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(Augusta, GA)
I was heartbroken to hear that an Angel has gone on to heaven but then I thought that ANGEL is with GOD. Tammy Faye, dance all around heaven all day long because there is NOTHING that heaven cannot cure. Say hi to my mom for me. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!
Katie Blowers
(dayton, ohio)
I was saddened to hear of Tammy's passing. I grew up watching her when she was still with mr baker and thought she was a courageous women ever since. I know she is with the angels watching over all of us.
(Pensacola, FL)
May Your Children be Comforted with Peace <3
(Ontario Canada)
May you rest in peace Tammy Faye. You were an amazing woman who made a difference in this world! The world is a sad place without you, but heaven is blessed to have an Angel like you.
Rae Ann
(Hazard, KY)
I rejoice in knowing Tammy is now in Heaven. I know this is a trying time for family and friends, but she is healthy once again and enjoying herself in the presence of Christ. We will meet again in Heaven. I will keep her family in my prayers.
I will always love you, Tammy Faye.
(Shreveport, LA)
My thoughts and fervent prayers are with Tammy's family. She was a genuine Christian in every sense of the word.
In Heaven, I know your makeup will never need touching up and you will be with the ones you have loved that have gone before.
God Bless You, Tammy Faye
I only hope to be half the Christian you were
(Dallas, tx)
Saturday was a very sad day for my family. Our prayers will be with your family...
(Cedar Lake, IN)
God Bless You Tammy Faye
Your voice is back and you're singing with the angels. No more pain or suffering, you are whole and well once again. I will miss you and your presence in this life. The world has no idea what a witness for Christ it's lost with your death and that's a shame. But for those of us who knew you and loved you, you are and were the biggest blessing this old world has seen in a long, long time. You will live on in our hearts always.
To Tammy's Family...
I'm so sorry for your loss, you are in my prayers and thoughts. May God bless you and give you peace that this parting is temporary and she'll be waiting in heaven for each one of you whom she loves to join her. What a reunion that will be. :)God Bless you all.
(San Bernardino, CA)
Hello, I'm so sorry to hear about Tammy. As we know and what the scriptures states, she is resting and now she's in God's hands and memory. Eccl. 9:5 talks about the state of those who have passed. 2 Peter 3:13 states: But there are new heavens and a new earth that we are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell. May all of those who have faith in God and accurate knowledge make it to the new system in a paradise here on earth and we then again can see our loved ones who have passed. Take care..
(Chicago, IL)

Say hi to my Grandma in heaven. Her name is Susan. She loves biscotti.
Tammy Tammy! You're a BEAUTIFUL Angel who finally got her wings! You deserve 'em! Im soo happy you're finally pain free! We all LOVE AND MISS you!!!! Keep watch over us! We're gonna miss you!!!!!
Krista Kindley
(Winston Salem, NC)
Praise GOD for Tammy Faye's life. The joy she shared through painful times, the faith she shared through heartaches & the love she shared in a world of ministers preaching hate. She will continue to touch my life . . . may God bless her family as she has blessed so many of us.
(Palatine, IL)
To the family of Tammy Faye,
Don't be sad today because Tammy Faye is in a better place now with the Lord, where there is no pain, no sorrow, and no suffering. Be glad that you knew this amazingly wonderful lady who has inspired so many. I never knew her personally, but she was so sweet and kind and wonderful. She was awesome! She will be dearly missed by all whose lives she touched. God bless your family.
Susan Ciccarelli Jenkins
(Powhatan, Virginia)
Thank you Tammy Faye for sharing your faith in Jesus Christ with the world. You lived and showed the world what a true Christian is all about - LOVE!! Back in the 60's our girl scout troop would go to the Jim & Tammy Show in Portsmouth, VA. I loved Susie Moffett. A few years later, you & Jim moved into our neighborhood. One day my 7 year old sister came home pushing a stroller with a baby inside. We asked her who the baby was - she said "Tammy Sue". After playing with the baby, half of the neighborhood kids walked my sister & her "friend" back to your house to return the baby. My prayers go out to Tammy Sue & Jayme Charles, also to their cousins, whom I grew up with, Jane & Judy Puckett.
What a remarkable and faithful woman! Sincere and caring, loving and sharing.
God's Speed to you Tammy Faye
Paulina Sokoloski
(Ottawa, Ontario CANADA)
God Bless you Tammy.

I know you are in Heaven where you belong. May God bring you peace and love. Thank you for loving. Thank you for being such a beautiful person. Thank you for inspiring me to be more like you.

I love you.

(Queens, New York)
Tammy, you are such an inspiration to me. You were brave and honest and I hope that i can be as brave and honest as you were. You were so beautiful and I know you are very happy in heaven and I will meet you one day. LOVE YOU TAMMY
(Spartanburg, SC)
I wept when I read the news this morning.

Tammy, I don't want to see you leave this world; but you're safe now, and the pain is over forever. Thank you, thank you so much for spreading the gospel of humility, love, and tolerance. You bore the torch for Christ as well as most humans ever did.

When I see you in Heaven, let's lie back and watch the clouds go by. They'll look like nothing you've ever seen, and we'll have all the time in the universe.
(Huntington, WV)
You were and ARE an inspiration to many! I thank God for your steadfastness in the Faith. You are loved! We will rejoice in Heaven with you someday! Thanks!
Sue Gore
Joy for the life of Tammy Faye,she is a song bird in heaven as she was a ray of hope here on earth, She always had her undieing faith for God. Thank you for all you did with PTL club you are GREAT see you in heaven.
linda smiechewicz
(westerville, ohio)
Tammy Faye, you are a beautiful person inside and out. I have loved your sweet sweet spirit, and I will see you in heaven.

My prayer's are with her family, you have been so blessed to have such a sweet lady to love. God Bless You.
Casandra Harden
(Folsom, CA)
God bless you Tammy for your fight with Cancer, you are now with God....we will miss you here on Earth but know someday we will see you again, in good health. May the Lord be with your family in this time.
We love you always!
(Chicago, IL)
I believe you were an Angel sent to earth and now God has called you home. Thank you for being a shining light amidst the darkness.
(King George, VA)
You were amazing Tammy. Your attitude and spirit, I try to mirror daily. As a gay spiritual male who never felt truly accepted by the church (for being born a way I had no control over), as a Christain woman of God, you accepted me (us) with no judgement and with so much love.

My angel finally received her wings.

God Bless you and your family.

Love you!
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