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(San Diego, CA)
To a lady of faith and class, to the very end. Rest in peace, you deserve it.
Dawn Rager
(Johnstown PA)
You were courageous until the end. Rest in peace.
tammy, you are so deeply missed. you were and are such a great inspiration in my life. i find peace and comfort knowing that you are now in heaven. god bless roe, jamie, and tammy sue. tammy sue please do a new album in honor of your mother. god bless.
(Omaha, NE )
Dear Tammy Faye, Bless your heart. My heart cried out for you when I saw you on Larry King.

May you rest in peace, god bless you.
Joy Hoover
(Wheeling, Wv)
My Condolences To The Family and Friends of'Tammy Faye'.
As you grieve know that we are remembering you and honoring the memory of “Tammy Faye”.
May your heart and soul find peace and comfort.
Peace, Prayers and Blessings,
Joy Hoover
Wheeling, Wv
God bless you Tammy. You have been an inspiration to many in sickness and health during good and bad. It is so sad that you are gone but some how comforting that you are with God looking down on us. You were always hope. as you sang...The sun will shine again. Prayers and love to you and your family.
Polly Parish
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
There had to be rejoicing in heaven when Tammy Faye entered.
(Orange County, CA)

You made us all smile but more than anything you made us better people. Your faith and love of your family will always be remebered.

Thank you Jesus for giving us Tammy.
I miss our church we had in orlando.IT was fun unloading the semi and setting up the studio.I loved hearing TAMMY SUE sing live.IT was nice eating lunch with you and our church.YOU gave so much to this world.I know you went to heaven.Love,Karen.
(freeport il.)
Rest In Peace Dear, your with our Saviour. your favorite place! you were so beautiful.
Beverly Hylton
We'll miss you and see you soon, Tammy.
(El Salvador)
Rest in peace, you were victorious in your faith and now are with your Lord. Life began for you when you closed your eyes!
You went on Larry King to say goodbye to us, then you went home. Rest in peace, sweet Tammy Faye. I hope Heaven is just like you thought. I'll miss you, but I'll never forget you.
(Dubuque, IA)
Tammy was a beautiful, loving, kind woman that saw the good in everyone! She was too special for this world. God couldn't get her into his arms quick enough! My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends during this most difficult time! Much love, Andrea~
Catherine Wilson
(Hayward, CA)
You will continue being an inspiration with your kind sweet heart and your unshakeable faith in the legacy you've left. I can say now, I truly have been touched by an angel. You. My heart felt prayers to you and your family.
Paula H
(Toronto Ontario Canada)
Soldier on, Soldier on..
Thanking god your pain has gone,
Soldier on, Soldier on,
We'll miss you.
Shawn P. Hanshew
(Newarl, DE)
I met Tammy many years ago at a start up operation that she and Jim were getting off of the ground. She was the most graceful and kind woman I have ever met. She has done so much for all walks of life and I am sure that God had a great smile on his face when she came home. Sing away Tammy!!! We miss you down here!
August DeDual
(East chicago, Indiana)
I grew up with you Tammy. I watch your kids grow up with me, and you were such an insprition to me as well as your family. My god bless your family. and ,I hope to see you, and my parents sometime soon.. Rest in peace
Mary Johnson
(Redondo Beach, CA)
Rest in Peace Tammy Faye. You were an inspiration to so many people. You were kind with your words and loving with your heart. Amen.
D.L. Thorne
(Las Vegas, NV)
Rest in Peace.

You are in a much better place now, dear lady!
Brandon Bays
(Ponder, TX)
Thank you, Tammy, for calling all people to be better stewards of faith, hope and unconditional agents of love and charity.

Keep your eyes upon us, Tammy.
Nancy Park-Johnson
(Pt. Reyes Station, Ca.)
I knew of you and your indomitable spirit which I admired. God bless and rest in peace and look over the injustices that have been done to me if yoou can. i lost my twin 4 monthes ago and he's in the only real home he ever had.
(North Carolina)
Tammy Faye will always live in our hearts. My prayers are with her family.
Her faith and her spirit will always be an inspiration for us all. I am so glad that her suffering is now over and
she can rest peacefully in the arms of
the Lord.
(Tulsa, OK)
To the thoughts are with you. Rest in Peace Tammy.
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