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Michael White
(Knoxville, TN)
thank you for being an inspiration to us all. Thank you for having an incredible and forgiving heart. I will miss you and the unconditional love you showed all of us. Lots of love, a fan since I was a kid, Michael White

(Neenah, WI)
To Tammy's friends and family,
I am so very sorry for your loss. Your Mother was such a wonderful woman who was loved by so many, including me. When I was a teenager and my parents were going through a very vicious divorce, watching the PTL club was the only thing that gave me hope and made me believe Jesus loved me! To see how well your family survived in faith throughout all of the troubles is so inspiring. Tammy Faye's message that Jesus loves you will always reside in my heart.
Tammys Family: Now that Tammy Faye has passed away, Please..Please...Please.. don't take this web site down or close it down. Here we may visit, have a spiritual chat with Tammy Faye, and most of all, still feel her near.
Thanks Bunches and God Bless.
J. Isaacs
(Hampton, VA)
You were and still are such a beautiful woman inside and out. May you live in eternal happiness with the Lord.
(Miami, FL)
I was speechless when I heard the news but then I realized the suffering would be long gone and you are probably being yourself now (cancer-free), the kind, the sweet, humble and wonderful Tammy, in Heaven... I didn't get to meet you personally but hopefully I will see you soon! Your family and friends are in my prayers...
(Vermont )
Dear Tammy Faye ~
I will love you forever. Thank you for
being "real". I will miss you and carry
you in my heart always.
Love/*hugs to God's New Angel!

Rob Harris
(Chicago, Illinois)
iI stand in awe of you. You were just a beautiful person inside and out. I thank God for you, because of you peoples lives has been change. God used you in so many ways. You fullfilled your destiny. I'm deeply saddened by your death, but "Weeoing may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Family........I'm praying for you constantly. She was truly an ANGEL. I JUST THANK GOD. THANK YOU JESUS. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!! Her FAITH ENABLED HER TO MOVE MOUNTAINS. I love you dearly. I wish I could have had the honor to meet. WE LOVE YOU BUT GOD LOVED YOU BEST.
(Biloxi, Mississippi)
To be so little Tammy Faye has left a big marked on all our lives. And to be so little she was nothing but Heart. She's been apart of my life and heart since the 1970's. With her sweet words, laughter, humor & songs she has brought me through some painful hard moments in my life. She always had a way of finding something good in something bad. Her sense of humor for life always amazed me. She was something very special given to us all to learn from. Her Beautiful face & Heart will be deeply missed. I will always love her, Chara
kathy bruce
(2900 broadway houston tx )
i will miss you be happy in haven and tell my larry who much i miss he all my love for you and your family
kathy bruce all see you all in haven
Ron Rhoades
Tammy my love will always be with you as it has in the past, you were our peace of heaven here on earth and now your with God I'll miss you till I meet up with you in heaven Thank you for loving us gays
The Petersons
(Redding, CA)
What an inspiration you will continue to be to us all. Determination, courage, love and most of all faith is what you embodied. You will be truly missed. If only I would have had the chance to meet you in person.....we had a friend in common...Melanie Hart.

With love,
Alex, Tanya and family
(Rochester, ny)
I was raised in church, but at this very moment I am not serving the Lord the way I should. But I do Know this!! The Lord I serve is the only one able to provide the light that Tammy Faye had. I only became interested in knowing about Tammy because I saw her on VH1. I am so glad I did, Because seeing the peace in her Face when she knew she was sick and can die..I was reminded that My Lord is real and only he can wrap his arms around you take your fears away and make you count the minutes until you are with him.

