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(Greenville SC)
I was so sorry to hear of Tammy's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.
(Surprise, AZ)
To Tammy's Husband and Family

So sorry for your lost and what a wonderful woman she was. It is a thrill to think she is now with Jesus and resting in his arms. May you all have comfort from having loved her and knowing she is not at perfect peace!
(Boston, MA)
God Bless the entire Bakker Family as they go through this sad time.
God bless you Tammy Faye! Your good works are now being rewarded! My you find the rest you so desperately needed now with the Lord!! He has worked the marvellous healing we all have prayed for! You are now free from pain and sickness!
Antonio J. Chacon
(San Francisco, CA)
God bless you Tammy. You touched my heart.
Sandra Campbell
(Fort Gay Wv 25514)
To the family of Tammy Faye she will be missed and I will keep all her family in my prayers. I will never forget the great times we had visiting PTL. God Bless Sandy
Mike G.
How different - and amazing - you were to me back in 1977 (when I was just 22) - the first time I saw you and the PTL broadcast on TV at 6:30 a.m. in Philadelphia. I loved your powerful voice!! Though I am not an evangelistic Christian, I am a Catholic, over the years I followed your life as it progressed throught bad times and much better ones. How sorry I was to learn of your [long] battle with cancer years ago. How sorry I am you have now been called home - our loss on this planet of the living who remain. Thank you, Tammy Faye - ALWAYS - for your support of the gay community and for your unheard-of sympathy and kindness to people suffering in the early days of the AIDS crisis. Few famous people took on such a task back then. That alone ensured you a place in heaven next to God, for eternity. I hope one day I'll se you in heaven, too.
Jose Sanchez
Rest in peace .
(Charlotte, NC)
Tammy, Thank you for reminding me what Christ's love is all about and what's important in life. As a gay man I was so disheartened by the church over the last few years. I had wandered far. Thanks to you. I'm back. I haven't met you yet but I will someday.
(Indianapolis, IN)
I feel the same as Christina, thank you for your tribute to Tammy Faye. I couldn't of said it better, she truly was a joy. From another Catholic which found Tammy Faye's faith inspiring.
Brenda Edwards
(Glenmoore, PA)
Dear Tammy,
You are finally at peace.....I have and will continue to admire you Tammy. You have inspired me in so many ways....Thank you....So many Christians are judgemental of others (Especially other Christians) you showed my the meaning of unconditional love...Just as Christ loved unconditionally.....I know will continue to use you hear on this temporary Home front....Rest in Peace Tammy....tell my Mother, Father, and Sister I Love them... See you and them one day in Heaven......
Carmen Stooss
(Lynwood, Illinois)
To Roe and family, friends, and relatives.
There really aren't words to express how I feel doing your loss of Tammy. I truly admired her courage doing her illness. Roe, it seems as though your marriage was a match made in heaven. I was the caregive for my husband when he passed, so I know how difficult it must have been for you.
May the Lord continue to bless you and make the loss a little easier for you.
Remembering there is no more crying or weeping.
Judy Gaerttner
Dearest Family,

My deepest sympathy to all of you in your time of loss. I saw Tammy on the Larry king show on Wednesday the 18, just days before her passing and was touched by her faith and positive attitude. She struggled for every breathe but yet she put on a happy face and her smile lit up the screen. She was so beautiful and talented and now Heaven has a new angel. She can sing all day to the glory of God. She will be missed by all of us whom she touched spiritually on earth. Rest in peace Tammy, rest in peace.
erika c e
(el paso tx)
God love you and take care of may He give u all the hamburgers u want.My prayers are with your family but who know that u are much happier with the Lord. God Bless U always
(Durham, NC)
I hope they have a big parade for you in Palm SPrings! You certainly deserve it! Tammy Faye Day should live on forever! You were a blessing to the gay community.
C Paul Fairbanks
(Wales UK)
Finally at perfect peace with no pain. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement over the years. You will be greatly missed.
Karen Hancock
(Greers Ferry , Arkansas)
I grew up watching the PTL show. I use to rise early in the morning to watch Tammy Faye Baker. I was drawn to her genuine loving spirit for I was raised in a non -loving and non -affectionate home. Ms.Tammy's family became my surrogate family and thru her I was introduced to "God's unconditional love". God truly blessed me! He sent his radiant light in form of woman "Tammy Faye" who willingly and obediently allowed the Lord to use her and reveal his "unconditional love" and joy. The world's offer of substitutes can never compare with a " precious and priceless soul". Her non judgemental, unconditonal and warm approach has led many to Jesus Christ. "Through it all" she herself has ridden many a rough wave only to inspire countless of thousands to resume "fighting the good fight of faith".What a warrior! Her example I will carry with me as a flaming torch to the end and in these last and trying days I will always remember her determination and perserverence. She prevailed in courage, dignity and even applied humor in all of her suffering. To Ms. Tammy's family I wish to express my gratitude for allowing me and others to share in the celebration of her life. God Bless to you; her family.. you are her continuation and extending arms of love, dedication and servitude. I love you and miss you, Ms. Tammy.
Cathy G
(Katy, TX.)
(Milton, DE)
A very fond farewell to a lady who walked the walk and restored some of the credibility that has been systematically eroded away by so many who profess devotion to Jesus Christ while they make a mockery of Him in the course of their daily lives.

I pray that Paradise is even sweeter than you knew it would be.
(Boston, MA)
My sincerest sympathy goes out to Tammy's family. Although I never got the chance to meet her, she has touched my life. Throughout her life trials, she showed us all what grace and faith really mean. She is now truly HOME. God bless you, Tammy, and thank you for all your contributions to this world. I look forward to meeting you someday in Heaven.
I'd seen and read about you through the years...attended a taping at PTL, toured the grounds,I even have a PTL was all nice, it was okay. I then saw you on the Surreal Life and what I saw was someone who had come through the fire,purified,who showed me and the world what a REAL christian looked like.I was so touched by your witness. May we all build bridges of love and find the courage to let go of our prejudices.I pray your family feels the arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around them as they recieve comfort and celebrate your life.God Bless.
Sing and Dance with the Angels you will blend in well with them!
What a lady you are. I remember watching you on TV as a young girl...Your messages always inspired me. Thank you for all your love. God Bless you for eternity.
Deb G.
(Van Wert, Ohio)
I've seen what you and your family is going thru with the cancer. I lost my own father just 9 months ago to stomach cancer. It makes you stop and think alot. I know that you are with my dad in heavens pearly garden basking in the beauty we on earth have never known. I hope your family is comforted to know that even tho we miss the body; the spirit lives on! I feel their pain and loss and I will hopefully be united with the Lord and my father inside those gorgeous gates of Heaven!! Love to you and yours, Deb Gottschalk; Van Wert, OH.
(Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
God Bless you Tammy Faye!!!! I'm praying for you, though I know you don't need the prayers! Rest in our father's arms and delight in life ever after!!! XOXO!!!
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