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You have touched my life and have been an inspiration to me. Because of you many more souls are going to Heaven. I know you are singing for Jesus now! Rest in Peace Tammy.
Rest in peace.
(Tucson, Az)
The world is very sad without you here now but all your years of praise and worship to the Lord have helped us all, and I'm sure that God and the rest of the people in Heaven are very excited to finally meet you. May your days on Earth never be forgotten. Rest in Peace my friend.
margie tasker
(swanton md)
to the family of a dear lady Ms Tammy Faye she is now in the arms of our precious Lord she fought a good fight and kept the faith and now her reward is with the Lord. it saddens me that those that knew Ms Tammy turned their back on her when she needed them the most and that was when PTL went through their dark times. to her children my our Lord and Savior keep his hand on you and to her husband the same she will be forever in our hearts. wish i would have known her personally and forgive me for not knowing just how ill she was. praise God she is healed for ever never to hurt again.
love and prayer
margie tasker
someone who loved this lady as a sister in the lord
Jesse J
(Washington, DC)
It is amazing how she was so positive through it all. She truly knew the meaning of loving everyone unconditionally! It breaks my heart that she is gone but it makes me happy to know she is where she always wanted to be. Love you Tammy!
judie ann
may your loved ones know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. i cried and my heart broke when i learned of tammy's death. i hope when i get to heaven tammy and i are able to meet.
Sherry W.
(Greenville, SC)
Tammy you will be missed. I remember watching you as a child on the PTL Club singing your heart out to the Lord.
You will be the icon of love and peace to all those that look up to you.
God bless your family and friends.
I love you,
(dallas, texas)
You touch me in a very special way! Only an angel of God could make such an impact on the world. God speed. I will see you in heaven someday.
(Brooklyn, NY)
You were a sweet and loving woman, and you showed a great example of Christ's love for the world. I hope you're at peace, and my thoughts are with your family.
(Virginia Beach,VA)
May the Lord take you into his loving arms and give you his peace & Love.

i give my sympathy to tammy sue and jay. tammy was a good woman. she always had a smile on her face. she made people have a smile on theie face because she had that way with people.tammy will always be in our thoughts and our hearts. we will all love her. god bless tammy sue and jay.
Eric, Candace and Jadon Thompson
(Hudson, WI)
To Tammy Faye's Family,
Tammy Faye’s life was beautiful...and it will go on forever in the hearts and memories of those it touched.
(Wilmington, NC)
God bless you and your family. You take care.
i give my prayers out to tammy's family. tammy was a good woman. she always had a smile on her face.she will always be remember in our thoughts and our hearts.god bless the family.
kelly clanin
I hope you get your cheeseburger. god bless you!
Candace Thompson
(Hudson, WI)
Tammy Faye, my family and I have always believed in you and your family no matter what the World has tired to say. I was raised knowing who you and your family are. I wish I could have gotten to meet you. You are an awesome woman! God bless you and your family always. Rest in peace.
(granite falls, nc)
Godspeed Tammy!!
(Norwood, PA)
God bless this precious soul and her family!! We will miss you, darlin'!!
You taught me God's love! No one else lived it like you did!! Thanks so much.
Kevin Moses
(Dalton, GA)
Tammy always made me laugh and feel better everytime I heard her speak. May all of her family find peace in knowing she is in a better place. Tammys passing will leave a void in my life. I'll have a burger and fries today and think about her. Rest in peace.
You were such an inspiration to so many people, you will be sadly missed. May you rest in peace and God bless your family!!..We Love You....
(Orlando Florida)
We will miss your positive attitude, even when facing illness. God bless you and may you rest in peace.
(Tampa, FL)
In the early '70's, we were next-door neighbors (Lake Circle Dr.)...we both worked at CBN, we both were betrayed by ones we held dear to our hearts. Bless your heart, dear lady with-the-Lord. I can imagine that you are touching the face of Jesus, praising Him powerfully and you have nothing but eternal bliss in Paradise from now on! No more pain, dear one. No more rejection. No more despair. You are there. Oh, how marvelous it must be -- His face to see!Sing...sing and shout and I'll be there, someday soon, to harmonize with you!
Tim Davis
(Des Moines, Iowa)
Tammy I truly know you may will not get to read this. I really think you were one classy lady. Everytime I saw you on tv you made me laugh and you had such great faith. I really thought you might make it through this ordeal with you cancer like you had before. But God had another purpose. When I saw parts of the interview you did on Larry King I realized how much courage you had and how devestating this illness was for you. I am so glad you were a friend to the gay community I am gay christian man who loved you on PTL and your talk show with Jim J. I will miss you very much even though I have never met you I will always consider you a friend. I feel for your family what they must be going through at this time. Last year I lost a very dear friend and my drag mother (Oh I am also a drag queen too) to aids so I truly understand what they are going through. I will keep them in my prayers. Tammy Faye you will be so missed. I love you always
Tim Davis aka Andrea Rachelle Nightgail Blazer
(Norfolk, VA)
I first met Tammy in the early 70's when she and Jim had their children's television show in Portsmouth. I can't count the number of times I sat in that studio audience. The games! The puppets! The message! Tammy glowed each and every time without fail.

The last time I saw Tammy, was at my church before she moved to Charlotte. I was only about 5 at the time and I remember being so sad she was leaving. She was like family to me (she and my mom were less than a month apart in age). When I went to hug her after the service, I stood in front of her and looked up to see her face, and with all the lights around, and her standing in front of me in that white dress, she was as beautiful as an angel! That's how I'll always remember her.

Your errand on this earth, dear Tammy, has been completed. You will be sorely missed by many, but especially by those of us who were lucky enough to have known you and loved you as a person before the fame.

God bless you, Tammy Faye!
(Lake Charles, LA)
I know you are with God and at peace with no pain. I love you.
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