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James Brown
(Ruston, LA)
What a beautiful gift you have been for all of us. I look forward to seeing you in heaven. Love and continued prayers to your family. I will miss you.
(Lusaka Zambia)
I did not know about you nor heard about you when you were alive. But the news of your death and made me me know a little bit about who you were and how you suffered. I understand Gods love that He never gives up on us when we go back to Him. I believe you are in Gods hands in heaven. Your faith and hope in Gods unfailing love until the day you died is not in Vain.
Terry and Ed
(Ontario, CA)
Thank you so much for the many, many years of inspiration. Your kindness, love and caring will go on forever. You're at home with the Lord now, Tammy. You can rest peacefully now. Our prayers go out to your family.
(Nashville, TN)
My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Tammy, you are an amazing inspiration! Seeing your strong faith and joy gives me hope I too can have the faith and joy you had. Thank you for being a consistent and true demonstration of the love of Jesus.
Mrs. Richards
(Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
You will be sorely missed. Thank you for your compassion, optimism, sweetness, and light. You have helped many people open up to religion because of all of your wonderful qualities. Thank you.
I loved your personality and it was a joy to watch you. It seemed nothing got you down and I will miss such an inspirational person. The world lost a great lady and no one will ever be able to replace such a loving and devoted person. I will miss as so many others will. God bless you.
(West Australia, Australia)
To Tammy's family, please accept my condolences on your loss, she was a lady larger than life, although i only knew her through the media i can just imagine she was a lady full of love, life and best wishes for all who came in contact with her.
She has now joined the angels in heaven to watch over all those she loved.
Jamie Franklin
(Oakland, Ca)
First I want to say that I am praying you are having a hambuger dinner with our Lord. You will be missed by me. You have givin me so much power and faith with your words of encouragement. Well Done!!!
(Mombasa, KENYA)
To know that you are finally with the Lord is the greatest consolation that I can imagine.
All my love.
(Tulsa (Oklahoma))
I love you Tammy, you were so down to earth and reachable to people. The world is a sadder place without you.
Christopher L.
What you did with your life, how you handled your darkest hours, and the way you loved everyone unconditionally is a testament to what humanity should strive to be. Your hair and makeup wasn't what made you a beautiful person. You did that yourself through your actions and with the love you shared with us. It is truly a loss for every person on this earth to see such a beautiful soul go, but we know where you've gone; because if you couldn't get into heaven, none of us stand a chance!
May thoughts and prayers are with your family during this time, I am much honored to have watched your ministries over the years. The unshakable faith you have shown will show all of us how to get straight to heaven!!! We just have to beleive in God and trust him completely!
(Fort Gratiot, MI)
While those of us left behind will be filled with sorrow and miss you, the sorrow will be eased by knowing that you are with Jesus now and filled with His love and great joy. You blessed us with your spirit, now it is time for you to enjoy your heavenly reward.
(Las Vegas, NV)
I got to know more about Tammy watching the Surreal life. I learned there was a lot more to Tammy than make up. When I saw her on Larry King it broke my heart. I am glad she is no longer suffering, yet it shows me that when I have problems, we can make it through. I learned that from Tammy.
Mike heard
(Leeds ; Alabama)
Tammy ; I know you will be singing in beautiful harmony with heavenly notes. May God bless you.
(Vista, California)
We are saddened by the loss of the wonderful lady ms tammy faye baker. Ever since the interview with larry king we have been thinking of her constantly. Our prayers go to her and from all of the gay community in san diego, Ca.
We love you tammy and we will never forget you! Now that you are in heaven I am sure that you are resting without any pain and eating your hamburgers that you have been long awaiting. May you rest in peace and when I get to heaven I hope to meet such a wonderful lady. Once again the beautiful ms tammy faye baker.

*peter & Julio
Helen Wallace
(Fort Worth, Texas)
Tammy Faye was a true example of us all, that EVERYONE falls short of the glory of God! She was a forgiven child of the Lord Jesus Christ who wanted everyone in this entire universe to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and no matter continue to have faith and hope in the one who died for us all. My prayers are for each member of her family, for she was truly the woman in proverbs 31.
God bless you! You are a true American. God bless America! God bless Tammy Faye! God bless those who stand for the American way -- Christian family values! You are a credit to your race.
John in Phoenix
(Phoenix Arizona)
All I can say is I feel a profound sense of loss at your leaving us so soon TammyFaye. Too Too soon.

You are safe now and the pain is gone forever. I hope that you truly crossed over into that wonderful place that you so lovingly called Heavan. I really do.

I still question all the time but your trust in the unseen has moved me at times.

You helped me many times and never knew about it, but somehow I thought that you just kinda knew that you had helped someone anyway.

I still hope to meet you someday.

Thank you TammyFaye.
I know you won't read this tammy for you are with Jesus now...Someday we will see you in Heaven.......You were a faithful servant of the lord..Your grace on Larry King was a testimony to you walk with god. I know you brought many to the lord because of that. Thank you for all you have given through your music and your life. May god's peace comfort you children and your husband until they see you again. Many may question why you did that last interveiw i belive it was you last thing you were to do before you went home i know god is saying "WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT" :)
Corey Smith
(Richmond, VA)
I am 19 years old so I dont ever remember watching you on TV back in the eighties, so my very 1st images of seeing you was on Vh1s Surreal Life. I thought that you were so amazing because though you were strong in your faith but you never passed judgement on anyone. You truly cared about people genuinely, which is something I will carry with me the rest of my life. Though your time on Earth has now passed you will live on through the hearts of many. God Bless you for all eternity...
(New Zealand)
May HaShem hold you in your arms and finally tell you in his own voice how much he loves you.

Shalom dear. Rest now.
(Jonesville, MI)
Such a little lady, with a big heart, and a bigger faith in God. Rest well little one, you are with Jesus Christ.
John A.
(Fort Wayne, IN)
Your humble childlike faith was so inspirational to so many people. God blesses people like you Tammy Faye and rewards them with heaven! It's your job now to pray for those left on earth!
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