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(New Jersey )
Sleep with the angels Tammy Faye. You're home now.
(WIlmington, NC)
You were a lady with the truest of compassion. I think that you were one of the very few who had the riht idea...reach out to those that other evangelists thought were untouchable and unworthy. I am sure Jesus is proud of you. Godspeed
Lawrence and Teresa
We just want to let the family of Mrs. Tammy know that God is in control of everything and that we have faith in God to believe that Mrs. Tammy is in heaven and that all is well in Jesus name. You can be reassured that she loved you all,but right now she is where she wants to be with her Lord.
Brad Pierce
(South Carolina)
We moved to SC in 1981 just to be a part of the wonderful ministry God had called Jim and Tammy too ..I am very blessed to have known you Tammy, and to have worked at heritage USA and and been a part in sharing the work God had for us there !You were a Blessing to my family and we love you and your family very much !! I will miss you but I will see you again someday !We will pray Gods peace and love over your family!! Love always..Brad Pierce and family
Sandy Lug
(Hot Springs, Arkansas)
Tammy, thanks you for your strength. You have given so much to others. I found the lord watching PTL and I will always hold you and Jim in my heart. My you find peace with the Lord. I pray that the lord will give strength to Roe, Jamie, and Tammy Sue. May you sit with the angels and sing praises to the lord. God Bless
(Kokomo, Indiana)
God Bless you. You are now at peace. I will always remember you because you have touched my heart and life. Goodbye for now Tammy, I hope to meet you in Heaven. I bet your eating your hamburger & fries with lots of Ketchup! What a Victory! God Love you.

With Love, Allen
(Madison, IN)
I remember Tammy Faye from before most had heard of her. Way back in the early 70's she and Jim hosted a local Christian childrens program weekday afternoons. More than once they brought their show out of the studio and to different venues in the Hampton Roads area where all children could be enjoy their faith and humor. Although my upbringing wasn't very religious, I watched their show daily. Even then she was warm, giving and sincere. I was actually disappointed for a while when she was part of the PTL ministry. It looked wrong from the start to me. I am so glad the Lord found a way to move her from that path and back to the truth of him - simple, honest faith and love. Perhaps the only purpose of the whole PTL mess was to make Tammy Faye a world-known beacon of his message. I have faith that she has found her peace and rest with the Lord she always trusted in. God doesn't require us to be perfect, only to believe and try and confess him before others. She truly lived her faith and no matter what, that never wavered. . She served well and now will rest in his loving arms.
(Connelly Springs, NC)
WOW!!! What a shining example this wonderful lady has shown to everyone on how to live our lives! We all have low points and trials in which everything can seem so bleak but we can each learn by the example we have all witnessed in Tammy Faye and how she had lived her life on how to rise above with Jesus' peace. Thank you God for a lesson we should never forget. We will all miss her. I pray a peace for the family and all those friends she made through the years.
Barbara Matranga
(Houston, Texas)
Tammy: I watched you for many years thourgh it all. The one thing you did was be yourself regardless and all the while you knew the Lord was for you no matter what other people thought. I admired this. You now are with Him and all the many loved ones and friends gone on . Say hi to my Mom, Mary Alice my Dad Sonny my sister Mary, I miss my family members that went on so soon.
I bet it is fun there with Jesus.
You were a beautiful woman with a super voice and a great personality and that laugh and those eyes. You will be missed and you were a brave woman right up to the moment Jesus called your name. Love and peace, Barbara Matranga
(Saratoga Springs, NY)
Rest in eternal peace Tammy Faye. Our condolences to her family.
(Maui, Hawaii)
Heavenly Father, thank You for the life & ministry of our dear Tammy Faye. Accept her soul into Your Heavenly Kingdom and may she rest in Your Eternal Care. Guide & bless us all so that we may join You & Tammy Faye in Your Eternal Kingdom. In Your Holy & Precious Name, Amen.
Tammy, you will truly be missed. I watched Larry King last night and was in awe over your amazing persona. You are one in a million. God Bless you and I hope you get your hamburger and fries.
Debbie Johnson
(Fond du Lac, WI)
May you rest in peace. You were such a positive person and a great inspiration. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to your family at this very difficult time. May Romans 8:28 be their comfort.
May God's comforting arms embrace all family and friends. Tammy Faye did not back down and fade away - she was big enough to laugh at herself. Only one has ever walked this world in perfection, the rest of us make mistakes and stumble, only difference is most of us do not live our lives in the public eye and have it displayed in the media. Although I didn't agree with her on a lot of things, I truly admired her. I know that God embraced her as she slipped from this world in to his loving and forgiving arms. My prayers are with the family. God bless.
God needed a Great Singer!
(Chicago, IL)
Tammy, God bless you as you go on to your next assignment. You will be missed.

Love you!
If you confess your sins, He is faithful and just to forgive your sins and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Those will faith in Jesus will live in peace forever.
((Canton, MI))
Well done good & faithful servant.
You fought the good fight of faith. Never wavering or giving up. And now you are reaping your reward! You are with the Father! I'll miss you but I know I'll see you again one day.
(Murfreesboro, TN)
God bless and keep Tammy Faye. We will miss you.

You are in Heaven now with your Lord and are free of pain and suffering.

Love always, Kathy
(Leek the Netherlands)
I'm truly saddened by the passing of Tammy Faye. My sincere condolences to each and every one of you in Tammy's family. She will be missed because she was loved. May God bless each of you through His Son, Jesus.
Teresa McLinden
(Columbia SC 29223)
I am so sorry for the lost of Tammy. I know she is in heaven now. God Bless her family at this time.My thougths and prayers are with you. Teresa
Kory R Greenwood
(Cedar Rapids Iowa)
TO the family of Tammy Faye, I pray that God will comfort you all at this time, and give you his Strength each day. Tammy Faye, has just moved to a much better place and i am sure she is singing, dancing and loveing being in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. She may be gone but definetely not forgotten. I am sure Tammy Faye would want you all to continue walking close to the Lord and fullfilling what He has called you to do. Glory and Honor to God forever and ever.
(pittsburgh pa)
may you rest in peace, with the lord, you will continue to shine down on us
it was you that has changed my faith, and helpd me live each day as best i can, till we meet again
now you are the angel to look over us
God bless Tammy Sue and Jay, her children - watched them grow up on tv and I am sure this has been extremely hard for them. Tammy Faye always tried hard and cared about people, God bless her.
(Cape Cod)
It's people like her that make the mess we have to deal with in life a lot easier. Thank you
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