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Sharon Cunningham
(Burlington, ON CANADA)
God Bless and Keep you, dear Tammy Faye!
I just know God is enjoying having you home with Him now and I thank Him so very much for allowing us to have you on earth! You are very loved!
Loving thoughts to Ro, Jay and Tammy Sue and their families in this time of sorrow!

Sharon Cunningham
Words can't describe how sad I am that you no longer here,you were an amazing,original,honest,fun soul.
You touched more lives then you'll ever know with your accepting non-judgement heart. God bless you tammy and thank-you for being you
Carrie Moricle
(Winston-Salem, NC)
Rest in peace sweet Tammy. Hope to meet you in heaven one day. May God bless your family and loved ones at this difficult time.
(Whittier, California)
My condolances to the Messner & Baker families. She finished her journey here on earth with a love for the LORD that was genuine. Now she is in HIS presense with a new body & LIFE eternal. No more pain & suffering.My prayers to the family who miss you but their peace knowing where you are must make it easier. With a knowing that someday in God's appointed time they will all join you. Happy Homecoming Tammy, job well done good & faithful servant. God Bless,
Carolyn B. Wilson
(Antioch, CA)
Tammy I love you and thank God that you applied his princples to your life You understood the power of your tongue and words by not choosing to speak what the world said but instead the everlasting word of God and his Son Jesus Christ who died that we may have life. Well sweetie you lived a good life and I know you are in heaven with your Father because you spoke it I will always love you and to the family your pericous Tammy who was a mother, friend and wife is now in a better place plse live by her example in faith to the love of GOD
Melissa Rotz
(Richmond, Va)
You have a beautiful spirit. I watched your for years, but never felt your spirit. I saw your interview with Larry King(sick and spirited) and found a new respect for you. I don't know if I could have found the strength. I loved your response of remembering you for your eyelashes,humor is the best key and I loved the fact that you could still found humor in all of your pain!!! I am sorry that the world took you too soon!!!! I can only hope that when the good lord decides it's my time, that I have the grace, poise and dignity that you had when your soul was lifted into a higher meaning. I hope that you are looking over me. Heaven needs ANGELS like you!!!!
(Lincoln NE)
Well Tammy you had your hamburger on Friday. Night sweet lady!
Mark R
(cocoa, florida)
say what you want about Tammy Faye, but she was a force in this land and helped many people. Not bad for a life....bravo!
May your family have peace and the assurance that they be welcomed home, in the presence of our Father. Love to you and yours
Tammy watching you on Larry king was very heartbreaking for me, you are such a courageous and loving person who always seems happy in all situations, I admire you so much and I know you are finally at Peace. God bless you and your family...
(Idaho )
To the family of Tammy Faye,
I pray for you in your time of grieving. And I also rejoice that now Tammy is with the Lord that she loved so much. He gave her to us for a short time and now she has returned to him. Thank you for sharing her with us also.
God Bless you all and be with you.
I saw you once at the Palm Desert Mall. I didn't approach you. I thought you wanted to be alone. Now, I wish I had. God Bless you for being yourself and Great Blessings of comfort and faith to your entire family in Jesus' name. amen
Daphne Evans
(Sausalito, CA)
The night after watching you on CNN, I spoke to you, "Tammy, take a deep breath and go easy.." Thank you darling for all you have done and know that I will miss your bright smile; I will try to be the person you were and do for others as well. You are so blessed to be in heaven right now. Say hello to my Mama, Ida for me. Love to you and family.
(Washington, DC)
Thank You Tammy for bring me back to leaning on God as a sick kid. I am a devoted fan since the PTL Days. Your wondeful voice, cheerful spirit & your singing "Enough Is Enough". Yes, you will be missed but your spirit in you Christian Work, Song, TV Appearances both faith based & secular are soo real, courageous, always show your love, a sense of humor & bright smile. I am more than sure you have blessed many millions with your life faith based walk!

I know you are celebrating in heaven with loved ones now!!

My prayers are with your son, daughter, husband, grandchildren,& loved ones.

See You In Heaven!
(Laredo, TX)
Tammy, you were a great Lady (with a capital "L"). We will miss you and your laughter,but we know you are resting with our almighty God where you are free of the pain that has been your companion for so long. An inspiration to the world, your legacy of belief, love, and forgiveness will remain with us forever. Those of us touched by your presence have been truly blessed. Peace and understanding are wished for your family and friends who are saddened so deeply at this time.
Ken Gerard Callahan
(Orlando fl)
Tammy you had class, humor, and grace, You are now with God in peace , WE WILL ALL MISS YOU & WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU, Thank You fror all the joy , love & laughter that you gave to all you fans , WE LOVE YOU & to the Family know that the Fans support and love you !! Ken
brett cox
(indianapolis, indiana. US)
To the family, I am sorry for you loss. I saw Tammy Faye on Larry King. All I could think was, how brave of her.
She was good to the gay community and I respect her for that. And she was a Mom. I feel for her children

To me, a non-religious person, but who has faith in a loving universe, I hope she is in a better place.

(Mission Viejo, CA)
Thank you for your courage and enthusiasm amidst great affliction. Thank you for showing us what is possible. Thank you for letting the world see you shine and shine for God even as you were leaving this earth the next morning. What resolve! What courage! What faithfulness. What love.
Larry Ferguson
(Nashville, TN)
You will be missed. Thank you for always showing your love to me and my family. I thank God for getting to know you as I managed Dottie Rambo. I have always loved and admired you for your walk with God and joy. Roe, Tammy Sue, and Jay are all in my prayers.
(Sacramento CA)
You lived your life to the full, showing us that we should always be hopeful, in spite what we go through. Thank you for being authentic about your challenges and successes.
God rest your soul. You inspire us still. Bless you family. You children are in my prayers.
D Bourne
(Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)
To Tammy's Family:
Your mom Tammy Faye was always a blessing to me everytime she sang.
I am praying for you that you will find strength to go through this hard time.
I feel your Mom is singing with the angels in heaven.
God bless you all.
(Kingman Az)
For years I had been in and out of phyciatric hospitals and was on such strong medication I was like a zombie. I decided enough was enough so on Feb. 17,1981 the gun was by my side as I sat on the bed writing my suicide note. I leaned over and turned on TV. there you were pointing your finger at me and saying that "God loved me just the way I was and he could heal me and change me".I got up and went to the kitchen and sat down on the chair and with one hand raised toward Heaven and the other holding my head, I prayed to God and said, "if it's true what that women is saying on TV please heal me otherwise I'm blowing my brains out. To make a long story short, the Lord healed me, right then and there.becuase of the Lord working through you, I am alive today. Thank you Tammy Faye. I have never forgotten you and never will. May you rest in peace.
Dottie Rambo
(Nashville, TN)
Tammy Faye, was my friend. We've walked through many dark valleys together and she has always stayed true to her God and his people. I was with her last September when she asked me to be on her cooking show. When Tammy walked into the studio, I saw a woman of strong faith and she believed until the end she would be healed. I believe she has had the ultimate healing and is now with the God she served for most of her life. I'm thankful for all the years of friendship that Tammy Faye and I shared and my prayers go out to her children, Tammy Sue and Jamie Charles and to her husband Roe Messner. God is surely gathering jewels for her crown and she is now and forever will be "Sheltered In The Arms Of God".

With All My Love,
Dottie Rambo
Thank you for the many years of Inspiration; Love and Faith in the Lord; the Power of Foregiveness; and the Joy of Eternal Life.
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