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David Weber
(Wichita Kansas)
To the Family of Tammy Faye Bakker Messner:
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this most difficult time. Tammy Faye was truly a "Bright Light" in this dark, evil filled world, she faced adversity, and set backs and tragedys and triumphs with a loving, kind, honest and faithbased life. The world is a little less bright with her loss. But I know the Lord Jesus Christ has welcomed her into His Father's Kingdom, and now she is not suffering..she has a new body of incorruptibility. The Bible says we shall all be changed. She changed people's lives with the Gospel. My deepest heartfelt prayers and condolences are with you all, Roe, Tammy Sue, Jay, John, James and your spouses, children and grandchildren. God bless you, and God Bless Tammy Faye. May she forever rest in peace.
(Chicago, IL)
You will always be an inspiration to many people in your countless acts of honesty, kindness, and compassion for all living things on this earth. May every person have the opportunity to know of your good and great works. Blessings!
(Stanley, NC)
Tammy you have truly touched many lives including mine. I can just see you now in front of Jesus just being so joyous, happy and seeing all the wonderful people that had touched your and have gone on before you. Thank you for making a differance in this world.
(Chicago, IL)
Tammy was a beautiful person -- inside and out. As I watched her interview a few nights ago on Larry King, even though she was weak you could see the joy in her eyes and the peace she felt.
She is with her Savior now, and singing praises while sitting at his feet.
Thank you, Tammy, for allowing us to spend some time with you in your final days; and for your genuine words of care and concern. Your testimony shines through, and I am blessed to have known you through the television.
May Tammy's family feel God's loving arms around them in these next days.
Sincerely, Lindy
(Willingboro, NJ)
I'm glad that I got to post on this website before Tammy's passing. I was saddened when i saw her on TV a few months back but in total shock when I saw her with Larry King. While I saw her as frail, I didn't think her passing would be so quick. She definitely fought the toughest game right up to the end. I feel that she was at peace in her final moments.. Peace and love to your family, Nancy
(Montreal, Candada)
To a wonderful lady.....we'll miss you!
(Dallas, Texas)
May God bless you, Tammy Faye.
David Bradburn
(Atlanta, GA)
I first watched you on the PTL Club and often wondered if you were for real. I was taken in by your infectious laughter and unconditional love. I witnessed your walk through the rough times after PTL and still saw your smiling face and unconditional love. And then you weren't afraid to embrace the community of gay folks, which I belong to and offer us the same joyous, unconditional love as you had many others. You were a true angel of God and I am sure that you are receiving that same unconditional love and nurturing in His reality where there are no limitations of time or space. Peace be with your family and friends as they learn to live without your bodily presence.
(Miami, FL )
This is the day the Lord has made and we rejoice that you are with Him. May God continue to provide of His blessings to your loved ones as they wait for the day when they see you again. You are a woman of great courage.
(Picayune, Mississippi)
What a faith, what a love. I am deeply touched and forever moved by how she lived her life to the glorious time when she was swept up into the arms of the Lord. Her bravery will live on. She has passed the torch to us all. May we all learn from the life she lived and pass it on. Leave tomorrow behind, forgive from your heart. Look toward the goal, keep your eyes on the Lord, just as Tammy Faye has done. May God bless you all and comfort you in the days to come. May you all be filled with the joy of her life.
phil belinfante
Tammy is & will always be an inspiration about Gods love, forgiveness,overcoming adversity., courage, decency, I never ever heard sweet Tammy ever say a mean word about anyone. She is a remarkable lady, we were lucky to have here this long. I am personally inspired to live a more christian life by her example,i am very impressed w her gift of forgiving peoplewho harmed her, this kind of forgiveness of others is true character, Rest in Peace Dearest Tammy.

(Dallas, TX)
My deepest sympathy to Tammy Fay's family and loved ones. She taught us all a lesson in courage and dignity.

