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Margaret Wilczewski
(Etobicoke, Ontario)
Rest in peace for now you are with the lord. God Bless You!
(san antonio,texas)
gob bless your sweet heart , i loved you on ptl and loved you on surreal life you are just a real down to earth person. you were so brave..........
Joseph N Felice jr
I knew tammy faye for years. when I found about her death I was in tears. she is in heaven like she said on larry king live she is going to heaven. well she is there now singing a storm.
god bless you and your family
(Pensacola, FL)
Rest In Peace!
Ari Tammy, you blessed my life. Your last interview really changed my life. God bless you always, rest in peace as I know you are.
(Truro, NS, Canada)
I watched you in the 70's on PLT and was at heritage USA, the day in March 1987, when the scandal first came out. I always believed there was far more good in you and Jim then what the media dished out. You are such an inspiration to many. Your legacy will be a GOOD one. You put yourself out there...and was vulnerable, even though you were criticized for it. Jesus did the same. Only HE was perfect....we aren't, so if and when we make mistakes, He understands. Your heart was in the right place. I KNOW that you will hear the words "Well Done"....when you see Jesus..Blessings to your children and grandchildren
(St. Petersburg, Florida)
I did not know you in person, but I knew you in spirit. When I saw your last interview, with all the pain and discomfort you must have been feeling you were still smiling. You have God's favor, and continue to smile.
(Freeport, NY)
Tammy Faye was such an inspiration to me. May she rest in peace at her home in heaven where she will spend eternity with no more pain or suffering. Her family and friends are in my prayers.
Andy Appleby
(Greenville, Ky.)
God Bless Tammy ! May she rest in the Lords arms ! We love and miss you !
Lisa Lopez
Rest in peace and now you are with the you tammy we will always remember you.
Christina Bullington
(Nashville, Tennessee)
"I wish I could see the angels faces
when they hear your sweet voice sing"
Tammy Faye, you were such a little fire cracker for the Lord. Your spirit, faith and witness will never be forgotten.I hope to someday meet you in the lovely heavens above.
Bless you!
In Christ,

Maggie G
(Simpsonville, SC)
Rest in peace, Tammy Faye, Rest in Peace. You inspired so many and now your work is done and God has called you home. We were all touched by you, sweet angel, and we will never forget you. My heart breaks for your family and for the sorrow they are feeling at this moment, but something good comes from your life here on earth and we thank them for sharing you with us. You gave us all so much with your love. Rest in peace, rest in peace.
(Overland Park, KS)
I am sure that you are loving your new home in heaven! So much better than anything here on earth--even here in Kansas City. To the end, I never heard you say anything but positive, good, and uplifting things. Your influence will never be forgotten! Yay! You finally got to go HOME!
(Toronto Canada)
My Sister and I where wacthing Tammy on the TV the other night and we where sad to see such a strong and wonderful humane being look so weak.My heart goes out to Tammy's faimly, remember the best things about her and she will never leave you.
(Fort Worth, Tx)
Fly high with your beautiful wings..Till we meet again
chuck hurley
(Orlando, FL)
God Bless you Tammy Faye, say hi to my mom, I know she can't wait to meet you!
Kristina Garcia
(San Antonio, Tx)
May god keep you safe in his arms tammy, and may your children heal with his help. God Bless You.
Terry Ann
(Vacaville, CA)
God bless the entire family. Tammy was such a huge part of my life and that of my children. I would watch her and my kids loved watching her. My grandmother actually got me to watching her because she loved her too. Tammy touched so many lives..she had a divine destiny that she fulfilled. I know that the family will miss her, but we all know that she is finally with her Jesus and without pain. We can all get a hug when we meet her there. But for now, God bless the family with peace, joy and abuntant memories of one classy, funny and ever so real lady. Love, T
(Matthews, NC)
I enjoyed our times at Neighborhood Bible Study. The Christmas parties at your house were a hoot. We laughed so hard we hurt. You were like a little bird, Tammy, and now you've flown away to heaven. Now you have a new body in Christ and no more pain.
(Houston, TX)
This message is really for your husband, your children, grandchildren and all those that were close to you and loved you so much. I know you'll miss her, who wouldn't miss her warm smile and her beautiful personality? I'm so glad she isn't sufferring anymore. Too many years of it, but God answered prayers. He's healed her, He's ended her pain. She is with Him and could be better? I'll be praying for you and missing her along with you.
Julie Liberatore
(Canal Winchester, Ohio)
Tammy Sue, Jay, Roe, Jim, & Family,
Tammy was a wonderful woman with so much strength, love, kindness. She was & always will be a reason to go on for whatever reason or illness a person may have to deal with. My mother Winnie is a 3 time breast cancer survivor & has had several broken bones, osteoporosis, & arthritis. She has always said that Tammy has always given her the strength to carry on. My mother is 83 years old. When I heard of her passing I cried. I love her music & will never forget her. She is now safely home & in no more pain. As the title of one of her songs "We Are All Blessed" to have known her whether it be by television or by person. May you always rest in peace Tammy & keep on smiling down on all of us & keep the Lord busy too. You will always be an angel to me. Love ya Tammy now & forever & I'll miss you always!!
(Washington, DC)
Tammy Faye just seemed like a genuinely kind, open, person. So accepting of people and caring. And so strong in her faith. I think she's left so many lessons for us to learn from, regardless of our who we are and where we come from. A real jewel.
john bakker
(st catharines, ontario)
rest in peace
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