I would like to say Hi to my Mother who lives in Texas...MOM I LOVE YOU. You are My Example in life and in the Lord. Thank you for bringing Christ in my life.
(Douglasville, GA)
I'm really sorry you had to go thru this.
May your soul rest in peace with God now.You fought the good fight and now you are in the hands of your maker who you have been made for.
You are missed by many,I hope to see you in heaven someday.Now rest in peace Tammy.
(Orange Park, Florida)
This is for Tammy and anyone who wishes to read. I confess to believing in life after death. I am thankful for that revelation and would like to write here today to Tammy knowing that she will be able to read it. I want to thank you Tammy for your shining example of how to live through turmoil and still remain faithful to your belief in everlasting life. Thank you for having the courage to be yourself no matter what the societal 'norm' appeared to be. Being yourself was and is the only way to be. I look forward to giving you a hug one day. I ask that you will be there for me when I transition as well. You are a glowing spirit among spirits. And I am thankful of the positive effects you've had in my life!
(Chicago, IL)
16 months ago I saw you on Larry King. I am a 40 year old mother and knew little of PTL or the saga. What I saw was a smile and a spirit that I enjoyed listening to. I started following your progress. I happened to see your recent interview. I have lost two loved ones to cancer. To see you smile, laugh, joke and be real. I know there is a God, to allow the world to see your suffering and unshaken faith...was moving. I couldn't help but to call upon my dead father and see if he could tell you how much you are missed. I never told anyone how much I admired you but today I told many people how upset I was that you passed. I know you are in heaven. You touched all walks of life, people you will never know. This is my first email and my last...but I just needed to write something to let your family know of all the silent admirers.
(Guelph Canada)
Tammy Faye and Family:
I watched you on Larry King. So profound was the message, so amazing the words, so alive and brave the spirit. I closed my eyes and Prayed to that higher power to take you home and stop all suffering. Your work here completed will never be forgotten. Your message of love and the courage and grace with which is was delivered each and every day of your life will forever be remembered. I pray thispassing was peaceful and kind. I pray he that God ended your suffering with a few pain free blissful moments with family and friends close by your side. I pray you will watch over us Tammy Faye, for you have not passed away.. child of God.. you have transcended all space and time. Please say hi to my mother in heaven when you see her and tell her I love her. I willmiss you Tammy Faye.. all the days of this life. Until we meet again.. God Bless and Keep you. ~*~ Kathy ~*~
May Tammy now rest in peace and enjoy the peace and glory of our Lord. She is pain free and happy now.

We will miss her.
(Redondo Beach, CA)
YOU WON !!!!!!!!!!!
(Elgin, Il )
Dearest Tammy,

I was shocked to learn that you were terminally ill. I saw your story on ET the other night and I immediately kept you in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry that you had to leave us at such a young age, but your legacy will live on and you will be rememberd by your eyelashes.. hehehe as well as your encouraging words, love for God and everyone, and just being a wonderful woman that you are. I hope you continue to make the world smile from up above and that no one forgets how such a wonderful person you are. We will all miss you terribly but we know that you are in a much better place where NOTHING can hurt you anymore... See you when I get there my dear!!! Love you!!!

Christelle P.
Rachel W.
(London, KY)
You were such a insperation to me, So happy even though you were in such pain.Im so sad to see you gone but so happy that your no longer in pain and are watching over us from above!
(Effort, PA)
Even though I did not know you when I herd about you I felt like I knew you some how in my heart.I wish you did not have cancer and I also think nobody should go through what you had to go through.When I saw you do the interview I almost cried because I could not see you like that.You were a beautiful lady and you still are in my heart forever.It is good that you are with god now because you are not in pain.I will always pray for you and your family.And hope they get through this hard time that they must be going through.GOD BLESS tammy faye and family.She will ALWAYS be in everybody's heart forever.GOD BLESS.
Tammy, you got it. No room in your brain for hatred. You knew the secret. I know your trip to heaven was very fast. We all lift you up in our hearts!
(islip terrace n.y)
please tell my mom i love her so much.and my dad the same..i hope your at peace and all is well
(Philadelphia, PA)
Tammy's compassion for the less fortunate and for those who have had the church turn their backs on them restored my faith in not just the church, but in myself and in people in general. But to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord...well done, Tammy.
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