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I can remember watching you on tv as a child, my neighbor always watched you and I loved to hear you sing and watch you on tv. I am sorry that you are not with us anymore, but you are indeed in a better place!! God Bless You!
Cynthia Will
(Eureka, CA)
My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. (She's smiling with Jesus)
(Marysville, CA)
What a blessing God gave to us all to have this wonderful spirit we called Tammy Faye in our lives!
You fought the good fight ~ now he says "Peace Be Still" - rest in his everlasting arms for all eternity.
May we never forget the message you lived..May we never forget our friend, Tammy Faye.
denise brown
(round rock, texas)
my thoughts are with roe messner and tammy faye's children and family.

God bless all of you.

thank you, tammy faye, for the blessing you were to my life.
i am sorry u passed away my heart goes out to the fammily
(Las Vegas)
You lived as a kind and open-hearted woman, and you will always be my inspiration to be a more loving and accepting human being. Goodbye, beautiful lady.
(Houston, TX)
Dear Tammy,

I have written you several times, but this time is by far the most difficult for me. I am still shocked by your passing. Not to be vain, but it is especially hard for me because my mom has cancer also, and I know that it is a very brutal thing, but what i have always admired is your grace and your laughter, in spite of all you were going through. You were, and still are, such a wonderful, wonderful human being. If only a little of what you had could be passed on to the rest of humanity, it would be a better place. Though we never met in person, our letters made me feel like family to you. I will always carry you in my heart sweet lady. You have done more for my life than you will ever know. I love you.
John & Kathy
(Charlotte, NC)
Tammy faye will be missed. She has left a wonderful legacy. I pray for the Shalom of God to surround the family during this difficult time.
gary bedore
(Lawrence, Kansas)
Tammy, May you rest in peace. I'm sure the Lord had that hamburger ready for you in heaven. I'm sure you got to meet the people you told Larry King you wanted to meet. You are a sweet inspiration to all. May we all follow your example of faith when God calls us to heaven as he did you. Tammy try to watch down on us and ask God to bless this sometimes awful place we call Earth. Condolences to all of Tammy's family members including her husband, daughter and son. You could tell on Larry King how much you all mean to her. Peace, Tammy, and have fun in heaven. Your pain is gone forever!! I'll continue to pray for you and all those in heaven with you and the Lord.
(Central California USA)
Tammy Faye.....It's been Wonderful watching You from afar over the Years.
YOU will be MISSED! (I love You)
I was so sad to hear that Tammy has passed. She was such a genuine person. I loved that spoke from her heart and said exactly what she felt regardless of what other people might think. We love you Tammy!!
A. F. Mesia
(Astoria, New York)
May you rest in peace, Tammy!
Rev steven mitchell
(valdosta ga)
As we now Know Tammy has left the building of this world. Gone on to the mansion she was promised years ago. That no man can take away ... sleep well in christ Tammy Faye... We`ll miss your love til we meet you again!!!
may you rest in peace with no more pain you were trully a angel amoung us and you will be so missed but the worlds a better place because you were here
Eddie White
"TEARS" for our Tammy....I can't stop crying...
Tammy, I want to thank you for making me feel loved. I never met you. I never met you personally. Yet, as in this gift called life, we can feel we have known people for life even if we never met them, I was one of those people. I can't wait, CAN'T WAIT, to meet you in heaven! Thank you God for Tammy.
This is my second time writing here, once earlier this year and now. 2 days after Tammy had died. I didn't even realize she passed till this morning. I did see her last interview and I barely recognized her on Larry King. I was taken aback and my heart goes out to Tammy. Since she was on Surreal Life, I have great admiration for her and I'm not a real religious guy. She has turned people's lives around and this loss is a tragedy. RIP Tammy..We love you.
My prayers are now on the family of Tammy Faye. May she rest in peace. Tammy Faye, you are now in the arms of our beloved Bridegroom... oh how I envy you. You are no longer in the pain that robbed you of your last years here on earth. My pray is that those that need Jesus will see the inspiration you gave to so many. Your faith during this trial was truly one that I admire. God bless your soul!!!
(Los Angeles, CA)
I just found out today that Tammy passed away! My 13 year old daughter and I watched her on Larry King Thrusday night, and my daughter had no idea who she was, told me that Tammy seemed to be someone very special w/a very kind heart. Her goodness and love showed through her sick physical being...I told my daughter this morning that Tammy had passed, and my daughter cried. May god bless her!!..and may God Bless her family!!.. Love you Tammy Faye!!
(Charlotte, NC)
I am not a religious person and I never really was a fan of Tammy Faye. However, what I saw on television Thursday night on Larry King Live was an incredibly courageous and strong woman talking and smiling through the unimaginable pain of cancer and exhaustion. When I saw the news Saturday morning, I was truly sad. I want to thank Tammy Faye for giving me perspective in many ways through her simple yet powerful strength and resilience in the face of extreme adversity.
Robin Davis
(Saint Petersburg, Fl.)
Tonight as my husband and I started to watch Larry King it announced about Tammy's passing. We love you so much Tammy and now their is rejoicing for you coming home to heaven with Jesus and family and friends. Your beautiful voice inspired me when we lived in Ky. and the one song you sang " God is bigger than any mountain" has stayed with me till this very day. When I heard you had gone and heard one of your inspiriing songs I just laid and cried. You truly were exceptional and God bless you with many talents. We are praying for Roe your husband and the whole family, you are truly going to be missed but we will see you in heaven. Our heartfelt love, The Davis family (We love Tammy Fay and what she has done for all of us)A smile of sunshine!
(Grand Rapids, MI)
A woman of true faith in God- your jouney now complete....
Tammy, You will be missed a lot. But I know that you are now pain free and with the lord. Thanks for all the love you gave to all of us. Love you.
(Jacksonville, Florida)
You are with the lord now, thank you for comforting me.

I will miss you.

Dewayne Standridge
(Dover, Arkansas)
Rest in peace Tammy. You will be missed. God bless you.
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