Nancy Ann
(Dallas Texas)
Dear Tammy and to your Family. May you rest in peace beautiful lady! Your heart and soul will be every lasting to us all. I know that God opened his loving arms to welcome you to the Kingdom of Heaven and all the angles were singing! To you family, her love will be with you at all times. God bless you all! I will miss Tammy and her beautiful smile and her loving sense of humor. I did not know Tammy personally, but she always put a smile in my heart! What a wonderful addition that Heaven has now! God bless you! Always
(Tulsa, OK.)
I know Tammy is singing with her Jesus now, with her loved ones who have gone before and with her precious little animals that she loved so during her life!
Tammy is probably up there shopping for the newest cosmetics on streets of pure gold, where the burgers stay down, catsup and all.
We'll see you soon Tammy. In the twinkling of an eye. Because there is no time in Heaven!
We are praying for the comfort of Tammy's family.
Losing a parent is never easy, even when you know they aren't lost, and you know right where they are. Prayers coming for all of you all. Robin
Tom and Dot
(Richlands, VA)
Praise The Lord For Tammy Faye
(Circleville, OH)
You are turely a remarkable person with such wonderful faith in God!! You have been an inspiration and will be missed very much. Cancer is such an ugly disease, I took care of my grandmother who died 12/21/06 from cancer that was in her breast and lungs, my prayers go out to your whole family & friends. I'm sure Tammy is in Heaven now pain-free, smiling down on us and singing her little heart away. She had an amazing voice. God Bless...
(Alta Loma, Ca.)
Throughout all of our hope,
Throughout all of our tears,
You've blessed us with your spirit,
For sixty-five gracious years!
God has called you into His Kingdom,
You will be undeniably missed,
May you soar high, into Heaven's skies,
With our gratitude and a kiss!
God bless you and your loving family...
Tammy, I really miss you but aren't you having JUST THE BEST TIME RIGHT NOW? Isn't it glorious? I am, like many hoping to meet you someday and I hope you will look down on us and help all of those who are unable to help themselves. Obviously, you will be helping and healing others for time eternal. Thank you for being everything positive and being a special shining light for people. My condolences to your family for your passing but again, your shining light will remain forever. In God's sweet light you now reside. Until later, Lisa
Catherine S.
(San Diego, CA)
Dear Tammy,

I wish I had known you. I was deeply humbled by your interview with Larry King Live. I had a preconcieved idea about who you were based on how the media protrayed you during the scandal with Jim Baker. You interview deeply touched my heart. I have always had such fear about dying of cancer and your faith and love for people gave me strength. Thank you for what you shared with the world during that interview. I know it took great strength to share of yourself on that level. You are a woman of great depth and character and I want to apologize for my judgmental attitude towards you in the past. I will see you on the other side.
Love, Catherine
cheryl edmonds
(south boston va.)
I wrote you after I saw you on larry show, God showed me to write at that moment, I wanted to try and lift you and help you but god saw fit to carry you home. I know you are swinging and rejoicing now. know i care. love,cheryl
Robert and Mary
What a spectacular and special woman she was, a true Christian. The world really is a better place for her time here. During her life, she really never knew the number of people's lives that she touched and saved. May she live in the glory of our Lord. We will never forget she walked the Earth, as it is a better place for knowing her love and dedication.
(North Carolina)
I am sooooo sad to hear about your passing. Its been depressing to me. There is a bright side to this though, i know that you are no longer suffering and you finally got your hamburger and fries. may you rest in peace and we'll see you soon.
(Louisville, KY)
I cry with emotions of sadness and happiness. I am sad, because we will all miss our very special friend Tammy Faye. I am happy, because our friend Tammy Faye is now at peace & no longer in pain. As a child I loved her laughter and humor on "Tammy's House Party". I had an opportunity to meet Tammy Faye several years ago, and will never forget the huge hug this tiny lady gave to me. As she did with many, she called me one of her kids. My heart goes out to her immediate family. Tammy Faye touched my heart and I will never forget. Good bye sweet Tammy Faye - all my love.
(Arcadia, CA)
Your life was so meaningful. You left a legacy of love, understanding, and faith. I'll always remember you.
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