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(Cape May Court House, NJ)
Rest In Peace Tammy. I was really hoping and praying that by some small miracle you could have conquered your cancer. You inspired many people. I'm sure Heaven had plenty of burgers & fries waiting for you.
Christopher Yohn
(Chicago, IL)
Dear Tammy, you were a special and gifted person and you shared that with the world. Thank you for all you did. You were loved by all. I hope you will see my Mom in Heaven. She died from lung cancer last October.
(Bailey, NC)
Maria Ann
(Branford, CT)
Sing with the angels Tammy, and your voice will be forever heard in our hearts.
(Tamarac, FL)
Bye-Bye Tammy Faye! See ya later on when I leave this surreal life too and get to the REAL LIFE! Woo! Glad you got there, play a game of checkers with Jesus for me... :-)
Sophia Thomas
(Jonesboro, Georgia)
Tammy, Miss Tammy Faye, You have gone to live with Angels, you rejoiced for this special day...
Time delicately put a toll on you, for all the better is seemed, your heart (and eyelashes) stood true, and salvation made you gleam...
Tammy, Miss Tammy Faye, God's presence like the warmth of the sun, has welcomed you to his palace for your eternal stay, and yes, soon we all will come...
Even those of us who just found the Lord, and will never again have to run...See you in Heaven Miss Tammy!
xoxo To All the Family and Peace be with You!
Laura Griffin
(Santa Maria, CA)
I was so sad to find you'd passed away, but you are such a dear heart, I know you're in a better place. Your story made an impact on my life, and I'll always love you for that. God Bless you and your family.
(Angleton, TX)
A bright and shining star has been added to the heavens. We'll still see your light Tammy. God bless.
(Williamsburg, Va)
Tammy Faye has been an inspiration to me for years. My own children watched the Jim and Tammy Show every afternoon.I have several of her tapes that i would play over and over again, especially the one titled "In The Upper Room." I would always play that at Christmas as I did Christmas baking for my family. I awoke yesterday morning thinking that now Tammy has gone past that Upper Room she sang of, and is now in the Very Throne Room of God singing in the presence of her Lord and Savior that she served her entire life!! You deserve it Tammy!!! You truly led a life worthy of Heaven.
Alexander Foxworth
(Amsterdam, The Netherland)
Dearest Tammy, family and friends...
I awoke today to hear that the Lord had decided that it was time.
It is with great sadness that I write this, as, even though I never had the honor of meeting Tammy personally, I feel as if I've lost a close friend.
She touched so many people's lives and carried herself with true dignity throughout her whole life.
Now, she is at peace, where she can sing in Heaven and be pain and sorrow free.
Bless you all.
And, Tammy, if you're looking down on us right now, we already miss you more than you'll ever know.

Much love and peace,
Alexander Foxworth
I want to send the family of Tammy Faye my deepest sympaty in this time of sorrow. Just know she is in a better place and feeling nothing but joy!
Tracey Parker
(Greenville, SC)
"Those Who Bring SunShine To The Lives Of Others, Cannot Keep It From Themselves"...!!! You brought so much SunShine to the Lives of Others while here on earth, now I know you are receiving your SunShine there in Heaven..!!! Rest In Peace and may GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY..!!! We all LOVE ya and will miss ya..!!!!
Kim Bausher
(Bethel, Pa)
At peace at last
To the Family:
I have lost my mom to cancer to in the last 4 weeks it is the hardest The one thing that helps me is that she is whole and no longer in pain and that she is in heaven, may you also find comfort knowing that as well
(Hutto, TX)
God Bless you Tammy! I have followed you since you were on PTL! You always brought a smile to my face and your loving nature is something I will try to imitate as well. You were a real inspiration to us all. God bless your family as well.
Sheron Patton
(Rock Hill, SC)
Just want to say that the battle is over for you, and the suffering has ceased. God makes no mistakes, and we will all see you again in Paradise. Fans and others will miss you. Rest in peace. SP
(Gainesville, GA)
I was always inspired spiritually when I saw you on TV. Your faith, love, and understanding of people will be missed. I will see you in Heaven, then I won't need TV. May God Bless and comfort your family. I know that there will never be another Tammy Faye, but I pray God sends us more like you.
Prophetess LeKenya Trollinger
(Long Island, New York)
Rest In Peace Tammy!!! You're now resting in the arms of your creator. You fought a good fight and you finished your course. Not more pain and suffering. You will be missed but your legacy will live on forever. My prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

God Bless You!!!

Prophetess Trollinger
Tammy Jean
(Chicopee, MA)
I remember watching Tammy a long time ago when I was a young teen and I came upon her TV show. Her face just shone with joy when she sang for the Lord or spoke about Him. Even though she went through so many struggles she never appeared bitter or vengeful on TV--she always had a smile and a positive attitude about God guiding her in this world for a special purpose. It must have been extremely hard for her and her family these past few months but I'm sure her upbeat attitude gave them unbelievable strength. She was a force bigger than life on this earth and my condolences to her family at this difficult time in their lives. Rest in peace, Tammy you certainly earned your place in HEAVEN!
(Nashville, TN)
God Bless You! May the Lord give your family strength during this difficult time. May you be at peace with no more pain! Thank you for your continued ministry in life!
(Laguna Niguel)
Tammy was a beautiful person inside and out, and changed lives for the better wherever she went. She will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.
Linda Wilson
(Monroeville, PA)
Suz, Jay and Roe,
Tammy will be greatly missed. You all are in our prayers. She was a grand lady and a bold witness for Jesus whereever she was - I'm honored to have known her for so long and have such great memories of so many years as her friend. We love you guys!
(Scottsdale, AZ)
Tammy, you preached love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance. You were a true Christian and you taught us the meaning of the word. May you rest in peace.
Lori Davis
Tammy your sweet spirit will be missed. You had a heart of gold. My prayers are with your family.
(Atlanta GA)
Heaven just got a little more beautiful !
Dawn Rambin
(Houston, TX)
When I saw you on "Larry King Live" I thought you were so brave. My father is dying of Lung Cancer and in some small way it was a comfort seeing that even though your body was being taken...your spirit and your humor was still there. I usually do not pray, but that night I prayed that God would finally take you and he did.
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