris hinson
(high point,n.c.)
We will never forget you,all your good comments for all the gay people of the world. All of us by your side and you by ours.You were a wonderful person!! Thank you for everything!!!!
(Duluth, GA)
You have gone home to be with the Lord, there is no more pain just love, joy and peace. Your faith in God during your trials is your living testimony and how it blessed so many.
Bless your family Tammy! And say hi to Jesus for me. Give Him a big hug from me.
To Tammy's Family: I watched her last interview on Thursday night before her passing. I couldn't believe how strong she was on camera knowing how ill she was. She was a unique woman that I will always remember when I hear the song "Lean on Me." I heard her sing it on the PTO club when I was in high school and I've never forgotten how beautiful of a singer she was. A true beauty from the inside out. May God Bless all of you!
Tammy. I followed you to PTL and watched you every day..I followed you when you sang songs and visited women's prisons to encourage and keep these people going at Christmas Time...and you were there on tv for me when I went through a divorce, lost my son, and YOU were there..I'm only one person so I know there are many others who you taught to walk with God and you walk along with them..You helped carry our crosses..along with many crosses of your own.... I know Friday night when God came to get heard the angels sing.... Tammy ...Tammy...
"Come Home come home it's supper time"
You are now having supper with the family of God in heaven...and you can eat all the dessert you want and sing with God's family every day. When all God's Family come's home to sing you are now part of that heavenly family...Tammy, Come Home Come Home it's supper time"
We will remember and love you always..I have followed you way back since the early 70's...You have changed my life and I will always remember YOU.
(Brooklyn Park, MN)
To Tammy's Family/Friends/Loved Ones:

It was so sad to see her so emaciated by the cancer, and yet so uplifting because even in her pain, she knew God had a higher purpose for her. I hope she is at peace and at the Lord's side. She certainly lived her life in those last few years with tremendous dignity and faith--something we could all learn from. God bless and give you strength.
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