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(Houston, Texas)
I've seen this woman on television and she is always in good spirits. It was a breathe of fresh air to hear her speak and she was so positive. She has given me inspiration when i felt down. May God Bless Tammy and her family.
(La Porte ,Texas)
We will miss you so much!! But you are in Heaven now!! I loved hearing you talk.. You are truly and inspiration to us all!! You are beautiful!!!
Rodney Wollam
(Columbus, OH)
While I despise the hypocritical evangelists on TV, Tammy Faye was different. I learned that firsthand when I saw her on "The Surreal Life". She was such a cool, hip, loving, accepting, and understanding lady. I have no doubt that, if Christian Heaven exists, she is there right now.
patti sullivan
(pittsburgh pa)
my thanks to you for being the brightest light in so much darkness.
John & Patricia
(Ontario, Canada)
In her midnight hour Tammy Faye reached out in love to the still lost. Her faith was unshakeable in the face of her mortality. Her assurance of Eternity anchored solid in the rock. God Bless You Saint. Till we meet one day. Say hello to my mother Sadie and my father John (Scotty) Barrett. Amen
(Portland, OR)
Dear Tammy,
You will be missed. Your love has been an inspiration to many of us and our hearts and prayers go out to your family during this time of grief.
Scott Nelson
(Las Vegas, NV)
My thoughts are with the family and freinds of Tammy Faye. She will always be a dear freind of the gay community. Rest In Peace Sweet Lady.
(Bowie, Maryland)
I lovingly extend my deepest heartfelt sympathy to Tammy Faye's family. I have always respected and loved Tammy's humility, transparency, and willingness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. During times of adversity and always she lived and then died with great dignity. Her example has impacted myself and many others and as a result the Word of God and how to live in His grace will be her legacy.
(Atlanta, GA)
Thank you Tammy for having the courage to always be you - through it all. I admire your courage. To the family - we rejoice with you that Tammy is now well and has been embraced by Jesus Christ himself. We pray for you during thsi time of suffering.
(Warner Robins, Georgia)
You endured so much Tammy, in your life. You fought the good fight, and pressed on till the end. You were always filled with class and dignity, and a wonderful sense of humor. You are with your Lord and Savior now. I wish you Godspeed, and your family who I know adores you, I wish you all peace and happiness, knowing Tammy is with her Lord.
Jordan Palmer, Kentucky Equality Federation
(Lexington, Kentucky)
Tammy Faye was an icon, her dignity and her grace will always be remembered. She was a shining example to the entire religious world that a true Christian never shuns anyone. God blessed Tammy Faye....she is in a better place now, but her spirit and the things she taught us will remain forever.
You are in God's presence now! You are no longer in any pain! I enjoyed watching the surreal life. We will miss you!
She was the real deal. That's what I loved about her. She was one person who showed us what it is to be a real Christian. She never judged; she accepted and loved. That's what it's all about. I have no doubt that she's dancing and singing with Jesus right now!
(Ft Hood Texas)
I Can Only Imagine!!!!! Tammy you NOW see God 8-) How exciting How wonderful it has been to pray for you and watch your faith during this transition time into heaven...SEE you soon at Our Fathers House.....
(Knoxville, TN)
Thank you Tammy. For your unbridled love for all of us. For your unyielding spirit that had been the example, the shining light of hope that helped so many gay men and women through the dark times. May you rest in peace.
James Baker
See you in Heaven!
Mike and Bill
(Riverside, California)
Our deepest condolences to the family. Tammy touched our hearts and we will all miss her tremendously. God bless you Tammy.
Tammy Faye, you were a woman of great strength and dignity. Because you asked, I prayed for you during your illness. I wish you peace and joy now that you are safely home in the arms of Jesus.
Rev Russ
(Bradenton, Fl.)
I want Tammy sue J and Roe and the whole family including Jim HOW MUCH WE LOVE YOU...PLEASE CARRY ON
(mancgie pennsylvania)
Dear Tammy and family
I'm so sorry to hear of Tammy's passing . she was a good person inside and out .
Tammy ,
Those you are no longer with us you meant a lot to me . I watched you on PTL when I was little girl . My grandmother brought your music and would play it for me. I loved ''You can make it " Today we talk about how I loved it sing that song . I loved you tammy you were a good christian woman and I will miss but even though I never meet you we will meet in heaven someday with Lord Jesus .
I love you Tammy
(Chesapeake, VA)
Tammy has been a thread which has run throughout most of my entire life. I am from Portsmouth, VA, and as a very young child clung to Jim and Tammy as I struggled to endure a very difficult childhood. I use to go to the studio on Spratly St and be part of the audiance. I was next door neighbors with the John and Ann..John was the voice of Mr. Mailbox. I remember when Tammy lived on High St. in Portsmouth and when she moved to Charlotte, NC. A couple of years ago I happened to be at the Metraliner Flea Market in NC and ran in her. I am SO thankful that I had the opportunity to go up to her and tell her what she has ment to me through my life. Tammy was SO special... and we are loosing so many of the really "unique" individuals... the ones that are like the glitter on a cake. They ones that gave us that little something extra, that when gone, feels like a hugh void which can never be filled. I am sad at the core of my soul for the pain she endured throughout her life, but I take from her a lession in faith. She WAS faith... faith in the flesh. She SHOWED what it looked like to live a life where GOD WAS the ancher....the strength, the foundation. I SO appreciated what she said on Larry King on her last interview when she looked into the camera and spoke to her "fans"...saying she loved use. I felt it... I'm only hope she felt the love we all have for her. I will miss her deeply.
(San Antonio, Texas)
I was a child when all the stuff went down. All I remember were the images, not the scandel itself. However, watching the surreal life showed me that you were not the villan portrayed by the media, but rather a generous, fun, caring person who cared about everyone regardless of what others in the Christian community. In my opinion, that is what being a Christian truly is and you embodied it 100%. You are no longer in pain and your soul lives on forever. Rejoice. You are a great spirit and will continue to be in the next plain of existence. Good night, sweet princess.
(Indianapolis, In.)
Dear sweet Tammy, at least you are at rest & home with God. you are a true inspiration & wonderful example of how we should serve God. I hope you are finally getting to eat that hamburger & fries.
In God's name we pray,
davida willette
(bucksport maine)
i saw you on cnn and i was amazed you were able to make that interview. the next day you were dead. my dad died in february. my mom died 7 years ago the 27th of july of cancer. you are amazing lady. maybe you will me my parents in heaven tell dad and mom i miss them very much. having a hard time down here on earth. tell them i love them very much
Tom J
(Parker, CO)
Tammy Faye, one of the few REAL Christians. Your soul will live on forever. Thanks for being you.
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