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Vikki Hurguy
My prayers go out to your husband and family at this time. Rest in peace, bless you, rest in peace.
Vikki Hurguy
(New York)
The world will miss you, Tammy Fae. You were a beautiful person and have touched many lives. I got saved through the PTL Club in 1986. I know that one of the rewards you are reaping in heaven now has my name on it. I am so happy knowing that you are now face to face with Jesus, resting in his arms.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Tammy's family. I know you will miss her, but take comfort in knowing she is with our glorious Saviour now.

Rest In Peace, Tammy.
Anne Sluppick
(Prairie Grove, Arkansas)
I was so shocked to see the condition Tammy Faye was in the other night when I watched Larry King. I do believe we all prayed that night to God that it was time to end this woman's suffering and to take her home to heaven. Our prayers were answered on Friday. She was always faithful and helped so many with that faith.
I moved to Rock Hill, SC in 1985 and was so lonely. I found so much strength watching her on TV, it was a blessing that day I found the channel. I made a couple of visits to PTL and saw her and Jim along with Dale Evans in a parade there. It was a beautiful place and it was so sad what had happened to it all. But Tammy Faye showed me how to carry on and hold your faith no matter what!
God Bless you all, Roe, Tammy Sue, Jamie and the entire faith family that she has. I can honestly say we have an angel now that will always look out for us!
Connie Grimes
Tammy has been a true inspiration in my life. I am a better person because of her. I prayed for her recovery daily. I rejoice in knowing she is with our Lord, -Her lifetime goal. Although sadly missed she will remain forever in my life & in my heart. God Bless you Tammy Faye, You are finally home!
All my Love,
(Boston, MA)
Your spirit, inspiration, song and eyelashes will be missed. I'm so saddened by your passing but content knowing that your pain is now over. I have loved you for years and will love the memory of you for many more to come. Peace you all your family and to all your "friends" around the world.
Michelle Collins
(Orange Park, Florida)
Tammy, you will be greatly missed. You were a ray of sunshine in this dark world.
My condolances to your family and friends who I know will miss that beautiful smile of yours. See you one day in heaven.
~The Collins family
(Vancouver, BC, CANADA)
Tammy Faye is in a much better place now with GOD and pain free. My prayers go out to all her family at this very sad time. Thoughts of Tammy Faye and her love for the LORD will keep you all strong and happy.
(Kalamazoo, Michigan)
You were an inspiration. And an example of God's love to everyone. You will be singing in a new place now; Heaven's gain is truly our loss.
Linda Hall
(Tampa, FL)
You inspired me with your faith. I know that you are now at peace and with the Lord. God bless you.
Michael D. Monzon
(Virginia Beach, Virginia)
You are in HEAVEN. I trust that completely. You were so kind and so loving. Your pain is over. You can go anywhere you want now and eat all the hamburgers and french fries loaded with ketchup. Rest with the Angels and Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping me find GOD again. I love you Tammy.
What an amazing, loving woman. I'll remember that humour and grace with which you battled your illness. Enjoy your reward!
(Neosho, MO)
I have to say, that after watching the interview Thursday night in my hotel in Columbia MO (there for Dr's appt), it gave me so much strength and taught me to be thankful for the health that I do have. I have nearly given up after living almost my entire life with diabetes and not being able to get adequate health care. But I want to thank Tammy for her last interview, as I now know that if she can be that strong and couragous dealing with the cancer, then I have NO right at all to complain. I remember growing up being ill, laying on the couch with my mother watching the PTL Club. Again I want to thank Tammy for all the joy and wisdom that she brought to so many.
(Detroit, Michigan)
I leave my message to the family. I was shocked to hear that Tammy had passed on. I wrote Tammy over a year ago when my own mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. My mother lived 18 months after she was diagnosed with the cancer. I think that cancer is a horrible horrible slow death and I am glad that Tammy doesn't have to deal with the pain of it any longer. Tammy was going through what my mom went through, not being able to eat at the end of life. My mother was a Christian and I know that they are in heaven together. God bless you and your family.
(Portland, Oregon, USA)
I have always Loved you Tammy Faye, you are truely what love looks like in Human form.I know that you are with Jesus keeping him in stiches!! I know that you have Blessed my life as well as everyones'.This world is a better place because you have been in it.You and your family are in my heart, and in my prayers. I miss you already!
I know that faith and love can transcend death; may the Lord bless you.
One of Gods strongest Soliders. The world is a better place because of you. See you one day
(Poland, Europe)
Peace - Love and Health

we all love You


I miss You<3
(Oklahoma City, OK)
I thank God for Tammy Faye. Her unwavering faith was a lesson for so many. She didn't just preach, she SHOWED us all how to be better people. How wonderful to think about her now with her Savior.
Rest in peace, dear Tammy...Love and peace to Roe, Tammy Sue and Jamie. We are grieving with you.
Terry Ivie
(aubrey, Tx)
You are now with our Lord !Rejoice !!
Michelle P.
(Baton Rouge, LA)
My love and prayers go out to Tammy Faye's family and loved ones. My mother who passed away 2 years ago from liver disease, left me all of her cookbooks. Inside one of them is an envelope from Jim Bakker Minsitries from years ago. One of the special things between me and my mother was cooking. Therefore, I cherish any handwritten notes or pieces of paper stuck in between the pages. I feel close to her when I look up recipes, as silly as that sounds. Not to mention me and my family used to watch Tammy Faye and Jim on their PTL shows all the time when I was younger. I remember all of Tammy's energy and laughs. It's been rare when I've known of such a bubbley spirited person with so much love, hope, and joy. Tammy Faye was a walking angel. Now, I'm sure, she's flying high with the angels and singing and making the Lord laugh as she did with us. It was always in her spirit and eyes. Eyes are the windows to the soul!! Just like my mom, Tammy Faye had those special eyes. Windows to her soul; big beautiful eyes which shined as bright as the sun. So now everytime I go to look up a recipe and I come across that envelope, I remember my mother's big blue eyes and now I will remember Tammy Faye's too. Both of them are in Heaven, and I will miss them more than words could say. Tammy Faye did her job that Jesus wanted her to. She spread the word that Jesus is real, he loves us, and he's always there to listen and heal us. Again, all my thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives and loved ones of Tammy Faye. I understand your difficult time in losing someone so very ultimately special. God Bless.
You will forever be my inspiration....
(Lewisville, TX)
God's loving spirit truly shined from you Tammy Faye. We know you have gone home to Him and look forward to seeing you in Heaven. God bless your family.
carol and son Johnathan
(Seattle Washington)
We owe her our lives . Just when I was going to take our lives, our son turned on PTL and Tammy gave a word for us that stopped me and I came back to Jesus. God speed sweet one, you won!
(Toronto, Ontario)
With love and Hamburgers...Lot's of ketchup!!!

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