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(Bronx, NY)
I did'nt really know a lot about Tammy, but the little i know was enough for me to know what kind od person she was. she was so strong and and such a good person. She inspired me in ways i cannot explain so much that i got chills and tears in my eyes when i got the email. But as Tammy would say the Lord does everything for a reason, even when you think it does'nt make sense. God bless you Tammy!!!
Lauren N
May You Rest In Peace.
(Bridgeport, CT)
RIP Tammy, you are at peace now and will suffer no longer. My condolences to your family
Michelle Bergeron
I remember my mom always had the PTL broadcast on television at home. Many times we had no way to church, mom would get her strength watching the program. I myself will always have a special place in my heart for Tammy. I too have seen how cold congregations can be towards people who stumble in their christian walk. I will continue to pray for her family. May God give them strength to continue on in their journey. Keep the faith. God Bless!
Arika Kaosa
(Oakland, CA)
Tammy, bless your heart and I'm glad to know you are in the place you've always looked forward going to when this journey was over and a new one began. You are one of the reasons I became so involved in loving the lord and became a pastor. Thank you for sharing the love of the lord and love for life to millions. God bless and enjoy all the hamburgers and fries you want!
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)
You will be remembered as a woman with a great positive attitude, an open mind for loving all and so much spunk! I really admire you! I will always remember your courage and spunk when I have times of trouble. Thank you for that. You have given this world a gift and now you have gone home. Now you can eat that hamburger!!! I know you are looking down at us all and smiling and you are in no more pain! Love ya!
Lisa Dearner
(McKinney Texas)
God Bless you and my mom loved you so are now in the best of care and no more pain and no more suffering...God Bless your children and keep watch over them as well...thank you tammy for a job well done..
Marie-Anna Day
(Bloomingdale, IL)
Dear Lovely Lady Tammy & Family:
God took you home, but you will remain in our hearts! God Bless You and your loving family. The world will be a little "flat" without you, but Heaven is so much better now that you are there. Remember, no more pain, no more suffering, now born to eternal life. May God's Blessing, peace and comfort be with you, Roe, Tammy Sue (Sissy) and Jay during this difficult time.
(Atlanta GA)
You were one of a kind. What a kind,wonderful person you were. The world needs to learn from all that you did. We will miss you.
(Zion, Illinois )
Now you can rest in peace Tammy and eat that "hamburger" you so desperately wanted sweetheart. You were a wonderful gift God gave to us just for a while and now He wants you back so He can love you more than we ever could. R.I.P.
Christian Gregorio
(Durham, North Carolina)
Understanding that its much too late to add a comment after the fact, I would like to pay tribute to a true lady whom I've enjoyed following. Although I'm deeply rooted in my Catholicism, regretably I've lapsed in my practice. But Ms. Tammy Faye has always inspired me, which only a few people can. I'm relatively young and caught up in college and work, so I don't get much chance to attend church but the times that I've caught Ms. Tammy Faye, whether be through her interviews or special appearances on TV, reminds me that good people are still out there. I was able to relate to her because she possessed the talent to spread the word of God in such a way that made it easy for me to understand ... she was such a cool person. I often get turned off by those that preach in such a fanatical way, she didn't do that at all. She remained respectful to everyone and just set an example, which isn't that what we all should do? I appreciated her steadfast faith in God and believed her to be a genuine person. She was able to poke fun at herself while remaining true to her beliefs and ideals. My thoughts are with her family, and I hope to one day meet Ms. Tammy Faye when I too "GO STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN."
(Nashville, TN)
I've met Tammy several times throughout the years and have found strength through her in her own struggles. God bless you and the work that you have done here. Much love and peace.
Julie Sawden
(Angus On. Canada)
We shall remember you as you were. We will remember you for what you became. A woman of courage, strength and a woman who kept her sense of humour. My heart felt sympathy goes out to your family. Rest in peace, you have earned your rest.
Rena Huffman
(Belton, Missouri)
May God keep you close. You were faithful in your calling and God keeps his promises. I believe you are with him now and rejoicing in his presence. I will meet you in heaven my sister. My prayers are with your family. God Bless!
Liz Massa
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Tammy "You will be missed!!!" Forever in our hearts till we meet again. Rest in eternal peace with the Lord.
Love ya!!!
Debbie wingo
(Iuka Ms)
You Have made it to the place all christians are striving to go.. We love life but not as much as we love the one who has given us have made it... save me a place.. God be with your family and give them memory's of your smiles and not your pain..Tammy sue we we're at the waterpark together as lifeguards, I was the oldest one with 2 are blessed God loves you.. DEbbie
I know you are in heaven now and I am so happy for you. Thank you for sharing so much of you faith with the world.
My faith has been stronger seeing what you have endured through your illness. I pray for your family now, I know that they will find strength knowing they will see you again.
Francesca Fresca
(North Hollywood, CA)
I saw Tammy Faye at a personal appearance here a few years ago and she was so charming and gracious -- full of life. I am hard-pressed to think of another public person who was as genuine. I am relieved that she is free of pain and has taken her place among the angels. I hope there was a hamburger waiting for her when she arrived in heaven.
(Colorado Springs, CO)
Rest in Peace.
(Wichita, KS)
Seeing your last interview on Larry King Live and how happy you were though you were suffering made me pray to the Lord that night to be saved. Its only been a few days but I feel amazing and I have only you to thank! I know you are in Heaven and though I am sad to be losing someone great to look up to I know you are in a great place with our Heavenly Father!
(Charlotte, NC)
You were such an inspiration! You will be missed. Enjoy that burger and fries!
(Silverdale, Wa)
There will never be another one like you. GOD knew what he was doing when he made Tammy Faye. Enjoy that burger and fries! Rest in peace sweet lady.
(Katy, TX)
The world is definitely better for having had Tammy Faye around to show a prime example of what walking in love meant. She is one of a very few people that truly showed Christ's character, who was nonjudgemental. She definitely put to practice the phrase, love the sinner, hate the sin. More Christians need to learn that lesson. I need to learn that lesson. Rest in Peace, dear'll be sorely missed.
Darlene Forsyth
(Kingwood, TX)
Dear Tammy Sue, Jay, Roe, and all of Tammy Faye's extended family and friends...

Your Precious Mother, Wife, Grandmother, and Dear Friend is now resting peacefully in Jesus' arms...

Can't you just hear her now singing Praises to her Lord and Savior???

Tammy put up the bravest fight to stay here with her loved ones...just long enough, until God called her home to her eternal resting place.

Rest in Jesus' Peace, Sweet, Sweet Tammy. You are so very loved and you will be missed more than anyone ever thought possible!!

Love and Prayers,
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